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Wednesday 02 July 2008, PM

BetaNews | TiVo cleverly converts commercial skipping into a commercial feature

Approximately everyone who has ever used one of TiVo Inc.'s digital video recorders has skipped over commercials. However, the devices also report, anonymously, every click of a remote back to the main offices, and track that aggregated information for clients of the company's StopWatch service, which it has offered since 2006. For example, the first and last commercials in a group are most likely to be watched, at least partially, as people leap for the remote. - link

Podcasts help boost live radio audiences, Rajar-commissioned report reveals | Media |

This means that internet listening was up by 2.5 million people on the previous survey, which was conducted in October and November 2007. In the 2007 survey, listen again use was 8.1 million in any given week, 1.3 million fewer than the latest survey's figure. In the latest research, Ipsos Mori found that podcast listening occured throughout the day, with an evening peak when 44 of podcast users click on the play button. - link

Saturday slump for ITV1

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Wednesday 02 July 2008, AM

Terrestrial - News - Freeview NIT change rollout continues - Digital Spy

The method of broadcasting the network information table, which tells equipment which services are carried Freeview, is being altered region-by-region to accommodate more channels and stations. Some early receivers are unable read the new-format NIT. The change was first carried out in the West Midlands on June 2 and, though no timetable has yet been given, it is expected to continue UK wide. - link
Tuesday 01 July 2008, PM

Goodmans GFSAT200HD HD Freesat Receiver - TrustedReviews

In the meantime, you can enjoy over 80 standard-def channels and radio stations available on the platform, all of which can be accessed without having to pay any ongoing subscription costs. - link

BMB beats two for 5m Freeview brief - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

BMB's first task will be to develop a campaign for Freeview's digital TV recorders in the run-up to Christmas. The brief will also be to raise brand awareness of the service ahead of the completion of the digital switchover in 2012. - link

Row brewing on television over internet

- link

Tech Digest: Hyundai intros BlueH HM22D multi-function monitor

The monitor uses under three watts of power even at full brightness 300cd/m2, can handle 1080i high definition content, has a 1,680 x 1,050 resolution, 1,0001 contrast ratio, and 5ms response time. Related posts Asus monitor with DisplayLink NEC 19-inch monitor with carbon footprint meter - link

Tech Digest: TVonics MFR-300 - teeny tiny Freeview box for even the oldest TVs

Naturally, it has an apparently easy to use remote control and retails at 59.99, although I have just spied the more basic MFR-200 for 39.99 that doesn't appear to be a whole lot different. - link

Sky attacks BBC blockbuster film bids in Ofcom submission | Media |

Sky also said the assumption that ITV and Channel Five should be able to drop their public service broadcasting obligations as the value of analogue spectrum subsidies dwindle needs to be looked at more closely. BSkyB also pointed out the value of PSB privileges, such as prominent electronic programming guide listings. The satellite broadcaster is also sceptical of Channel 4's claim that it cannot continue to deliver its PSB obligations without the equivalent of as much as 150m a year in support. - link
Tuesday 01 July 2008, AM

informitv - Interactive standards debate promotes war of words

He claims that MHEG-5 has only been successful in the United Kingdom because manufacturers have no choice, not because broadcasters really use it or even offer sophisticated interactive services. MHEG-5 was originally developed in the mid-1990s and was accepted as an open ISO standard. It provides primitive support for basic interactive television functions but is regarded by some as rather limited compared to more complete programming languages. - link

BBC starts HD Freeview test trials | Absolute Gadget

- link

BBC - Newsbeat - Technology - Freeview HD without a satellite

The trial in south-east England will let engineers test out a new signal that works through a standard aerial and HD set-top box. If successful the first full HD transmission could start in 2009. Four, free high definition channels will be available, including the BBC's own HD service. - link
Thursday 26 June 2008, AM

BBC iPlayer 2.0: Sneak Preview - BBC Internet Blog

It's time to let the cat out of the bag and tell you about the next big thing that we're working on an all-new iPlayer website. The existing iPlayer website works really well, and has proven hugely successful. However, in Internet Land nothing stays still for long and the iPlayer site that you see now is based on a somewhat inflexible static-page-rendering platform that's now over a year old. - link
Friday 20 June 2008, PM

BBC Internet Blog

I started this blog post when I was on paternity leave with my first child, thinking I'd get it finished over a few days in my spare time. So, here I am now, having lived with - and used when I can - an Ubuntu Linux laptop for the last couple of months. Firstly, the most obvious advantage of Linux is that it's free as in cost. - link

Woman Gets Tv Licence Bill For Her Dead Husband (from Evening Times)

- link
Friday 20 June 2008, AM

ITVs web video figures rocket | Media |

Headcases, ITV1's animated satire show, had the single most popular episode viewed on the channel's catch-up service. Euro 2008 football is driving June traffic, with on average 51,000 views per day of matches, so far, in the tournament. This month Euro 2008 has knocked Coronation Street off the top of's list of most popular shows for video requests, with more than 500,000 views of tournament action to date. - link
Thursday 19 June 2008, PM

Ofcom public service broadcasting review: deadline day | Organgrinder |

Today was due to be the deadline for responses to Ofcom's ponderous but important second public service broadcasting review, launched in April, in the belief that the UK TV industry was at a crossroads, facing crisis. Actually, I understand the deadline has been put back to early next week to allow broadcasters to get their homework completed. As scores of interested lobbyists scramble to submit their proposals, trying to bend their prose to fit Ofcom's string of nine carefully structured questions, here are clues about some of the potential solutions that have emerged from the seminars, convergence think tank and private debates I have attended on the PSB review. - link
Thursday 19 June 2008, AM

Marketing News: Freeview reviews 5m ad account after nine months - Marketing Week

The broadcaster is seeking an agency to promote its service in the run-up to digital switchover in 2012 and to drive sales of its recordable digital TV service, Freeview Playback. Farmer joined Freeview in April and is a former partner at CHI. - link

Japans outrageous Human Tetris show to be remade for the BBC - Media, News - The Independent

A cult Japanese series in which Spandex-clad contestants in hard hats try to hurl themselves though a series of holes in a wall is being adapted for the BBC. The BBC said a production company, Talkback Thames, has bought the rights and was creating a series based on the original. It will be aired on BBC1 this year. - link
Wednesday 18 June 2008, AM

Manufacturers starting to lose confidence

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Tuesday 17 June 2008, PM

Culture secretary damns ITVs regional quota failure | Media |

Only 44 of ITVs network budget was spent outside the M25 in 2007. The commercial broadcaster faces an Ofcom investigation after admitting it had missed its licence quota of spending 50 of its network programme budget outside the M25 for the past two years. They are important legal requirements that have not been met. - link

Sky wins TV licence cash to aid digital switchover | Media |

At the end of two months, people can opt in to Sky's pay-TV channels or continue to get the free TV and radio services the satellite broadcaster offers. The deal with Sky will only be valid for the ITV Border region. People yet to switch from analogue terrestrial TV will be offered the help if they are 75 or over or are eligible for certain disability benefits. - link

UKTV plots younger Gold channel - Brand Republic Login - Brand Republic

The broadcaster, a joint venture between the BBC and Virgin Media, plans to launch the as-yet-unnamed channel in October. It will not join successful lads' channel Dave on the Freeview platform. UKTV Gold1 currently attracts about five million viewers a week, in addition to 6.5 million for the core channel. - link

Thompson: Regional newsrooms holding back best stories

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Tuesday 17 June 2008, AM

How to save money on phone, broadband digital TV | Money | The Guardian

For example, the Primus Saver 2 tariff offers free evening and weekend calls to UK landlines without any monthly fee most companies charge around 4 per month. To sign up you need a BT line call Primus on 0800 036 0094 or visit Alternatively, you can save a small fortune by signing up to service such as 1899 or 18185, which charges a flat fee of about 5p per call to a UK landline. Go to or Advanced saving tips 1. - link
Monday 16 June 2008, PM

Four years to digi switch - Whitby Gazette

- link

Goodmans GHD2521F2 Twin-Tuner PVR - TrustedReviews

Despite the unit's budget background, its design is surprisingly attractive. The sloping fascia is another nice touch, and Goodmans keeps it relatively uncluttered with only a few essential buttons adorning the front. From the outset it's clear that the GHD2521F2 is designed with ease of use in mind. - link

Philips 7603D Ambilight TVs: 2008 LCD range invades Blighty - Crave at

The range is made up of four models, starting with the 32-inch 32PFL7603D. It's a 720p TV and Philips claims it'll cost 800, but we've seen it online for less than 650. The other three screen sizes are all 1080p models. - link
Monday 16 June 2008, AM

IMPALA Welcomes Latest MHEG Breakthroughs And New Members

- link

informitv - BBC plans web page for every programme it has ever made

The BBC is planning to provide a permanent web page for every episode of every programme it has ever broadcast. Separately, the BBC has outlined multi-million pound plans for a permanent multiplatform interactive sport service it is calling Mysportnow. She noted that the life expectancy of our programmes has just increased significantly with the advent of iPlayer. The online service provides 400 hours of programming a week, adding up to over 20,000 hours of television over a year. - link

Digital switchover: Murdochs delight is the BBCs fright | Media | The Guardian

Well, it may well be about to hand a chunk of the licence fee over to Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch given BBC money to help those in need. Behind the headlines is the sort of bureaucratic jungle that you suspect would drive a libertarian mad. - link
Sunday 15 June 2008, PM

iPlayer to include radio content

The link you clicked, or the URL you typed into your browser, didnt work for some reason. Here are some possible reasons why We have a bad link out there to a page that has been moved or removed You may have typed the page address incorrectly We have a problem with the server. - link

Broadcasting - News - ITV channels suffer nationwide outage - Digital Spy

A few minutes later, ITV1 returned but viewers from around the country reported prolonged sound dropouts. ITV2, 3 and 4 came back on air at around 1pm but did not initially resume scheduled programming. - link

BBC set to expand interactive digital TV sports service - Telecompaper

The BBC plans to launch a permanent interactive digital TV sports service as part of a multi-million project to deliver sports content over multiple platforms, writes Broadcast. The interactive service will be accessed through a red button and will be available on digital cable, digital satellite, Freesat and Freeview. The launch is part of the 'Mysportnow' project and will launch after the 2008 summer Olympics. - link

Freesat one month on : Broadband TV News

The first few weeks of Freesats life have been like almost any other multichannel TV platform, a glitzy launch, followed by set-top box shortages, before everything begins to settle down. There are currently a total of 56 TV channels and 18 radio services. More must surely come on stream soon to take Freeview towards the 200 total promised at launch. - link

Terrestrial - News - US report questions switchover readiness - Digital Spy

Many homes relying on analogue terrestrial television in the US have inadequate plans to prepare for digital switchover, a government report has found. Of those, 54 had inadequate or no plans to prepare for the analogue switch-off, which the government has ordered to be complete by February 17 next year. The figures appear to suggest more than 7 of US homes could lose reception. - link

Dave, TV for blokes, starts motoring - Times Online

- link

Evening News 24 - Long-term concerns over post offices

- link
Saturday 14 June 2008, PM

iPlayer to include radio content

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Friday 13 June 2008, PM

BetaNews | What do consumers want in an HDTV?

Evidently, some CE manufacturers are gambling they will. Whalen said that he even consulted with Hitachi's aeronautical folks about what kind of frame to use for the ultra-thin display. - link
Thursday 12 June 2008, PM

DTG News: 7% penetration for UK HD-DTT by 2012: report

Heavy bandwidth constraints are crippling digital terrestrial broadcasters and imposing barriers to their future HDTV offering. The report authors argue that the future for HD-DTT may be 'bleak', placing public service broadcasting at a disadvantage and creating a viewing hierarchy of haves and have-nots. According to the report, the UK is currently taking the lead in addressing some of these issues and has two separate sets of proposals. - link
Thursday 12 June 2008, AM

BBC3 faces 10m budget cut | Media |

BBC3's budget is expected to stay at 83m for the next BBC financial year, the 12 months to March 31 2010. This would involve BBC3 beginning its 12 hours a day transmission period earlier, perhaps at 3pm or 4pm, instead of 7pm. Switch as it is currently set up, with a branded programming zone on BBC2 on Saturday afternoons, is considered to have made little headway. - link
Wednesday 11 June 2008, PM

Sullivan: The future will reveal Freeviews flaws

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Wednesday 11 June 2008, AM

BBC to create web-pages for every episode of every TV show - Telegraph

Executives at the corporation have privately admitted that there is often more information about the programmes produced by the broadcaster on third-party websites than on The corporation has already created more than 160,000 individual web pages over the past three months for the project, with developers looking to create content for shows going back to the 1930s. Each web-page will include basic information about each show as well as where it could be seen, either on television, the iPlayer broadband catch-up service or elsewhere on the internet, as well as video or audio clips. - link
Tuesday 10 June 2008, PM

Get Ready For Tv Switchover In Swindon (from Swindon Advertiser)

The analogue signals which have been used for more than 60 years will be switched off and around the UK. Switchover will take place gradually as each transmitter is converted to provide high-power digital signals, which will reach virtually all households, including those unable to receive Freeview today. Most people can't fail to have seen the eye-catching television adverts from Digital UK with the friendly robot character Digit Al driving around the country in a pink van. - link
Tuesday 10 June 2008, AM

August DA110CD LCD TV - AVReview Home cinema reviews

The screen has 800x480 pixel resolution so it can offer a 43 widescreen picture. The term 'widescreen' is of course relative here considering the dimensions of the device, and at 29mm across, slightly less than the length of an average desk ruler, it's certainly compact. It's lightweight too at just 1.62kg so anyone, from primary school kid to elderly outpatient should be able to move it around without difficulty. - link
Monday 09 June 2008, PM

Pictured: The 51-year-old television | Mail Online

Instead of buying a fancy new TV he's keeping the 1957 flame walnut encased set and has had it converted to receive digital channels. His father bought the set when he was aged eight and the television has been a cherished feature in the family home ever since. Antique enthusiast Richard Howard bought his television for 113 in 1957 Not only is it in perfect working order, the classic set, which enthralled Mr Howard through his boyhood years and brought him the first images of the moon landing, is now wired up to receive the 20 plus channels of the digital age. - link
Monday 09 June 2008, AM

What ITV needs is a commercial breakthrough | Media | The Guardian

Writing about the ongoing misery of ITV is like shooting some rather sad and slothful fish in a small barrel with a big harpoon. It is particularly churlish given that ITV has produced the show of the year so far in the profoundly dysfunctional but rather marvellous Britain's Got Talent. When you have an investment bank lecturing you about poor progress you really know you're marooned in a creek of ordure. - link
Sunday 08 June 2008, PM

Media: Buy a package, save a bundle - Business

Get digital TV, broadband and phone services from a single provider to cut your bills, writes Emma Lunn. A bundle is basically a package of services where customers get several products for one price. In telecoms the most common bundle comprises digital TV, broadband and a home phone service, and experts say householders can save money by switching to a bundle instead of buying separate products. - link
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