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Tuesday 09 December 2008, PM

HDTV UK: Eight tips for buying a more eco-friendly HDTV

If you've got even a modest concern for the environment or your bank balance, considering more energy-efficient devices could reduce your electricity usage and utility bills. As the TV is an important part of many people's home entertainment set-up, here are eight tips to consider when looking for a greener model. Avoid bargain TVs that may be less energy-efficient In general, cheaper TVs may be built with less efficient components and energy saving measures. - link

Peter Salmon named BBC DG of the North

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BBC NEWS | England | West digital switchover date set

Anaolgue TV services will be turned off in March 2010 The date for the digital switchover for the west's TV region has been set. During 2010, transmitters serving 930,000 households will switch to fully digital signals and analogue TV transmitters will be turned off. A full range of Freeview channels will then be available in parts of the region which up to now only had a limited digital terrestrial service. - link

iPlayer should be an online Freeview - Crave at CNET UK

This anniversary marks iPlayer's soft launch this time last year, with a harder launch that began on Christmas day with a TV advertising campaign. Today, the Guardian has reported that the BBC is planning to make iPlayer available to its commercial rivals. No other UK service can claim 180 million programmes watched, and no one has managed to make such a massive library available to the public. - link
Tuesday 09 December 2008, AM

BBC NEWS | Wales | Dates for digital switch unveiled

Digital UK also announced that Cardiff will become the first UK capital to start to go digital from 3 March 2010. The switchover from analogue at the Wenvoe transmitter near Cardiff, which serves south east Wales, will make Freeview available to most homes. A survey says 90 living in south east Wales are now aware of the switchover. - link

BetaNews | The other US mobile DTV alliance opens the door for a truce

The group, however, is no longer exclusively pushing DVB-H as its format of choice. Carrier agnostic mobile TV broadcaster MobiTV announced on Friday that it now has over five million subscribers. - link

Appeal Tribunal rejects Sky ITV request : Broadband TV News

In its judgement the tribunal said it had unanimously refused Skys request to be granted permission to appeal, which had been made on four counts, including the offer of remedies other than the earlier Competition Commission ruling to reduce its stake in the broadcaster to below 7.5. Sky has maintained the acquisition of the stake in ITV was made purely as an investment and that it remains a supportive shareholder. BSkyB now has 14 days in which it can take its application direct to the Court of Appeal. - link

BBC considers offering iPlayer technology to Channel 4 and ITV |Media |

This offer will form part of its response to the public service broadcasting review being conducted by Ofcom. The idea is being mooted as the BBC seeks to flesh out its offer of partnerships with other public service broadcasters. Another idea under consideration is to establish an independent trust to oversee BBC Worldwide if Channel 4 takes a stake in it. - link
Monday 08 December 2008, PM

Emily Bell: Kangaroo should not have been jumped on so soon |Media |The Guardian

The television industry's response to the clamour for broadband video on demand was stopped in its big bouncy tracks last week by the Competition Commission, which ruled that it must make some serious adjustments to its proposed service. The general view being that these modifications may turn Kangaroo into a dodo. At face value, the Competition Commission's concerns that this platform would have too much power in the online video market seem a little ahead of the game. - link

Win an LCD TV + Setanta subscription | The Sun |Fun|Competitions

Plus, we're throwing in a Carlsberg Draughtmaster and a 5 litre keg of Carlsberg to help keep you refreshed during all the live action. For those with a Freeview box with a card slot, theres the Setanta Viewing Card Pack. Carlsberg's DraughtMaster, is a unique all-in-one pint pulling innovation which dispenses Carlsberg beer from a disposable 5 litre keg through a beer tap. - link

Comedy award winner Alan Carr in Freeview ad - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Carr walked off with the Best Comedy Entertainment Personality award at the awards on Saturday. - link

The Cumberland News

On June 24 next year, the Caldbeck transmitter group which serves most of Cumbria will start switching to digital television. From tomorrow analogue viewers will see the intermittent message This TV needs to be ready for the digital switchover in June. There are a number of ways to go digital depending on where you live. - link

:: Manx Radio :: Isle of Man News ::

A woman who encountered him there at about 4.10pm was reportedly left frightened and upset by his behaviour and called the police. - link

More woe for Richard and Judy

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Friday 05 December 2008, AM

Mediatalk: Kangaroo, Daily Mail and John Barrowman link

BBC - Newsbeat - Technology - Cash demand over porn downloads

By Jim Reed Newsbeat reporter 'Helen' from Hull was sent a letter in the post demanding 500 Thousands of internet users have been told they'll be taken to court unless they pay hundreds of pounds for illegally downloading and sharing hardcore porn movies. Newsbeat's found out that people across the UK have been accused of using file sharing networks to get hold of dozens of adult titles without paying for them. A German company called DigiProtect claims the users are breaking copyright law and is demanding 500 to settle out of court. - link

ITV rebrands online catch-up TV service as ITV Player |Media |

The decision follows ITV's first deal, with BT Vision, to make its catch-up programming available online through a third party. The rebrand will be promoted with a high-profile on-air campaign across ITV's channels launching on December 19. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 7239 9857. - link
Thursday 04 December 2008, PM

iPlayer records nearly 300m views

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Darroch hits out at UK broadcasting regulations - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Referring to Ofcom's review into public service broadcasting provision, he argued that the review underestimates the PSB contribution from pay-TV broadcasters. Darroch, however, sounded several positive notes for the TV industry, insisting it should be optimistic despite its problems. - link
Thursday 04 December 2008, AM

allmediascotland : stv Rejects Case for a Single, UK-wide Channel 3 Network

- link

Why the economic crisis could lead to a privatised Channel 4 |Media |

The economic crisis isn't helping many media businesses - but for Channel 4, it is threatening to be very grim indeed as views harden over broadcasting funding. Pleading the case for special subsidies becomes more difficult by the day and Channel 4 has already been forced into self-help, hacking at its overheads and Next on 4 proposals. In private conversations I've found supporters and former executives of the channel thinking the unthinkable aloud - that Channel 4, far from trying to be a mini-BBC, should learn the lesson of its failed radio adventure and scale back to being a small band of programme commissioners, perhaps franchising out its advertising sales. - link

BBC Media Show: 3 December 2008 - Twitter link

Kangaroo video plan would restrict competition - Online, Media - The Independent

It is now inviting comments on how the loss of competition could be overcome. - link

Classic movie channel to launch on Sky/Freesat

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Wednesday 03 December 2008, AM

Freesat+ viral advert

- link

DTG News: Retail advice improving in West Country

Eight out of ten shops in the West Country are now giving correct advice and explaining the switchover to digital television, according to new research released by Digital UK. The switchover organisation commissioned a panel of mystery shoppers to assess the state of readiness among retailers across the South West. The study found that, in the West Country versus previous research from May in brackets 80 up from 70 of staff accurately explained what switchover means for customers, 82 up from 67 of staff correctly explained the options for going digital and 90 up from 84 gave a correct switchover date. - link

Competition Commission: Project Kangaroo

- link

BetaNews | DTV broadcasters could make another transition to mobile next year

At this time last year, the buzz heading into CES was about which of the two competing cell phone video standards would make its way to American handsets first. With that, real work on engineering the first wave of handheld TV devices could begin as soon as the second half of 2009. Certainly, local broadcasters could be the best candidates to provide this information, as it would not only extend their brand recognition among viewers but open up new advertising channels for them. - link

BBC iPlayer Goes Local

Last week, the BBC iPlayer team put out an update which allows Scottish users to use the site in the Gaelic language. This is the latest in a series of things we've done to build on the iPlayer's contribution to the BBC's role as a public service broadcaster. The BBC on the other hand, is able to offer a more diverse mix of content. - link

Competition Commission demands changes to Project Kangaroo

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Monday 01 December 2008, AM

HD News - Panasonic TX37LZD81 Review

It is worth remembering that access to the 'Freesat' service requires a satellite dish. Of course there is much more to V-real 3 Pro - Panasonic have apparently re-engineered almost every element of their picture processing engine in its latest guise. Without any form of 100Hz processing this panel handles fast on-screen action with a smoothness and fluidity that few can match. - link

Gorilla's Absence Highlights Limitations of Pay TV Debate at Connected TV

- link

Turning off Richard Judy - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

They have spent the best part of two decades as Britain's most unlikely TV power couple. Since the couple's move last month from Channel 4 to the cable channel Watch, viewing figures for Richard and Judy's New Position have slumped disastrously, even by cable channel standards. The prime-time show attracted just 20,000 viewers for one recent broadcast, plummeting from 149,000 for the much-heralded first show at the beginning of October. - link

Media Talk: Taking the C-word out of the BBC link

Sky to appeal ITV stake decision

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Media Monkey: Google - from parasites to pals with ITV |Media |

Oh, and probably not when that substantial search advertising deal was signed too. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

Axe is poised over ITVs 1billion budget as recovery plan is threatened by advertising revenue slump | Mail Online

Since arriving at the company at the beginning of last year, Grade has maintained that ITV's continued high level of investment in programme production is vital to its long-term performance. The broadcaster is now aiming to save 10million in addition to the 40million it announced that it would save earlier this year through the loss of 1,000 jobs --nearly 20 per cent of its workforce. Meanwhile, BSkyB says it will create an additional 90 call centre jobs at its base in Isleworth, west London. - link
Thursday 27 November 2008, PM

BBC Media Show: Manchester Media Festival link
Thursday 27 November 2008, AM

BSkyB Set to Delay ITV Stake Sale at Least Another Six Months

- link

TVonics urges consumers not to throw out old TVs - Which? News

Sometimes pages move or become out of date and are deleted, so older bookmarks may no longer work. It's possible that the page you were looking for has either changed name or is no longer available. To find what you are looking for, you might like to try one of the following You may like to view our latest videos - link

UK on track for digital switchover : Industry News : News : BCS

26/11/2008 The UK is 'on track' for the upcoming digital switchover, with nine out of ten households already digital TV subscribers. This is according to communication regulator Ofcom, which has revealed that the country is making steady progress towards the 2012 switchover. A spokesperson explained that the UK's current strong position 'is a lot to do with Freeview'. - link
Wednesday 26 November 2008, PM

Government ditches plans to give Channel 4 14m digital switchover help |Media |

The government has withdrawn controversial plans to award 14m to Channel 4 to help with the cost of digital switchover. Under plans announced last year, the government had intended to divert 14m of the BBC licence fee to Channel 4 - a move that has been under investigation by the European Commision as a potential breach of state aid rules. As the Government makes clear in its statement, broader decisions about the future framework of public service broadcasting will be made early in 2009 as part of its Digital Britain review. - link
Wednesday 26 November 2008, AM

BetaNews | Analysts: Consumers drop TV, turn to Internet for entertainment

- Many consumers are now spending less time watching TV, reading, and talking on the phone, preferring Web-based video, gaming, and social networks for entertainment instead, says new research by Magid Associates. Online gaming is another entertainment favorite, he suggested. Over 25 of online video viewers said they are watching less TV since they started watching video through online services such as Hulu, said the Magid advisor, whose company has done extensively since the 1950s with TV stations, cable networks, magazines, and other media around strategic planning, branding, programming, and promotion. - link

Teletext Extra to get 8m boost

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Tuesday 25 November 2008, AM

HDTV UK: BBC HD speculation: Formula One, Doctor Who

Nevertheless, BBC HD is more widely available, and should do a good job of broadcasting high definition F1 as and when it's available. Not necessarily significant in itself, it could lead the way to a high definition Doctor Who. In March last year, the BBC stated that Doctor Who would not be made in high definition due to the number of special effects used in the show. - link

Terrestrial - News - Teletext Extra to expand DTT footprint - Digital Spy

Teletext Extra is to become available on a further 3 million boxes, taking its reach to 8 million. The service - produced by development firm InView - gives viewers to access a 14-day EPG covering all Freeview channels. Teletext Extra also includes a 'Guest Channel', allowing third party broadcasters and advertisers to promote their programmes or services. - link

Freeview Launches In Australia

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Apache/1.3.29 Server at Port 80 - link

Has Blu-rays encryption been cracked again? |Technology |The Guardian

A few eager hackers on the Doom9 forum have, over the past couple of months, developed their own Blu-ray software player, by analysing in minute detail the workings of real Blu-ray players. Ideally, the Blu-ray disc BD shouldn't realise it's playing somewhere it shouldn't. Of course, not everyone wants to pay 79 64 for a closed-source Windows program. - link
Monday 24 November 2008, PM

Atkinson to revisit Blackadder

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BetaNews | Analog messages may be broadcast following the DTV transition

February 17 may not be the absolute end to analog TV transmission in the US, should the House follow the Senate's lead in passing legislation enabling analog broadcasters to continue serving public service messages for one month. The House counterpart to Rockefeller's bill was introduced last September, but currently remains in committee. At the time, Baker felt even the appearance of a delay could only serve to confuse consumers. - link
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