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Monday 29 September 2008, PM

BSkyB ordered to cut ITV stake |Media |

Sky had challenged an earlier ruling by the Competition Commission and secretary of state John Hutton that it must reduce its holding to less than 7.5. The CAT upheld Virgin's appeal and has proposed a further hearing next month. The satellite broadcaster is understood to be considering yet another appeal, further lengthening a process that began with then chief executive James Murdoch's dramatic decision to snap up ITV shares in November 2006. - link
Monday 29 September 2008, AM

TVonics MDR-250 Freeview Receiver - TrustedReviews

All of this suggests that the MDR-250 could be the ideal entre into free digital TV. At just 196mm wide, the unit itself is tiny by normal Freeview receiver standards, which is good news if you want to hide it behind the TV, and theres an infrared extender in the box that allows you to do so. You might be tempted to keep it on show though as its an interesting looking little box, with a gloss black top section, a silver circle containing the TVonics logo and very little on the fascia besides a small power LED indicator. - link

Mark Thompson: The BBC can and must play a central role in the future of public service broadcasting |Comment i

Is Ofcom right to say that we face a real problem with public service broadcasting You can't look at the depressing conclusions about ITV's regional provision, contained in the regulator's report this week, without accepting that. There may be an inevitability about ITV's retrenchment now, but the public have every right to feel let down. - link
Friday 26 September 2008, PM

BBC NEWS | UK | Free-to-air TV sport reconsidered

Domestic Test match cricket is not on the list of protected events The list of sporting events reserved for free-to-air television is to be reviewed, Culture Secretary Andy Burnham has said. World Cup qualifiers In 1998, the government added certain events to the list of crown jewels - or A list - those deemed too important to be restricted to people with satellite or cable television. Already on the list were events including the Olympic Games, Wimbledon and the Grand National. - link

Freesat news - from

Details on the new box are, well, non-existent, but of course when you have the opportunity to get down to the Freesat stand and see it in the flesh, you might as well look forward to the surprise, no There will also be competitions and, naturally, prizes. Sound and Vision Show has moved to a bigger and better venue at London ExCeL, with more room for better stands and demo rooms. Running over the weekend of the 31st October 2nd November and in conjunction with the world's greatest gadget show, Stuff Live, see the website here to get all the information and book your ticket. - link
Friday 26 September 2008, AM

Gaelic on Freeview - News

- link

Out in the cold in my quest for wizardry of the digital age - Press Journal

THE bewildering advance of electronic wizardry has left me psychologically scarred and severely out of pocket. It all started 10 days ago, when my son informed me that one of our video-cassette recorders had taken to devouring any tapes fed into its voracious maw. I have been buying VCRs for almost 30 years and am well aware that the confounded machines succumb eventually to the electronic equivalent of senile dementia. - link


About 80 per cent of the county already has at least one digital set at home. The switch will extend coverage to all parts of the country and free up airwaves for faster broadband and mobile television. Last year Whitehaven became the first place in Britain to lose its analogue signal. - link

iPod tax could be introduced to fund TV news bulletins - Telegraph

An industry tax would put Ofcom on a collision course with Gordon Brown, who in his party conference speech outlined plans to help poor families buy computers and broadband subscriptions. He said that families, who have been identified by local schools as having no access to the internet, will be able to apply for vouchers of up to 700 so they can get online. Ofcom dismissed suggestions that people would be unwilling to pay more for their iPods to fund programmes such as Channel 4 News. - link

ITV may be allowed to cut regional news - Media, News - The Independent

The report proposed to maintain ITV1's quotas for original UK productions, independent productions and national and international news. ITV1 could have quotas for programmes made outside London reduced from 50 to 35 under the proposals. Ofcom proposed that the number of regional news broadcasts should be reduced during the day, with the focus on prime-time news broadcasts instead. - link

BBC on Hereos HD confusion - What Satellite Digital TV

- link

DTG News: Arqiva and National Grid Wireless begin merger process

National Grid Wireless and its group of companies are now trading under the Arqiva brand as part of the integration process of the two organisations following the appoval of the two comapanies merger by the Competition Commission. Arqiva acquired National Grid Wireless in April 2007 and since then the two companies have operated completely separate businesses while the Competition Commission conducted its inquiry into the merger. Now that the inquiry has ended, Arqiva and National Grid Wireless have begun the process of bringing the two organisations together with guarantees of price and service benefits for broadcast-transmission customers. - link

Maggie Brown: Get real Ofcom, your light touch regulation isnt working |Media |

The trio of Ofcom grandees, who unveiled proposals allowing ITV to savage its regional news, were pretty snappy under fire at their press conference yesterday and you can see why. They trumpet their mission in this public service broadcasting review, to recommend to government how quality can be maintained. And, in what sometimes seems like a displacement exercise, they propose future solutions. - link

John Plunkett on the joys of regional TV news |Media |

If you lived in Yorkshire, Richard Whiteley was the presenter of the Calendar news magazine first and Channel 4's Countdown second. Holidaying around Britain as a child, other regional news bulletins seemed fabulously exotic with their strange faces, unfamiliar news stories and in the old days at least outrageously clunky opening credits. Each ITV region felt like a whole new TV channel with a unique identity Anglia - link
Thursday 25 September 2008, PM

Weve been promised mobile TV since the seventies, but now its actually happening! | Mail Online

Whatever happened to the promise of tiny wristwatch-like TV sets giving us our favourite shows on crystal-clear screens while we darted about our daily business We've been promised this since the Seventies but it's a technology that has consistently failed to materialise. Even so-called 'mobile TV services' offered by mobile phone companies miss the target, letting you download only a limited selection of grainy, pre-recorded programmes and having to pay a small fortune for the privilege. - link

HD News - Panasonic expand their Freesat plasma range

The Freesat service requires users to install a dish and set-top box PZ81 models from Panasonic have the set-top box built-in. Satellite subscribers wishing to use the service may be able to use their existing kit and unlike Freeview, Freesat has the advantage of being free from bandwidth restrictions and can reach more than 98 of the UK population. The new 32in and 37in PZ81 Freesat models will be available in the UK early this October. - link
Thursday 25 September 2008, AM

C4 Cuts Bite into Next on 4 plans

24 September, 2008 By Robin Parker Channel 4 has been forced to scale back its ambitions for kids programming and online public service content as a result of its plan to save100m over the next two years. It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

BBC HD: What Works Best?

I want to deal, though, with some of the comments about the channel content, and also to share with you some of the issues we face in making decisions for the channel. I believe firmly that the BBC has a responsibility to consider programmes from across the full range of content and channels which we broadcast, and that we should continually experiment with forms of programming which are not available elsewhere in HD. Even though we've been making programmes in HD for some time now, we still have a great deal to learn about the best ways to work with what remains an emerging technology. - link

BetaNews | Congress may see the glass half-empty on DTV transition

After a pair of congressional hearings in recent days where witnesses gave generally favorable reports on the status of the nation's transition to digital television -- still slated for next February 17 -- leaders there are still putting out the word that a crisis of misinformation may not be avoided in time. Roughly 80 of those calls were from residents needing technical assistance with getting their converter boxes to work, while the remainder sought installation assistance that the city had offered through its local fire department. Fire personnel were only too glad to help, Saffo said, because it gave them another opportunity to check to see whether households had proper fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors and extinguishers. - link
Wednesday 24 September 2008, AM

BBC NEWS | The Editors

We have been working on this new look for a few months, and what you can see from today is just the beginning. Further changes and developments will be rolled out across the site over the coming months. The changes to the design of the site have been largely driven by your feedback, either through our regular site surveys or the feedback forms we have put up on the site over the past couple of years. - link
Tuesday 23 September 2008, PM / Companies / Media internet - Channel 4 to cut 15% of workforce

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Tuesday 23 September 2008, AM

Broadcasting - News - Five unveils new on-air, off-air look - Digital Spy

Five is to launch a new look for its main channel on Monday, October 6, it was confirmed today. The first major off-air campaign will support Benedict Allen's Unbreakable adventure series and Paul Merton in India. - link

Absolute Gadget - 200809221693 | Aldi is so ready for HD | Television | News

- link
Monday 22 September 2008, PM

informitv - Microsoft and Emuse show next generation of interactive TV

Microsoft also announced support for H.264 in Silverlight and a secure architecture for television tuners in personal computers. Microsoft showed informitv the concept demonstration of the BBC service. The result is more like a modern web experience than a traditional interactive television service, using the broadband connection to good effect. - link
Monday 22 September 2008, AM

Will mobile television always be medium of the future? - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Broadcasters and advertising experts in the UK are divided over when and how mobile TV will reach its tipping point, but are united in their agreement that it is the broadcasting medium of tomorrow. There is no doubt that the mobile phone is a vital tool for marketers - as a medium, arguably it offers the biggest and most interactive audience of any media. Not surprisingly, broadcasters are keen to develop mobile TV as an advertising platform, whether through made-for-mobile video clips, viral advertising, live streaming or down-loadable shows. - link
Saturday 20 September 2008, PM

Gaelic TV channel goes live - News

- link
Thursday 18 September 2008, PM

Public Service Broadcasting - Taking The Next Steps Forward | Ofcom

Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. Read more about Ofcom Facts figures Got a deadline View facts figures Broadcast Bulletins Ofcom's fortnightly complaints bulletin. - link

Setanta announcement - Setanta Sports

- link
Thursday 18 September 2008, AM

Photos - PVR Junction The PVR Comparison Website

The requested URL /photo/foxsathdr/foxsathdr.html was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. - link
Wednesday 17 September 2008, PM

And another thing...

Marvin and Arthur Dent's adventures will be penned by a new author All the characters have been blown to pieces, and the trilogy is already two books too long. Douglas Adams died in 2001, having written five of the enduringly popular Hitchhiker books - still inaccurately dubbed a trilogy. About 16 million copies of the books have been sold worldwide, but fans were left disappointed when it seemed as though Adams' early death ended the series with all the main characters seemingly meeting a grisly end. - link

C21Media: Sky pulls no punches in Kangaroo submission is Everything about content in the 21st Century, from television to web, mobile, tablet and beyond. - link

UKTV to reveal eye-opening Watch logo

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Tuesday 16 September 2008, PM

BBC TV on the web redefined

Last but by no means least, today also marks the passage of /programmes from beta to fully fledged live service, boasting a permanent, findable web presence for every TV and radio programme that the BBC broadcasts. Unquestionably, but it's indicative of the increasingly interconnected nature of the BBC's online offer, where the channel websites are no longer discrete content areas, but are fully integrated with the wider programmes offer and beyond. So, how did we set about redesigning and hopefully improving some of the most visited pages on - link
Tuesday 16 September 2008, AM

Technology News - Archos 5g goes for style and substance

The stand out feature of the 5g is HSDPA for broadband-fast web browsing with the built-in Opera browser on the gorgeous 4.8in touchscreen. With the optional Freeview receiver you can watch and record TV on the go. There will also be a car dock which allows the 5g to function as a gps receiver. - link

allmediascotland : Gaelic TV Channel Reveals Opening Night Fare

- link

HiddenWires - LG: TV industry called to action - HD education is needed in the UK

Results show that although the majority of respondents want to experience HD, over 60 per cent of those surveyed are yet to invest in it due to confusion. The results of these reports show the need for clear and simple consumer education to ensure people know how to get HD and what to look-out for. In lengthy telephone interviews they were asked how much they know about High Definition television and to describe their experiences of it. - link

World Screen - Home

- link
Monday 15 September 2008, PM

Michael Grade: YouTube is a parasite leeching off ITVs content |Media |

Michael Grade 'absolutely believes' ITV has a long-term future. Grade, who recently delayed ITV's target of 150m in online revenues by two years from 2010 to 2012, argued that ITV would tap into a digital future. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 7278 2332. - link

Elevator Pitch: BlinkBox steals a march signing big-name shows |Media |

Launched in only April this year, the site is backed by three venture capital firms and employs 40 staff at its base in Farringdon, London. Chief executive and co-founder Michael Comish introduces BlinkBox. I've started up a website where you can watch and share the best film and TV online. - link
Monday 15 September 2008, AM

Sky's picnic rained off

Sky are claiming that the media watchdog, Ofcom, has been dragging its heels on making a decision, proving to Sky that dealing with Ofcom is no picnic. Ofcom does not have anything against Picnic from Sky, it is just that when international businesses and government departments go head to head they do not always seem to see eye to eye. This has prompted Sky to trim things down at Picnic until Ofcom have made their decision. - link
Sunday 14 September 2008, PM

Can new BT boss Ian Livingston see the big picture? - Times Online

The last time that the index slipped below the 50 mark that separates growth and contraction was when heavy snowfall brought the nation to a standstill in December 2010. The gloomy news took its toll on Britains standing in the global credit markets its cost of borrowing rose above that of France for the first time since April 2011 as gilt yields rose to 2.12 per cent, undermining George Osbornes oft-repeated claim that the nation was a safe haven for capital. Taken with poor figures from the manufacturing and construction sectors this week, the picture drawn by the services data was the worst quarterly performance for three and a half years and points to the economy shrinking by about 0.2 per cent in the final quarter of the year. - link / Home UK / UK - Project Kangaroo fights its corner in online TV battle

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Saturday 13 September 2008, PM

Ofcom blames Sky in Picnic row

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link
Saturday 13 September 2008, AM

Radio Today with United Radio..: Digital Radio agreement for Europe

- link

Sky and Ofcom at war over pay-TV service - Telegraph

- link

Gaelic Channel Will Not Be Accessible To All (from The Herald )

- link

Ofcom and Sky fall out over Picnic - Web User News

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Friday 12 September 2008, PM

Transmission mode changes to hit early Freeview boxes

- link

BSkyB puts Picnic plans on hold

Over the last 5 years Centaur Media plc has developed individual websites to deliver the depth required to keep you and your business one step ahead in marketing, advertising, design and new media. The success of, and is testament to the evolution of our information offerings but more importantly your changing needs. Creative Review inspires, informs and stimulates debate in graphic design, advertising, digital media, illustration, photography and all other fields of visual communication. - link

Sky halts plans for Picnic terrestrial TV - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

It will be good for consumers and a good opportunity for Sky. Consequently, we intend to wind down preparations by redeploying as many of the team as possible to other parts of Sky. To access the service, customers would have needed to use a new generation of digital box and pay a subscription. - link
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