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Friday 29 August 2008, PM

PlayTV review | Games |

- link

IFA 2008: Humax Quietly Unveils Freesat HD FOXSAT-HDR PVR - TrustedReviews

Despite being an eminently exciting development, there was very little fanfare - just a little section of stand in the outer reaches of the Berlin Messe. If you want to watch HD broadcasts without paying Rupert Murdoch Freesat is your only hope, but who wants to sacrifice their viewing flexibility for Freesat, when you can keep it - link
Wednesday 27 August 2008, PM

Freeview? Not quite too sure... - Coventry Telegraph - Pass the Remote

Switching on my telly each day has become a lottery - the excitement is palpable. I was once sent-off in a football match for a blantant swing at the chap in the black. In my defence, he had just loudly announced a free-kick in my favour. - link

DTV Upgrade Proves Costly, Headachy | Epicenter from

Most Americans know by now that television is going digital on Feb. 17, 2009. They also know well about 70 percent of them, anyway that theyve got to buy a converter box or a digital TV in order to get basic television reception after that date. Of the estimated 21 million analog TV households, a hefty percentage is resisting the transition, according to various surveys. - link

BBC - Radio Labs - Archrs - an everyday story of web development

As a drama, each episode is split into distinct scenes - typically indicated by a fading to silence - a convention for audio drama because of its need for clear signposting. The other interesting aspect is the many distinct facets of each scene - which characters are involved, the time of day, the current location, the storylines that intersect at that moment and even the weather. So earlier this year the Radio Labs team started to design and build a prototype website for The Archers based around the drama's scenes and facets. - link
Wednesday 27 August 2008, AM

iPhone: Watchdog rules against Apple advert on net access |Media | The Guardian

Link to this video An advertisement for Apple's iPhone handset has been shelved after Britain's advertising watchdog ruled that it misled buyers. The Advertising Standards Authority said that a TV promotion had falsely suggested that iPhone users would have unfettered access to the entire internet over their mobile. Apple had argued that its decision not to support technologies such as Flash and Java only meant that individual parts of some websites - rather than entire sites themselves - were unavailable. - link
Tuesday 26 August 2008, PM

Shiny Shiny: Hauppauge offers you Freeview on the move with MyTV

Having this fab Freeview portable TV in front of me would really help, as I could catch up on my Hollyoaks oblivious to the grunting men around me. There's an extendable antenna you can adjust for the best reception perhaps don't use this on the treadmill. You can use SD cards to store music and files on the device and it takes up to 32GB. - link

TV viewers kept out of the picture | KentOnline| News

Transmission changes to the Freeview transmitter at Blue Bell Hill led to several types of set-top boxes being unable to pick up the new signal. It now offers up to 48 TV channels plus digital radio stations. - link

TV Viewers Demand Answers - RTN Costa Blancas Free Newspaper - Round Town News

- link

Top gadget: Sony Go!View - Times Online

- link

Shops under fire over TV disposal - News - Manchester Evening News

It follows an M.E.N. survey which shows stores are encouraging customers to needlessly replace their traditional analogue sets with new TVs costing hundreds of pounds. Bosses at the Greater Manchester Waste Disposal Authority say people should keep using their old sets with set-top digital boxes at a fraction of the price. Those who do throw away old TVs should recycle them or give them to friends or charity. - link

DViCO TViX 6500a media streamer review

A range of mainstream companies have tried and failed and while offering quite capable solutions for the most part, theres always an issue or two that leaves the door open for someone to turn up with a comprehensive device that ticks all the boxes. You can add to this list the option of a digital Freeview tuner to record directly to an internal hard drive, FTP access and the ability to copy content directly across a network. Its certainly an enviable array of features on paper, but as weve seen in the past this doesnt always translate to a usable device that does what it says on the tin. - link
Monday 25 August 2008, AM

HDTV UK: Brits still misinformed about high definition, LG survey finds

British consumers still need educating in the ways of high definition, according to the latest research from LG. As we've noted before, many people still believe that if they have bought a high definition TV, that means the programmes they watch must be in HD, too. Of course we know that's not true, but LG is calling for the TV industry to step up to the challenge of educating and informing consumers about what HD is. - link
Thursday 21 August 2008, PM

DTG News: Freeview tops poll of TV innovations

35 of the 2,046 viewers polled picked Freeview as their most important TV innovation over the last decade, closely followed by PVRs at 22. Howard Davies, Deloitte media partner, commented The television industry has benefited from tremendous technological advances over the past few years. The majority of viewers still want high-quality, scheduled content. - link
Wednesday 20 August 2008, PM

Blog: QI creator on its move to BBC1

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Radio Today with United Radio..: 4Digital to launch on Digital One?

- link

Wogan laments decline of 'old-fashioned thoroughness' at BBC

Sorry but we haven't been able to serve the page you requested - please try again If you typed in a URL, please make sure you have typed it correctly. In particular, make sure that the URL you typed is all in lower case. If you think this article may be missing, please contact stating the URL of this page. - link

Conor Dignam on Broadcasting: C4 deserves support from Ofcom but not at the expense of the BBC

Ofcom's review is designed to ensure a plurality of public service providers once the British broadcasting market is fully digital. It's the watchdog's way of saying that public service broadcasting is facing a crisis in the near future, where the only supplier we might be able to rely upon would be the BBC. The review is driven primarily by the fact that the established order of analogue TV, in which broadcasters accepted public service obligations in exchange for winning licences, is over. - link
Wednesday 20 August 2008, AM

Barry Fox's Inside View: Switchover USA

- link

Adams Weblog: The Launch of DAB Digital Radio

Today there are over seven million DAB digital radios in use in the UK, although it's future still has a few question marks hanging over it rightly or wrongly. So amongst some of the videos I've recently been going through at Virgin Radio, I was interested to find the following. Edward Stourton tells us that the first radios won't be available for a couple of years when they'll cost 700. - link

Freeview update breaks thousands of set-top boxes - Computeractive

tv/freeview An upgrade to the Freeview digital television system has rendered thousands of digital set-top boxes useless. The upgrade is designed to allow for more channels but has prevented six models of set-top box, made by Bush, Daewoo, Labgear, Portland and Triax, from working. A list of models affected is available on the Freeview website. - link

ULTVs letter to Ofcom

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Tuesday 19 August 2008, PM

HD on Freeview plans by ITV and C4

This could happen gradually as the analogue signals are switched off around the country, or in one big pulse when the entire country turns digital. - link

Spend 20m on Gaelic TV? Its Greek to me -Times Online

- link

Local TV coalition attacks Ofcom

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Pubs ditch Sky football as credit crunch bites |Business | The Observer

Football fans hoping to catch this season's Premier League matches at their neighbourhood pub should check that their local is still showing the game. The group claims Sky's premium package price - around 13,000 per annum - combined with the credit crunch effect of higher utility bills and fewer customers is forcing pubs to ditch the service. This pleasure is being threatened by Sky's relentless price rises.' Vince Healy, the managing director of Ascot Inns, a small chain of five pubs, has cancelled his Sky subscription in some bars because of the cost. - link

Free the Airwaves

- link

BetaNews | Having lost its own bid, Google advocates giving analog TV space to public

As announced last fall, over thirty other companies are working with Google through the Open Handset Alliance to develop a fully open source software stack, including the operating system, middleware, and user applications. Both sender and receiver have to know the shift is taking place, so that wireless communications devices, for instance, can change their channels. For their own part, TV broadcasters place no faith whatsoever in white space devices' ability to work. - link

BetaNews | Toshiba: Not HD-DVD, HD DVD!

Now, instead of concentrating on the next generation of hard-copy home media, Toshiba will focus on improving the 13 year-old DVD format. Toshiba announced today a DVD player with full 1080p/24 fps upconversion. Called the XD-E500 that is expected to retail for 149.99. - link
Tuesday 19 August 2008, AM

informitv - Digital video recorder users say they skip adverts shock

Research suggests that 88 of digital video recorder users say they always or almost always fast-forward through adverts, while less than 10 say they rarely or never do so. They are published as part of its annual state of the nation report on the communications market. The survey covered only a relatively small sample of 237 users of digital video recorders and was carried out in February and March 2008. - link
Saturday 16 August 2008, PM

Formats body slams ABC over rip-off claims

- link

U.K. audiences blacked out - Entertainment News, Weekly TV, Media - Variety

The old boxes couldn't cope with the increased signal. It's estimated that just 1 of the 23 million Freeview set-top boxes went dead from the new signal, which boosted Freeview's offerings to 48 channels from 30. Contact the Variety newsroom at - link

Up to 250,000 TV screens go blank after upgrade leaves Freeview boxes obsolete | Mail Online

The Freeview network was upgraded to increase the channels available to 48 and prepare for the future of digital television, which is expected to include more interactive services. Hundreds of thousands of older boxes could not cope with the extra information being transmitted and broke down. Thousands of owners may still be unaware it has affected them, as it can take up to three weeks for the boxes to catch up with the upgrade, which ended last week, and stop working. - link

Freeview users vent anger after boxes go blank - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

The boxes account for 1 of the 23m Freeview boxes in homes and were made by Daewoo, Labgear, Portland, Triax and Bush. They were not designed to work through the digital switchover. It said it had received only 1,200 complaints and that prices of new boxes were now as low as 20. - link

Freeview upgrade leaves blank screen

When the free to air digital TV network Freeview made an upgrade to their network, it left between 230,000 and 250,000 households without a picture and if they wanted to watch digital TV again, they would need to buy a new set top box. To be fair to Freeview, they have been advertising for some time through the local press and radio that the upgrade would render some set top boxes obsolete. These are the older models which were produced before the digital tick sign came out this was in 2006. - link
Friday 15 August 2008, AM

BBC - Newsbeat - Entertainment - Some Freeview boxes stop working

Up to a quarter of million Freeview boxes are thought to have failed because of an upgrade to the digital system. If you've got a set-top box made before May 2006 and it's either a Daewoo, Bush or Portland, you're likely to be staring at a blank screen. It's a minority who have been affected by these enhancements. - link

Freeview upgrade leaves some set-top boxes obsolete |Media |

Almost 250,000 Freeview customers had to buy new set-top boxes after a signal upgrade left them unable to watch programmes on the digital terrestrial television service. Freeview warned customers about the three-month upgrade work, which affected around 1 of the 23 million Freeview boxes sold to date, through local newspapers and radio. Freeview said that it had received around 1,200 calls from people querying why their set-top boxes were failing to work during the upgrade process, which is now complete. - link

Televisions go blank as Freeview is upgraded -

- link
Wednesday 13 August 2008, PM

The Press Association: Thousands of set-top boxes obsolete

- link
Tuesday 12 August 2008, PM

999 set to launch Freeview+ - News | THE DRUM - Advertising, Design, Media, Marketing, Digital, PR - News, Information

You might expect than anything defusing tension between North Korea and the rest of the world would be good news - but that's not what Google chief Eric Schmidt has found. Read more Press Gazette, the print trade title for UK journalists, has announced it is axing its quarterly print edition in favor of focusing its resources on a weekly digital edition, iPhone app and website. Read more International - 05/01/2013 Metro has revealed the figures from its activity during the Christmas period, seeing a notable rise in traffic to via mobile devices.... - link

The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom

- link

Sky reveals new look for channels

Sky will be changing the way that the three entertainment channels look at the end of the month. All three channels will now be getting their own separate identities, although by calling them Sky1, Sky2 and Sky3 it may not seem that they have thought it through, as that is what they are already called. Sky have gone in line with the changes that other channels have been making, with each of its channels following a certain theme Sky1 is solids, Sky2 is liquids and Sky3 is particles and will be for exclusive content and US imports. - link

20 ways to save 2,500 during the credit crunch -

7 Aug 2008 0000 Retailers across the country are feeling the pinch as the credit crunch takes its toll. They're serving two million more low-cost meals a month than this time last year and are recruiting 4,000 extra staff. On this page you will find some of our favourite penny-pinching tips - some may seem obvious, but added together they can save you thousands. - link

FAQ: PSB obligations |Media | The Guardian

In return the channels must provide a quota of hours of PSB programming, such as news and current affairs. ITV says the costs will outweigh the benefits by the end of this year. Media regulator Ofcom, which is conducting a second review of PSB, admits that as digital switchover nears and analogue benefits end, the costs will outweigh the benefits. - link

Is there no escape from Michael Grades Mad Hatters tea party? - Telegraph

- link

New look for Sky flagship channels : Broadband TV News

Sky has unveiled a new look and feel to its three entertainment channels to reflect the distinct personalities of what from August 31 will become Sky 1, Sky 2 and Sky 3. The new branding created by Sky Creative and The Moving Picture Company is described as the largest brand refresh since launch. Sky 1 evolved out of the old Sky Channel and has been through a number of rebrands over the 19 years of its existence. - link

Freeview vs. Freesat: the pros and cons | News | TechRadar UK

TechRadaris part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. - link

SDN auctioning Freeview channel : Broadband TV News

It is believed that the capacity, being made available from 2009, is that currently used by Five, which will move its main channel to a public service multiplex as digital switchover completes. Previous auctions of DTT capacity are believed to have raised in excess of 12 million. Ofcom has now confirmed the process for the renewal of the SDN licence, due in 2010, although there will be no spectrum payments associated with the licence until 2015 at the earliest. - link

Is it time for ITV to ditch its public service mantle? - Telegraph

- link

Digital switch controversy: Help Scheme responds | News | TechRadar UK

The Help Scheme that chose Sky to provide the over 75s and vulnerable with help for the digital switchover has insisted that the satellite broadcaster's free trial of Sky was within the guidelines set out by the government. Accusations have been made that Sky offering Sky for two months and then sending the eldery people it has helped a letter telling them they will lose extra functionality is likely to confuse the people it's meant to help. - link
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