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Monday 21 July 2008, AM

informitv - Teletext Extra Juice improves interactive user experience

Teletext Extra is a new interactive service available for Freeview digital terrestrial television in the United Kingdom. It has been launched by Teletext and InView Interactive in response to the technical limitations of existing digital text services. Based on new software known as Juice, it is faster, easier to navigate and supports much better graphics. - link
Sunday 20 July 2008, PM

Hi-tech is turning us all into time-wasters | Science | The Observer

Many researchers blame computers and mobile phones for providing too many distractions for people. They need to change the way they act and think.' Ferrari says that chronic procrastination is now so serious a condition it needs to be recognised by clinicians. In a study to be published later this year, he estimates that 15 to 20 per cent of people are chronic procrastinators. - link
Sunday 20 July 2008, AM

Armando Iannucci: Welcome to the brave new world of Murdoch | Comment is free | The Observer

In the annals of business acumen, no single act of commercial chutzpah can surpass the company manoeuvres carried out by Rupert Murdoch over the period 2010 to 2014. To assess just how revolutionary, how completely beyond the reach of what any human individual had yet achieved in more than 30 millenniums of civilisation his actions were, it is useful to note that prior to the year 2010 the figure of Rupert Murdoch was one respected but never adored by people of influence who considered themselves his peers. Now in his mid-70s, he showed no sign of loosening the reins of power he held so firmly in his two gnarled hands. - link
Friday 18 July 2008, PM

ITV boost as Grade hints at bid talks | This is Money

Sky boss Jeremy Darroch is also said to have been approached by potential buyers of the group's ITV holding, which he may be forced to sell over the coming weeks. Hopes that a buyer may be waiting in the wings sent ITV ailing share price soaring 4.6p, or 12, to 42.9p. However, the prospect of Jon de Mol sweeping in to put ITV out of its misery were greeted with scepticism in the City. - link

Smith: BBCW needs new UKTV partner

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BBC HDTV: "The BBC's Bold Trial Of Reverse Karaoke!"

A couple of weeks ago, I was speaking to the technical director of Discovery he said that over 75 of their quality control failures are due to surround sound problems. The SD channel has stereo audio, but we don't mix it down from the surround audio yet it is actually a separate mix at the moment. It's worth remembering that well over 95 of the audience of any live programme is watching in standard definition with stereo sound and the standard definition audience must get the best possible service. - link
Friday 18 July 2008, AM

Play TV coming to PS3 10 September

Sony has finally given an official date for the Play TV addon for PS3. - link

DTG News: Australia launch Freeview service

Australias free-to-air commercial television networks together with the nations public broadcasters have announced the establishment of an Australian version of Freeview. A consortium has been formed to help drive take-up of the free-to-air digital television platform. Mr Dalton said This is an extraordinary step forward for the free-to-air broadcasters. - link

TV mast works affect families' Freeview boxes

Work carried out at the mast on July 1 means that some have been left with set top boxes that do not work. So I went back to Currys where I got the box about 18 months ago. Eventually someone there told me the signal at Caldbeck had been changed. Mr Nuttall, of Skinburness Road, added We had no warning about this. - link
Wednesday 16 July 2008, AM

Optimize Your Surround Sound System - Wired How-To Wiki

You've agonized over picking the right video system for your home theater, dropped the money for it and even hooked it up to your sweet surround sound audio setup. So, why does it sound like the apocalypse when you fire it up Chances are you need to balance the audio system to best suit the characteristics of the room. - link

Watch now!: Exclusive interview with BBC2s Roly Keating

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Dirac Pro to bolster BBC HD links

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S4C to give English commentary option on sports coverage | Media |

S4C's main commentary on its football and rugby coverage will continue to be in Welsh. The broadcaster already provides English subtitles on its service. English commentary will also be available for all live rugby games in the Magners League, Swalec Cup and live games from the Principality Premiership. - link

How to install DVB device drivers - LinuxTVWiki

Note This article assumes that your device is actually supported by the drivers -- Just because your board happens to have a chip on it that corresponds to some existing driver does NOT mean your product is supported. If the driver doesn't recognize/bind to your particular hardware, then the module will probably load but then proceed to not do anything. In other words, support for your device would have to be added to the driver. - link
Tuesday 15 July 2008, PM

Business and the weather | Something for a rainy day |

IT IS not only the British who are obsessive about the weather. The internet is jammed with websites that inform about current and future weather conditions. Those forecasts are getting better, thanks to satellite technology, ever more powerful supercomputers and a host of other smaller refinements. - link

Choosing an Energy-Efficient TV: Scientific American

Which of the latest models are the greenest Can you tell me which of the latest models is the greenest I was told that the flat-screen/plasmas are real energy hogs. - link

BBC NEWS | Entertainment | UK iTunes shelves music price cut

Six months ago, the company said it would lower the price of songs in the UK to bring British fees into line with those on its other European services. A song costs 79p in the UK and 0.99 euros elsewhere. At the time of Apple's announcement, that worked out at 74p. - link

DTG News: Astrium to build new satellite for SES ASTRA

The spacecraft is the fourth ASTRA satellite to be built by Astrium and is scheduled for launch in 2011. This will also enable us to continue to respond to the strong demand for digital and High Definition HD capacity, and to provide significant growth potential to key European markets. - link
Tuesday 15 July 2008, AM

YouTube Blog: The Law and Your Privacy: An Update

As we let you know on July 4, YouTube received a court order to produce viewing history data. Read the official legalese here. In addition, Viacom and the plaintiffs had originally demanded access to users' private videos, our search technology, and our video identification technology. Our lawyers strongly opposed each of those demands and the court sided with us. - link

BBC NEWS | Business | BT to pump 1.5bn into broadband

BT plans to plug some homes straight into the fibre-optic network BT is to invest 1.5bn in fibre optic cables, giving up to 10 million UK households access to faster broadband. The plans would bring 40 of homes in reach of an ultra-fast service by 2012. BT is also planning to put fibre-optic cable into about 1 million homes, making the service even faster for those customers. - link

BT challenges Skys dominance of pay TV - Business News, Business - The Independent

BT has renewed calls for greater regulatory control of Sky's alleged dominance of the pay television market as the telco's on-demand entertainment service upped the ante by offering customers free access to Setanta Sports 1. The service also has 5,000 hours of on-demand content that can be bought either on a pay-per-view basis or as part of its three tariff packages all of which will now come with Setanta Sports 1 bundled in. The upgraded deal also includes exclusive access to 28 on-demand Scottish Premier League games. - link
Monday 14 July 2008, PM

Digital TV: iPlayers play for online eyes - Media, News - The Independent

Before the Australian-born Rose was appointed to his post last September, he had been the chief technology officer for six years at Kazaa, the notorious peer-to-peer website that has been the subject of many anti-piracy copyright lawsuits since its creation back in July 2002. Rose says that the BBC was looking for someone with expertise in digital-rights management, peer-to-peer technology and mass-market consumer applications. The iPlayer automatically remembers programmes you've watched before, he says. - link

SelfSats Flat Antenna replaces the satellite dish | Electricpig

Code NoSuchKey Message The specified key does not exist. - link

Ten Network drops Australian Big Brother after Pamela Anderson fails to save show | Media |

Pamela Anderson meets housemates in Australian Big Brother. The Australian commercial TV broadcaster said it had decided to end its association with the Endemol format after the end of the current series because it was no longer able to surprise viewers. Ratings for the current run, which is due to end on July 21, have been averaging little more than a million viewers per episode, down from a high of 2.8 million in 2001. - link

Now, live from the cutting-room floor | Media Monkey |

If you're one of those people who thinks Telly Savalas is a Brazilian satellite channel, then you'll probably enjoy this bumper selection of goofs and gaffes - well, one of them, anyway - from Sky News. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

BBC NEWS | Business | Bid speculation lifts ITV shares

ITV's shares have dropped sharply in value recently amid concerns about the outlook for the economy. Research published on Monday suggested companies were reducing their marketing spend at the fastest rate since 2001. ITV's financial performance is heavily influenced by the willingness of companies to maintain advertising budgets, something which is in doubt as the economy slows markedly. - link
Monday 14 July 2008, AM

Setanta offers free deal head of new season - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

All new customers who sign up to Setanta Sports 1 on Freeview will be offered three months' free subscription, giving consumers access to premium sports at the lowest entry price possible. The offer is subject to a 14.99 connection fee. The Setanta Sports 1 channel has been broadcast on Freeview since March 2007. - link
Sunday 13 July 2008, PM

Buyers circle ITV ahead of ruling on BSkyB stake - report -

- link

Ideal to relaunch flagship channel after web revamp

It only takes a few minutes to do and you will have immediate access to, plus Retail Week delivered to your door every week. - link

BT pins TV hopes on Setanta - Times Online

- link
Saturday 12 July 2008, PM

Dyke: Scrap the licence fee

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BBC iPlayer To Go PrePlayer? - AVReview News and comment

The Beeb in all its mighty wisdom has begun a consultation about whether or not to add a pre-order function to its popular iPlayer service catch-up download service. Currently, content is only available for viewing after it has been broadcast on one of Auntie's channels within a seven-day watch window, but this service would make content available before it has appeared on the box. Users would thus be able to pre-order and in theory watch shows earlier than before, though the BBC's Digital Rights management would theoretically prevent viewers from seeing content until it has been aired. - link
Friday 11 July 2008, AM

Marketing Trends: From a remote chance of success... - Marketing Week

Caroline Parry Now in over a third of homes, Freeview has crashed through expectations after taking over failed ONDigital, but times are getting tougher as the digital switchover date looms. By Caroline Parry When Freeview launched in October 2002, many feared it had taken on a poisoned chalice. Six years on and Freeview's free-to-air digital TV channels, radio station and interactive services have undoubtedly been popular. - link

Ofcom invites pitches for new HD channel slots

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Thursday 10 July 2008, AM

ITV ad revenue expected to fall in tough final quarter | Media |

The ad market is expected to fall by at least 10 as worsening economic conditions hit marketing budgets. Ad revenue at ITV's flagship network - the UK's largest commercial channel and a bellwether for the industry - is anticipated to be about 118m in September, according to early media buying agency forecasts. ITV1's fall is exacerbated to some extent by last September's ad revenue rise of 5 year on year, with the network buoyed by its coverage of the Rugby World Cup. - link
Wednesday 09 July 2008, PM

Borkowski appointed for Freesat account - PRWeek UK

- link
Wednesday 09 July 2008, AM


- link

HD News - Freesat set-top boxes in short supply

The amount of consumer interest generated by the new free to air Satellite service 'Freesat' has led to a shortage of set-top boxes, an essential item of kit required to connect to the new service. They say every cloud has a silver lining and Panasonic have witnessed strong demand for their Freesat equipped PZ81 series of plasma TV's which are currently available in 42in, 46in and 50in sizes. Panasonic are planning to release a further three 'Freesat' equipped TV's later this year and other manufacturers are being encouraged to release their own 'Freesat' equipped TV's to alleviate supply problems. - link

BetaNews | Television is king, although younger viewers turn to the Web

The stereotypical picture of senior citizens spending their days in front of the television is not far off from the truth, although the nation's youth is increasingly turning to the Internet, Nielsen finds. The average American 65 and older watches nearly 178 hours of television a month, far above the national average of 127 hours a month, up 4 from the previous year, according to findings published today by the Nielsen Company. Made popular by TiVo, and now a staple of DVR offerings industry-wide, usage was up 56 to nearly 6 hours per month. - link

BBC chiefs cash in after year of turmoil - Media, News - The Independent

The director general, Mark Thompson, and nine other corporation bosses earned 4.96m in 2007-08, a rise of 17 per cent on the previous year. Most BBC employees received pay increases of 4 per cent over the same period, broadly in line with inflation. Mr Thompson's salary rose from 788,000 last year to 816,000, while that of Mark Byford, his deputy, rose from 437,000 to 513,000. - link

Boycott Viacom

fromhttp// Petition Background Preamble Viacom was founded in 1971 and was refound in 2006. In 2007 Viacom raked in over thirteen billion dollars and has 9,500 employees. YouTube complied and Viacom then made a deal with Joost, an online video service just like YouTube. - link

Hauppauge puts Freeview in your pocket -- Electronics NEWS -

Were a tad sceptical about how good reception will be via the extendable antenna as Freeview is notoriously temperamental on portable devices, but there is at least an SD card slotif you move out of coverage. They should be pretty watchable on the generously large 3.6in screen too, although the QVGA resolution wont worry the iPod Touchs 480320 display. - link
Tuesday 08 July 2008, PM

Letter to ITV Regions staff

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

ITV unveils new regional current affairs show Here and Now to rival BBCs Inside Out | Media |

The commercial broadcaster will roll out Here and Now early next year across its different English regions. The use of the Here and Now name has surprised some, as the BBC had a current affairs programme under the same moniker in the 1990s. Here and Now, which launched in 1994 as a BBC1 networked show, was fronted by Sue Lawley and featured regional reports from across the country, although it was axed several years later. - link

Barry Fox's Inside View: T2: Judgement Day

- link
Tuesday 08 July 2008, AM

Elgato transmits MacBook Air-friendly Freeview tuner | Register Hardware

TV-on-Mac specialist Elgato has rolled out its first truly MacBook Air-friendly digital tuner. There's no analogue tuner on board, but Elgato indicated the new unit packs in improved signal processing hardware, allowing it to deliver a lossless image straight to the screen. - link
Monday 07 July 2008, PM

BBC NEWS | Technology | Making punishment fit the crime

Some suspected copyright pirates could have their net connection pulled Regular columnist Bill Thompson asks how severely we should punish those who infringe copyright. Making laws in the European Union is a long, complicated and often tedious process that involves a delicate ballet featuring the Council of Ministers, the Parliament and the Commission. Before a Directive is passed there will be numerous committees, occasional votes, multitudinous amendments and many, many occasions for lobbyists, campaigning groups and special interests to try to influence things in their favour. - link

DTG News: Growth in sales of set-top boxes in the UK

Value sales also grew significantly from 169.1 million to 172.9 million. Over the same period, average prices of these devices have fallen from 31 to 24. Gfk report that this had a negative effect on value sales, which decreased from 155.7 million to 104.9 million. - link

Sky set to miss its customer target as pay TV sector slows

- link
Monday 07 July 2008, AM

To keep its licence fee, the BBC needs to stop being so shy - Media, News - The Independent

The licence fee is under more serious attack than it has been for a long while. The BBC needs not only to perform well but to remind us that what it does and how it does it could only come from licence fee funding. On the evidence of last year's report there will be 60 pages of detailed financial information, the most thumbed pages of which tell us how much the executive get paid. - link
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