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Monday 16 June 2008, PM

Philips 7603D Ambilight TVs: 2008 LCD range invades Blighty - Crave at

The range is made up of four models, starting with the 32-inch 32PFL7603D. It's a 720p TV and Philips claims it'll cost 800, but we've seen it online for less than 650. The other three screen sizes are all 1080p models. - link
Monday 16 June 2008, AM

IMPALA Welcomes Latest MHEG Breakthroughs And New Members

- link

informitv - BBC plans web page for every programme it has ever made

The BBC is planning to provide a permanent web page for every episode of every programme it has ever broadcast. Separately, the BBC has outlined multi-million pound plans for a permanent multiplatform interactive sport service it is calling Mysportnow. She noted that the life expectancy of our programmes has just increased significantly with the advent of iPlayer. The online service provides 400 hours of programming a week, adding up to over 20,000 hours of television over a year. - link

Digital switchover: Murdochs delight is the BBCs fright | Media | The Guardian

Well, it may well be about to hand a chunk of the licence fee over to Rupert Murdoch. Rupert Murdoch given BBC money to help those in need. Behind the headlines is the sort of bureaucratic jungle that you suspect would drive a libertarian mad. - link
Sunday 15 June 2008, PM

iPlayer to include radio content

The link you clicked, or the URL you typed into your browser, didnt work for some reason. Here are some possible reasons why We have a bad link out there to a page that has been moved or removed You may have typed the page address incorrectly We have a problem with the server. - link

Broadcasting - News - ITV channels suffer nationwide outage - Digital Spy

A few minutes later, ITV1 returned but viewers from around the country reported prolonged sound dropouts. ITV2, 3 and 4 came back on air at around 1pm but did not initially resume scheduled programming. - link

BBC set to expand interactive digital TV sports service - Telecompaper

The BBC plans to launch a permanent interactive digital TV sports service as part of a multi-million project to deliver sports content over multiple platforms, writes Broadcast. The interactive service will be accessed through a red button and will be available on digital cable, digital satellite, Freesat and Freeview. The launch is part of the 'Mysportnow' project and will launch after the 2008 summer Olympics. - link

Freesat one month on : Broadband TV News

The first few weeks of Freesats life have been like almost any other multichannel TV platform, a glitzy launch, followed by set-top box shortages, before everything begins to settle down. There are currently a total of 56 TV channels and 18 radio services. More must surely come on stream soon to take Freeview towards the 200 total promised at launch. - link

Terrestrial - News - US report questions switchover readiness - Digital Spy

Many homes relying on analogue terrestrial television in the US have inadequate plans to prepare for digital switchover, a government report has found. Of those, 54 had inadequate or no plans to prepare for the analogue switch-off, which the government has ordered to be complete by February 17 next year. The figures appear to suggest more than 7 of US homes could lose reception. - link

Dave, TV for blokes, starts motoring - Times Online

- link

Evening News 24 - Long-term concerns over post offices

- link
Saturday 14 June 2008, PM

iPlayer to include radio content

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Friday 13 June 2008, PM

BetaNews | What do consumers want in an HDTV?

Evidently, some CE manufacturers are gambling they will. Whalen said that he even consulted with Hitachi's aeronautical folks about what kind of frame to use for the ultra-thin display. - link
Thursday 12 June 2008, PM

DTG News: 7% penetration for UK HD-DTT by 2012: report

Heavy bandwidth constraints are crippling digital terrestrial broadcasters and imposing barriers to their future HDTV offering. The report authors argue that the future for HD-DTT may be 'bleak', placing public service broadcasting at a disadvantage and creating a viewing hierarchy of haves and have-nots. According to the report, the UK is currently taking the lead in addressing some of these issues and has two separate sets of proposals. - link
Thursday 12 June 2008, AM

BBC3 faces 10m budget cut | Media |

BBC3's budget is expected to stay at 83m for the next BBC financial year, the 12 months to March 31 2010. This would involve BBC3 beginning its 12 hours a day transmission period earlier, perhaps at 3pm or 4pm, instead of 7pm. Switch as it is currently set up, with a branded programming zone on BBC2 on Saturday afternoons, is considered to have made little headway. - link
Wednesday 11 June 2008, PM

Sullivan: The future will reveal Freeviews flaws

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Wednesday 11 June 2008, AM

BBC to create web-pages for every episode of every TV show - Telegraph

Executives at the corporation have privately admitted that there is often more information about the programmes produced by the broadcaster on third-party websites than on The corporation has already created more than 160,000 individual web pages over the past three months for the project, with developers looking to create content for shows going back to the 1930s. Each web-page will include basic information about each show as well as where it could be seen, either on television, the iPlayer broadband catch-up service or elsewhere on the internet, as well as video or audio clips. - link
Tuesday 10 June 2008, PM

Get Ready For Tv Switchover In Swindon (from Swindon Advertiser)

The analogue signals which have been used for more than 60 years will be switched off and around the UK. Switchover will take place gradually as each transmitter is converted to provide high-power digital signals, which will reach virtually all households, including those unable to receive Freeview today. Most people can't fail to have seen the eye-catching television adverts from Digital UK with the friendly robot character Digit Al driving around the country in a pink van. - link
Tuesday 10 June 2008, AM

August DA110CD LCD TV - AVReview Home cinema reviews

The screen has 800x480 pixel resolution so it can offer a 43 widescreen picture. The term 'widescreen' is of course relative here considering the dimensions of the device, and at 29mm across, slightly less than the length of an average desk ruler, it's certainly compact. It's lightweight too at just 1.62kg so anyone, from primary school kid to elderly outpatient should be able to move it around without difficulty. - link
Monday 09 June 2008, PM

Pictured: The 51-year-old television | Mail Online

Instead of buying a fancy new TV he's keeping the 1957 flame walnut encased set and has had it converted to receive digital channels. His father bought the set when he was aged eight and the television has been a cherished feature in the family home ever since. Antique enthusiast Richard Howard bought his television for 113 in 1957 Not only is it in perfect working order, the classic set, which enthralled Mr Howard through his boyhood years and brought him the first images of the moon landing, is now wired up to receive the 20 plus channels of the digital age. - link
Monday 09 June 2008, AM

What ITV needs is a commercial breakthrough | Media | The Guardian

Writing about the ongoing misery of ITV is like shooting some rather sad and slothful fish in a small barrel with a big harpoon. It is particularly churlish given that ITV has produced the show of the year so far in the profoundly dysfunctional but rather marvellous Britain's Got Talent. When you have an investment bank lecturing you about poor progress you really know you're marooned in a creek of ordure. - link
Sunday 08 June 2008, PM

Media: Buy a package, save a bundle - Business

Get digital TV, broadband and phone services from a single provider to cut your bills, writes Emma Lunn. A bundle is basically a package of services where customers get several products for one price. In telecoms the most common bundle comprises digital TV, broadband and a home phone service, and experts say householders can save money by switching to a bundle instead of buying separate products. - link
Friday 06 June 2008, PM

Nolan leaves DTG : Broadband TV News

The Digital TV Group has confirmed the departure of Dermot Nolan as director-general of the organisation after just six months in the post. Often outspoken, Nolan took over from Richard Lindsay-Davis after 20 years as a strategic consultant in international broadcasting. - link
Friday 06 June 2008, AM

ITV starts planning for regional news cuts | Media |

ITV is pressing ahead with plans to make regional news cuts, despite not yet receiving official approval from Ofcom. The broadcaster wants to slash the number of regional news bulletins and axe jobs to save around 40m a year. Last September, the ITV executive chairman, Michael Grade, announced that the number of news regions will be reduced from 17 to nine. - link
Thursday 05 June 2008, PM

ITV revenue warning: Lehman Brothers trims forecast for broadcaster | Media |

Lehman Brothers' report branded the relaunch of ITV1's 9pm weekday slot a failure and argued that investors should not be satisfied with the pace of Grade's plan to revitalise the broadcaster and called for greater urgency. The bank has cut revenue estimates for ITV's broadcasting, production and online operations for 2008. In production operation, which has a target of doubling annual revenue to 1.2bn by 2012, the report has cut revenue growth estimates from 14 to 10 in 2008. - link
Thursday 05 June 2008, AM

BBC - Topics - Full list of topics

The iPlayer category will only appear in the search results if there is a relevant TV or radio programme currently available on iPlayer. On BBC Online am I able to sort the search results by date or relevance News is sorted by date, as most users want to see the most recent news articles first. - link

Video: Watch EuroNews revamped idents | Media |

- link

Broadcasting - News - Sky begins defence of its stake in ITV - Digital Spy

Sky today began a defence of its stake in ITV against the assertion of regulators and Virgin Media that the holding is anti-competitive. The government, which ordered Sky to reduce the holding to less than 7.5, had not proven the need for the change, lawyers for Sky said. Sky claimed that even if it had chosen to exercise its board voting rights it would not have been able to exert a significant influence. - link

thinkbroadband :: Catch-up TV on BT Vision no longer free

Technical issues are cited on DigitalSpy as for the reason why BT has made this move. The BT Total usage allowances recently changed from being just download allowances to be a combined total for both upload and download usage, this means people using peer to peer services may need to carefully watch their upstream usage. One interesting issue to consider is that modern digital cameras can easily produce pictures that are 3MB or more in size. - link
Wednesday 04 June 2008, PM

BBC1 to be shown live on internet | Media |

All of the channel's programmes will be simulcast as a live video stream via BBC1 is to air live on the internet, making it the first of the corporation's analogue TV channels to be simulcast on the web. For the first time in the flagship channel's 44-year history, viewers will not need a television to watch BBC1 live. The channel will be available as a live video stream via, which is being relaunched with improved listings and programme information. - link

Channel 4: EU minded to block BBC aid for digital switchover | Media |

It is understood that the culture secretary, Andy Burnham, and media regulator Ofcom will also be lobbying on Channel 4's behalf in Brussels on this issue. However, the EC ruling, if confirmed, could potentially spell trouble for Ofcom's public service broadcasting review and in particular the unresolved issue of Channel 4's future funding. Channel 4 has argued that it faces a potential 150m a year funding shortfall as the growth of digital media squeezes its ad revenue and is lobbying for some form of assistance to bridge this financial gap. - link
Wednesday 04 June 2008, AM

DTG News: Switchover Roadshow to begin tour of Border

The roadshow kicks off in Duns, in the Scottish Borders, on Thursday June 5th. After Duns, the roadshow will head to other towns served by the Selkirk transmitter group, which will begin the switch to digital on November 6th this year. Visitors to the roadshow will have the opportunity to find out what they need to do for switchover, what help is available in their area and will be able to put general or technical questions to Digital UKs specially trained advisors. - link
Tuesday 03 June 2008, PM

Trust says BBC is paying its stars the market rate - Media, News - The Independent

There are about 40 television and radio stars who earn more than 1m a year, an independent report into how much the BBC pays talent has revealed. Out of that elite group of comedians, actors and lifestyle and cookery presenters, the top 10 earn 2m from appearance fees, while most of the top 40 who work for the BBC and commercial broadcasters can earn an additional 1m from tie-in publishing deals and royalties from repeats and DVDs. Critics seized on the findings, saying the BBC had failed to address concerns over the salaries of stars such as Ross, who is reportedly being paid 18m in a three-year deal. - link
Tuesday 03 June 2008, AM

Budget-busting threatens digital revolution, says Telegraph chief | PDA: The Digital Content Blog | guardian.c

The world's biggest news and entertainment website breached its 2007/2008 budget by a staggering 48. In part, because no one, it turns out, is in charge of the sprawling network. Instead, the trust's recommendation is simply to accept the overspend, integrate it into the budget and add an extra 4.4m of additional padding. - link

BetaNews | Dish, EchoStar sue TiVo to keep their DVR offerings afloat

Dish Network says their new software no longer infringes on TiVo's patents, but the DVR maker disagrees. On Friday, EchoStar responded by launching a new suit, essentially asking the court to validate its software as legal and non-infringing. Such a ruling would give EchoStar and Dish a leg to stand on in the nearly four year old battle between the two companies. - link
Monday 02 June 2008, PM

spEak You re bRanes The Twat-O-Tron

on 29 May 2008 at 345 pm fucko the clown twat tastic on 29 May 2008 at 348 pm Roffle caught between laughing and crying. on 29 May 2008 at 348 pm Hitler This is beautiful. Im going to start dropping this into random comment boxes to see what happens - link
Monday 02 June 2008, AM


- link

Marketing News: Amazon overtakes Google as most respected brand in UK - Marketing Week

The online retailer pushed Google, last year's winner, into second place, with the BBC coming third and Freeview in fourth place. Amazon scored a total of 60 points, compared with Google's 57 and the BBC's 52. The rankings are based on the average BrandIndex scores over the fourth quarter of 2007. - link

informitv - Zattoo claims copyright case for channel carriage

Zattoo, which is now offering live online streams of the leading British terrestrial television channels, is claiming it has the right to do so under the United Kingdom Copyright Act. Zattoo says it operates strictly legitimately on the basis of agreements with broadcasters and the copyright law but the British broadcasters say they have no agreements with the streaming startup company. Zattoo issued a press release saying that it had extended its channel line up in the UK, showing all five UK terrestrial channels online via one media player for the first time ever. - link

informitv - French mobile television channels are announced

The French media authority has announced the winning channels for a new broadcast mobile television service to start transmitting later this year. Following auditions in April, the CSA selected 13 channels from 36 applicants for the service. The mobile television service will be available using the DVB-H standard by the end of 2008. - link

The one to watch | Media | The Guardian

In the seven weeks after its launch on Christmas Day last year, it was used to watch 17m programmes, and was chiefly responsible for a 29 increase in traffic to In April, the iPlayer had, according to the BBC, 21m requests for downloaded and streamed programmes. About 200,000 users watched 6,000 hours of streamed content the following day, according to the broadband provider Plus Net. - link

Are ads on children's social networking sites harmless child's play or virtual insanity?

Sorry but we haven't been able to serve the page you requested - please try again If you typed in a URL, please make sure you have typed it correctly. In particular, make sure that the URL you typed is all in lower case. If you think this article may be missing, please contact stating the URL of this page. - link
Sunday 01 June 2008, AM

Google - defender of the net, or an infringement factory? - Media, News - The Independent

- link
Friday 30 May 2008, PM

thinkbroadband :: Enterprising soul creates BBC iPlayer download app for Mac

The iPlayer Downloader can be downloaded from or We assume the software is creating the files by accessing the Flash based iPlayer website, so video quality will not match the full PC version, but file sizes will be smaller. How long this software will be available is unclear, given the fact the BBC acted over someone publishing knitting patterns for Doctor Who monsters, circumventing its copyright protection mechanisms may result in another action. - link
Friday 30 May 2008, AM

Canwest is open to offers for stations - Telegraph

- link

Ready for digital TV? - News - Manchester Evening News

ONE in three Manchester households is not fully prepared for the switchover to digital TV. A survey by Digital UK warned that thousands will face blank screens when the traditional analogue signal is switched off next year. The organisation, which is leading the switchover, said a survey found that 35 per cent of people in Manchester had a TV which could not receive digital. - link
Thursday 29 May 2008, PM

Thinking Digital conference: Greg Dyke

- link

Panasonic Chooses S

Bei einer Sanierung kommt nicht selten die Frage nach einer moderneren Heizungsanlage auf diese in ein bestehendes Haus zu integrieren erfordert oft Umbaumanahmen, die innerhalb eines Gebudes sehr aufwendig sind. Einfacher ist es, eine Fertiggarage zu errichten, die als ausdrckliches Heizgebude neben dem Wohnhaus gnstig und mit geringem Aufwand zu errichten ist. Wurde dies erledigt, kann die Fertiggarage fr ein modernes Heizsystem, etwa mit Pell Billiger ist besser, und je weniger Geld man ausgeben muss, umso toller finden es die Menschen. - link

BBC misallocates 25m of funds

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Thursday 29 May 2008, AM

TV deception scandal prompts C4 and Five to issue joint guidelines | Media |

Between them, the two broadcasters have been fined almost 1.8m in the past year for misleading viewers in premium-rate phone-ins. Early next month, Channel 4 and Five will unveil what they are calling the result of their collaboration, the Independent Producer Handbook. For the first time, the two broadcasters' own internal procedures for editorial compliance and upward referral of potential problems will be made public. - link
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