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Monday 03 November 2008, AM

JVC breaks out PVR-packed TV | Electricpig

As logical as they are, TVs with PVR technology inside are still pretty scarce. Inside the slim chassis is a 160GB hard drive and two Freeview tuners. That means, unlike the Life TV, this model will record one programme while watching another. - link

Power Firm Gets A Good Reception To Wind Farm TV Solution (from The Herald )

- link
Sunday 02 November 2008, PM

Portugal opens tender for digital TV licenceTFN News | Daily News

RNA Regulatory News Announcements refers to regulatory information published by companies and organisations allowing them to comply with local market transparency legislation. RNS Regulatory News Service transmits regulatory and non-regulatory information published by companies and organisations allowing them to comply with local market transparency legislation. It is owned by the London Stock Exchange and distributes over 90 of UK company news and results announcements. - link

Year to go to digital TV switchover (From The Bolton News)

Three million homes in the region will be able to get digital channels through their TV aerials in just 12 months time. A Digital UK roadshow is running across the region until the end of November and visited Bolton town centre today to explain the switchover and the options available. Analogue signals will be turned off at the Winter Hill transmitter group for the Granada TV area on November 4, next year. - link

Radio Today with United Radio..: DRDB to market DAB Radio

- link
Saturday 01 November 2008, AM

Video: Watch The FOXSAT-HDR Freesat+ PVR In Action | PVR Junction

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Friday 31 October 2008, PM

BBC Media Show: 29 October 2008 link

Media Talk: The rout at Radio 2 link

New Screen shots - Forums

January 18, 2012 Mauris at odio nibh, euismod commodo sem. Pellentesque id tellus vel sem fermentum aliquet vel sit amet ante. Nullam tempus imperdiet metus, vel tempor neque tempor in. - link
Friday 31 October 2008, AM

DTG News: New ASTRA 1M satellite ready for launch on 6 November

The satellite has been fully integrated into the fairing of the launch vehicle, a Proton Breeze M rocket, and will launch from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. DTG Staff 31.10.2008 Links open in a new window. - link
Wednesday 29 October 2008, AM

CNN International to launch on Freeview after Nuts TV axed - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Nuts TV, which was launched by Turner Broadcasting in September last year, will continue to run online. It has been broadcasting on Freeview channel 42 and was launched on Sky in January. CNN International will be available seven days a week in a primetime evening block, offering world, business and sports news, as well as comment, interviews and feature programming. - link

Gaelic TV is surprise hit with viewers - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

For BBC Alba is proving to be an unexpected success, pulling in more than 600,000 viewers in its first week of broadcasting, more than double the projected audience of 250,000. The figures are particularly encouraging given the channel's modest annual budget of 14m, and the fact that it only broadcasts between 5pm and 11pm each day. Currently, it is only available on Sky, Freesat and Virgin Media, and not on Freeview. - link
Tuesday 28 October 2008, PM

Terrestrial - News - CNN confirms launch on Freeview - Digital Spy

The channel's block of programming aimed at European audiences will air every night between 9pm and 1am. - link

Border Telegraph | News | Borders prepares for digital switch

With just days to go until the first analogue channel is permanently switched off, Digital UK, the independent body in charge of the process, is launching the final stage of its information campaign for the 52,000 households served by the Selkirk transmitter group. Over the coming weeks, quarter-screen warning captions on all analogue channels will increase in frequency. There will be regular reminders in the local media and the switchover roadshow will be at three locations offering face-to-face advice and practical demonstrations of digital TV equipment. - link
Tuesday 28 October 2008, AM

Gaelic channel pulls in 600,000 viewers - News

- link
Monday 27 October 2008, PM

The ultimate guide to Freesat | News | TechRadar UK

Indeed, Freesat owners are currently the only people who can watch ITV's limited HD programming through their red button on certain shows and sporting events. We'll answer all these questions and more, with our complete guide to everything Freesat. The successful trial of high-definition TV on Freeview in late 2006 seemed to bring the free-to-air broadcasters together again, and there were rumours that Channel 4 would be able to leave the Sky umbrella. - link

informitv - Satellite faces perfect storm as Sky falls in value

Satellite broadcaster Sky faces the combined challenges of recession, regulation and new technology. British Sky Broadcasting shares are currently trading at a ten-year low. One analyst report suggests that it will fail to meet its long term target of ten million subscribers in 2010. - link

informitv - NDS profits halved in changing media landscape

Pay-television technology company NDS reported profits down by 56 in the last quarter on revenues down 11 at 182 million. Of this 98 million was for conditional access systems, down 19 from 121 million in the same period a year ago. Although NDS shipped more smart cards in the quarter than a year ago, the results apparently reflected volume discounts on the renewal of contracts with large customers and differences in when revenues were recognised. - link
Monday 27 October 2008, AM

Black Triangle Blog Archive BBC Churnalism

Go and have a read, but this is the story that started his complaint In August, the BBC ran a story claiming that research had determined that some places in Britain were happier than others. You can see the nature of the claims in the TV news report, Britains happiest places mapped. There was a big problem with this though the research found no significant differences between places. - link

Steve Hewlett: How to get public opinion on your side: ask the right question |Media |The Guardian

A battle royal looks likely, with both sides claiming to represent the public interest. The first shots came from Ofcom's chairman, Lord Currie, who, a few months ago, questioned the corporation's assertion that the public strongly connected the BBC with the licence fee. When asked what should be done with any excess or surplus licence fee, far from supporting Ofcom's plans to give it to C4 or spend it on other PSB purposes, 62 said they'd like a rebate. - link
Sunday 26 October 2008, PM

Is satellite TV picture quality up to scratch? | News | TechRadar UK

Historically, satellite, and Sky in particular has often been at the forefront of key AV developments in the UK. Yet it was also the first broadcaster to champion HDTV. Sky's 20-year reign as the nation's first-and-foremost satellite TV provider has seldom been anything other than groundbreaking from a technical standpoint it pioneered interactive services like home-shopping and made Pay-Per-View a real alternative to movie rentals, as well as providing expanded coverage of major sporting events. - link

Digital switchover date is launched (From Warrington Guardian)

Switchover campaign mascot Digital Al was in the Golden Square on Tuesday to formally announce the process of turning off the analogue signal. The switchover is due to take place on November 4, 2009, in the Granada region. Most households will have 48 channels available on Freeview via an aerial. - link
Saturday 25 October 2008, PM

A Closer Look At Humax FOXSAT-HDR and freesat+ Features | PVR Junction

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Friday 24 October 2008, PM

Media Talk: The Corfu caper link

Freeview lite row not helping public | News | TechRadar UK

A war of words is developing after culture secretary Andy Burnham suggested that Borders residents who wanted access to more than just the core TV channels should get satellite. If I was living in an area where I cannot get the full set of channels then I will have Freesat or Sky or a different option. - link

BBC iPlayer on Wii: new BigScreen interface

Six months ago, we made BBC iPlayer available on Nintendo Wii. In other words, we made a new video stream for Wii, but we didn't optimise the user interface for the Wii's screen resolution or Wiimote remote control. In fact, one of the reasons why we didn't create a custom Wii interface was because our user interface team was hard at work on the new-look BBC iPlayer 2.0 site, which was to launch in June. - link

Panasonic denies existence of Freesat Blu-ray recorder

- link

Pressure mounting for Gaelic channel on Freeview - Stornoway Today

- link
Thursday 23 October 2008, PM

ITV shares under 30p for first time |Media |

The broadcaster hit an all-time low of 28.25 at 10.35am this morning, leaving ITV's market capitalisation at just 1.2bn. Concerns were raised yesterday over the extent of ITV's pension fund deficit, which stood at 221m at the end of June and could result in the broadcaster having to inject more than it agreed last year and potentially cut its dividend. Later in the day, ITV's share price rallied a little to 29.25p at 4.15pm, down 0.75p or 2.5 on yesterday's closing price. - link


Andy Burnham Mr Burnham said it was not a priority for public money to be spent on infrastructure to ensure solely commercial channels were made available to everyone. His comments came after it was revealed that just 53 per cent of viewers in the Border region will be able to receive all 48 Freeview channels when the switchover happens next year. Speaking to the News Star, Mr Burnham said In all parts of the country people have the chance to have whatever channels they want. - link

Andy Burnham criticised for telling switchover viewers to get Sky TV |Politics |

Border, which covers Cumbria and the Scottish Borders, is due to begin switching from analogue to digital terrestrial television from midnight on November 5 in the Selkirk area. People pay the licence fee and they get the core offer of the channels and that will be available. If I was living in an area where I cannot get the full set of channels then I will have Freesat or Sky or a different option. - link
Thursday 23 October 2008, AM

France to allocate broadcast spectrum for mobile services - International Herald Tribune

- link
Wednesday 22 October 2008, PM

The Media Show: 22/10/2008 link

The Press Association: Report signals pay-TV slowdown

- link
Wednesday 22 October 2008, AM

Woe for Virgin and Sky as credit crunch turns viewers off pay-TV cost -

22 Oct 2008 0000 Almost a quarter of pay-TV customers are considering cutting their subscription package because of the credit crunch. Six per cent of TV viewers had already decided not to buy additional services, such as movies and sports, directly because of the economic slowdown. A further 18 per cent were planning changes soon, according to the survey of more than 1,000 people by Continental Research. - link
Tuesday 21 October 2008, PM

Quarter of pay-TV customers thinking of cutting back services |Media |

The report found 24 of the pay-TV customers surveyed said they planned to reduce the amount they spent on services such as movie and sports channels over the next year. Continental Research, which conducted the survey of 1,022 people, found that 6 of TV viewers had decided not to buy additional services directly because of the economic slowdown. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 7239 9857. - link
Monday 20 October 2008, PM

Carter revisits C4 privitisation plan

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

DTG News: 55 HD channels now on ASTRA

With the new channels we further improve the impressive HD channel line-up and build a very attractive HD neighbourhood on our main orbital positions. DTG Staff 20.10.2008 Links open in a new window. - link
Monday 20 October 2008, AM

ITV faces Ofcom fines of 80m a year if it surrenders PSB licences | Media |

Michael Grade said ITV could foresee a future as a full commercial body. The broadcaster's net advertising revenue during 2007 was 1.22bn, meaning ITV fines could start at 80m a year and rise until its licences expire in 2014. Ofcom has confirmed that under Section 424 of the 1990 Broadcasting Act, PSB licence holders who fail to provide the service they are contracted to do face a financial penalty. - link

BBC strikes iPlayer deal with BSkyB |Media |

From today, visitors to will be able to access the 400 weekly hours of BBC programming that is available through the iPlayer. BBC programmes will be distributed within Sky Player's existing genres - such as entertainment and kids - and will be free to air. Once viewers select a BBC programme they will be transferred to the iPlayer website to watch videos. - link

informitv - BBC opens Canvas for platform-neutral publishing

The BBC is hoping to establish an open industry platform to enable internet television services. The problem that the BBC faces lies in making a different version available for every possible device. Can there be an open IPTV standard that device makers can adopt to enable direct to consumer delivery of on-demand content in the living room he asked. - link

Forget about scuzzy sex shows the arts are our future, says Sky - Media, News - The Ind

- link

Conservatives back licence fee

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Question of the week: What if ITV hands back its licences? |Media |The Guardian

If the government and regulators want ITV to carry non-profitable public service programming in the future they will have to use bribery rather than the traditional stick to get ITV to do it. That is why Ofcom's public service fund is a good idea so long as it doesn't mean the BBC receiving less money. We need more imaginative ways of paying for the fund and the money in the fund shouldn't automatically go to Channel 4 - some of the fund should go to support regional news on ITV and some to create truly local television. - link

Third of S4C to be in HD - WalesOnline

The move follows Ofcoms decision to reserve capacity for HD services after a joint bid between the channel and Channel 4. The joint Channel 4/S4C proposal may also offer in the future an on-demand service, or sub-let during overnight hours. The freeview HD service will be broadcast through S4Cs digital channel digidol. - link

Digital TV switchover will hit rural viewers |Media |The Guardian

The culture secretary, Andy Burnham, has been accused of neglecting 2.5 million households in rural areas after it emerged they would get less than half the number of TV channels broadcast to the rest of Britain after the switch to digital services. Opposition MPs believe the government is discriminating against rural communities because ministers have refused to make sure that all the broadcasters using the digital service Freeview offer a full service for every home, once the analogue television signal is finally switched off in 2012. The problem is most keenly felt in the Borders TV region, which covers southern Scotland, Cumbria and parts of Northumberland. - link
Friday 17 October 2008, PM

MediaTalk: BBC, Channel 4 Radio fallout, newspaper apocalypse link

DTG News: Care home residents to get more switchover help

Its always been our aim to make sure those people who may find the process of digital switchover most difficult receive the best help possible. When the Help Scheme was first developed we recognised that care homes may require special arrangements and the change announced today is recognition of our ongoing commitment to this. People in the Scottish Borders can be reassured theyll get all the help they need to switch. - link

Panasonic quashes Freesat Blu-ray PVR rumours - What Satellite Digital TV

- link

Elgato prepping live Freeview TV for iPhone | Electricpig

October 17, 2008 1130 am If youve got a Mac, youve probably heard of Elgato. The company makes ultra-slick Freeview adapters for Apple computers, but soon itll be bringing its telly tech to the iPhone too. We caught up with Lars Felber, Elgatos Product Marketing Manager, earlier this week. - link
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