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Friday 09 January 2009, PM

Digital television switchover is on July 1

As the credit crunch bites harder many people will want to know how much going digital will cost. The Huntshaw Cross transmitter and its smaller local relay masts which serve much of North Devon will be converted so they can broadcast digital signals, offering more choice in channels and services. Residents who want to receive television via an aerial will need to make sure their TVs can receive these digital signals. - link

Financial crisis boosts Freesat sales | News | TechRadar UK

The latest data from Freesat shows that sales of the subscription-free satellite service doubled in the run-up to Christmas. The success of Freesat, which launched in May last year, can be attributed to several factors. As the economic crisis continues to bite, Freesat's free digital TV package is an ideal choice for telly-watchers. - link

U.K. Stocks Drop for Third Day; Anglo American, ITV, BSkyB Fall

- link

Ive read Ofcoms public service review submissions so you dont have to |Media |

Ofcom received some 300 submissions in December, in response to the regulator's Public Service Broadcasting Review phase two, and prior to its final recommendations, which it will publish later this month. Several worried stars, including Grand Designs' Kevin McCloud, plead Channel 4's case. now a backer of Danny Boyle's film Slumdog Millionaire and is exercised about the future of Channel 4 subsidiary Film4. - link

BBC NEWS | Technology | TVs on show at tech expo

This page is best viewed in an up-to-date web browser with style sheets CSS enabled. Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets CSS if you are able to do so. - link

BBC Media Show: 7 January 2009 link

Media Talk: Is the British media anti-Israel? link

Obama transition team suggests delaying DTV transition | Betanews

VP Dennis Wharton suggested that it was the original firmness of this transition date that enabled the whole changeover to take place to begin with, and that it may be far too late now for legislators or executive officials to trade blame for insufficient resources. Last November, soon after his appointment to the new transition team, Podesta -- former chief of staff under Pres. Clinton -- suggested to Multichannel News that the DTV switchover would be one of his team's many subjects, although he admitted some ignorance of its details at the time. - link
Wednesday 07 January 2009, PM

No Formula 1 for BBC HD...yet | What Satellite Digital TV

- link
Tuesday 06 January 2009, PM

Is internet radio in your car the future? - blog - James Cridland

- link

Three million still to make digital TV switch - Which? News

Campaigns Making consumers as powerful as the organisations they deal with. Consumer Rights Your essential guide to consumer rights and what to do if things go wrong. Conversation Want to comment on burning consumer issues of the day - link
Monday 05 January 2009, PM

More viewers for More4

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Media Monkey: Michael Grade delivers second opinion on Doctor Who: I was wrong |Media |

To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link
Monday 05 January 2009, AM

Broadcasting Cross-media Mergers - BERR

An example of an anti-competitive activity would be when two companies agree to charge the same price for a similar product. Anti-competitive activities can be very bad for consumers. Reforming and improving the laws on anti-competitive activities is a major part of this work. - link

How will UK television be affected by the credit crunch? |Media |The Guardian

In many ways, 2009 will be like 2008 - only more so. Current trends will continue to be important shaping schedules and characterising commissioning. Similarly, the emphasis within lifestyle shows will continue to shift away from property programmes that view houses as investments - an acquisitive attitude that seems old-fashioned in recessionary times - and towards shows predicated on houses being homes. - link

Maggie Brown: 2009 will be a watershed year for British broadcasting |Media |The Guardian

This year promises to be a watershed in British broadcasting. By the end of this month we will have the options of a rescue package for beleaguered Channel 4, and of relief for ITV from some of its regional commitments and restraints - with Ofcom giving its final policy recommendations to the government from the public service broadcasting review in two weeks' time. The regulator spent the end of 2008 tackling the cuts faced by regional programmes, news, religious, arts and children's programmes. - link

Fury in France as Sarkozy bans adverts from state TV - Europe, World - The Independent

- link
Saturday 03 January 2009, PM

Missing your bingo telly fix? | Bingo News

Since the surprise departure of ITV's live bingo show, some of us at the Hideout have confessed to missing our weekly fix of bingo on the telly. Helping more people to play UK bingo than ever before, the show demonstrated that you don't have to play online to get your fix or to get a huge bingo bonus in the bank. Of course, there has been talk of bingo launching on most mobile phones next year too, and if you have SKY you can always check out the games available on the Gala channel. - link
Saturday 03 January 2009, AM

Are the worlds digital plans killing mobile DTV?

Here's a very familiar theme for us every year Despite not only manufacturers' own best efforts but also certain governments' own regulatory bodies to drive and even enforce industry standards, there's no one way to do digital mobile TV. Despite the push from manufacturers, mobile carriers and government regulatory agencies, mobile digital television has failed to make an impact on the world like it did in South Korea. There has been doubt about the viability of mobile digital television for years, and in 2008, we watched the different approaches of the US and EU toward hastening its adoption yield ultimately the same result. - link
Friday 02 January 2009, PM

Sky TV aerial charge is a real turn-off - Islington News: Gordon McIntosh | HfI | Homes For Islington | SKY | TV Aerial

- link

New Doctor to be revealed on BBC One tomorrow

- link

North Devon Digital television switchover is on July 1

THE job of getting the West Country ready for the big switch to digital television falls to Bill Taylor. Around the UK switchover will take place gradually as each transmitter is converted to provide high-power digital signals. These will reach virtually all households including those unable to receive Freeview today. - link
Friday 02 January 2009, AM

Competition rules would scupper Channel 4 and Five merger, report says |Media |

The idea of the merger, previously examined in 2004, resurfaced in December as a possible scenario for plugging the 150m-a-year funding gap that Channel 4 claims it will face by 2012. Ofcom has put the figure at between 60m and 100m. A combined Channel 4 and Five would control 34 of the UK TV ad market. - link

Where Are Our Extra FTA Digital Channels? - Gizmodo Australia

- link
Wednesday 31 December 2008, PM

Viacom pulls nine channels from Time Warner US cable network |Media |

If the channels are pulled tomorrow morning as planned, viewers will be able to log on to a website to complain. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link

BBC Media Show: 31 December 2008 link
Wednesday 31 December 2008, AM

Plug is pulled on Southampton tenants' cable TV (From Daily Echo)

They will instead give 13,000 Southampton tenants the choice of hooking up to Sky TV or Freeview in time for the digital switchover in 2012. Tory council leaders will spend 2.6 million installing a new system enabling tenants to receive digital TV signals from a communal aerial or satellite dish. John Radmore, treasurer of the Southampton Federation of Tenants and Residents Association, said there had been complaints about picture quality and a lack of channels. - link
Monday 29 December 2008, PM

BBC NEWS | Technology | Getting the most out of broadband

With retail, housing and even hi-tech grinding to a bit of a halt in recent months, most commentators would agree that 2009 is going to be a slow year. Both BT and Virgin Media will kick-start their plans for next generation access in the UK in 2009. Virgin Media will upgrade its cable network to deliver speeds of up to 50Mbps megabits per second during the first six months of 2009. - link

Turn off Sky News to get the real picture - The Daily Record

I've watched him do this on several international stories, and even seen him up close and personal in the Sky studios. As has been his network's coverage of Gaza. In endless footage of the massacre, not a head severed from the body has been shown, not a dead child, a mutilated woman. - link
Saturday 27 December 2008, PM

Australians get ready for the future of free TV | The Courier-Mail

WITHIN the next 12 months, Australian audiences will have access to a range of brand new digital television channels. Anews or classic-movies multi-channel, a 24-hour sports network and a channel that plays repeats two hours later are among plans being worked on by the big commercial networks. Viewers will also be able to buy a Freeview box that will allow them to record and store digital television content and have access to free electronic program guides all big advantages that subscription TV currently has over free-to-air. - link
Saturday 27 December 2008, AM

BBCs 9 out of 10 triumph in Christmas ratings battle |Media |The Guardian

The latest adventures of Wallace Gromit smashed viewing records, becoming the most-watched programme of the year with an audience of 14.3 million. The average total audience in peak time was 24.4 million, up from 23.8 million in 2007, said the BBC. A Matter of Loaf and Death, commissioned by the BBC, was one of the high points of the year for the corporation, with a 53 audience share. - link
Friday 26 December 2008, PM

Media Talk: 2008 in review link
Wednesday 24 December 2008, PM

BBC Media Show: 24 December 2008 link
Wednesday 24 December 2008, AM

Radio Labs in 2008

It's about that time for an end of year review, so here's how 2008 went for Radio Labs. I started off in January writing about our 10 percent time scheme which allows our team use 10 of their time to do their own work-related projects. The team have certainly impressed me with how many ideas they have and how many of them they actually build as well. - link

Can technology keep television relevant in the digital era?

One reason could be because technology is giving viewers clear alternatives to scheduled programming. NBC declared this year's Olympics the most-viewed event in television history, with the 17-day coverage attracting 86 of US television viewing households, or 214 million viewers. Events related to the presidential election also attracted a huge amount of viewers. - link
Tuesday 23 December 2008, PM

Media Talk on The Guardian -

He saw it as a straight ad for BBC viewers and listeners to go out and buy a DAB digital radio. The BBC is not promoting a particular brand of radio - they're promoting the format. That's not surprising since they broadcast in the format and have a national DAB multiplex. - link

Will viewers choose their own running order? BBC - Journalism Labs - blog

Historically FMT Journalism has focused primarily onweb development. The reasons for this are many and none of them are any of my business but it is odd, because the first experiments that BBC News made with 'On Demand' started in the early 1970s and they were on television sets. The principle is relatively simple, take some text Journalists with access to agency feeds and ask them to write short news stories. - link

Is Channel 4 heading towards oblivion? - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

Instead of enjoying a preferential place as one of a select group of universally available broadcasters, Channel 4 has to compete with an unruly mob of digital upstarts. Commercial revenues are predicted to fall between five and 10 per cent next year, and Channel 4's own predictions put the annual deficit at 150m by 2012. That shortfall is the cause of great concern for both Channel 4 and the Government, which sees the broadcaster as a crucial balance to the BBC's establishment voice. - link

Dramas cant match TV reality, says Grade - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

From Brideshead Revisited to Cranford, Britain's sumptuous TV dramas are renowned around the world as examples of broadcasting brilliance. The key to good drama is originality, storytelling, adventurism, reaching out to audiences and that isn't being done. In this context Michael Grade is indulging in a bit of spin ... - link

Last rites for Christmas TV? - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

With the onset of catch-up TV over the internet and on-demand services from companies such as Virgin Media, the next generation of Freeview is in the works to dramatically boost the service to households across the country. After a few initial hiccups, its traffic has leapt 14 times in the past year, and has had nearly 252 million requests for programmes. This is part of a wider trend that has seen traffic to video sites jump 48 per cent in the past year. - link

BetaNews | Internet radio interoperability group to launch at CES

At CES next month, a new organization formed to promote interoperability across media devices will get off the ground -- and by that, they mean a way to get podcasts and streaming content to work on multiple device platforms. Initially formed earlier this year at the Interent Radio Summit, the group is spearheaded by radio broadcasters, content providers, and technology specialists in the area of Internet radio. Registration to attend the group's first general meeting is available on the IMDA's Web site. - link

iPlayer subtitles increase: our early Christmas present to hard of hearing people

As the person responsible for ensuring that iPlayer is giving the best experience it can to disabled audiences, I thought it would be worth looking back at how far we've come this year in the provision of subtitles for the service. It took until 1986 for us to subtitle our first live programme an episode of Blue Peter, with the subtitling of news programmes following in 1990. Well, back when I started my role in February, the situation didn't look good - subtitles had been suspended from the iPlayer launch in December 2007 because a robust subtitling solution wasn't ready for launch. - link

Please Wait... - BBCi Labs

However due to the way our service has to be structured, it's an unfortunate necessity. BBC Red Button has a chunk of space on each of those transponders which enables us to have a service alongside the TV channel - so that when you press red you don't need to leave the channel you're watching. Our video services too also sit in another transponder to the TV channel. - link

Metronic Sat HD 100 review from TechRadars expert reviews of Digital TV recorders

Simple styling Aesthetically, the Metronic doesn't deviate too far from its Freesat siblings its all-black stylings and diminutive size fall in line with boxes from Grundig and Bush. There's no CI slot this is strictly FTA. This can be used to install software updates from a flash drive also achievable via satellite and adds the bonus of multimedia playback, although chunky drives can be a tight fit. - link

Top of the blogs for 2008 - blog - James Cridland

- link
Tuesday 23 December 2008, AM

Television 2008 quiz |Culture |The Guardian

Who has replaced Nicky Hambleton-Jones as presenter of 10 Years Younger a child prodigy, traumatised mute and all-round weirdo River Tam on the good ship Serenity a Transformer a seasonal eye infection 3. Which TV news show presenter appeared in several issues of Spider Man comic this year, lambasting Peter Parker for being a bleeding-heart liberal - link
Monday 22 December 2008, PM

Review of the year in media |Media |The Guardian

It made several apologies during 2008, whether for showing 12 hours of sport or because the Doctor Who actor John Barrowman got his wanger out on radio. Dawn Airey wasn't especially sorry when she jumped job for the second time in 12 months, leaving ITV for Five, but there were a lot of sorry newspaper journalists, casualties of the credit crunch. News at Ten returns to the airwaves but sets the tone for the rest of the year by promptly losing out to BBC1's rival bulletin in the ratings on its debut and never recovering. - link
Saturday 20 December 2008, AM

TV killed the Movie

home networking to branch out The number of U.S. online households with home networks should quadruple by 2008, a report says, as consumers expand networks to include entertainment gear and appliances. - link

Channel 4s targeting of BBC Worldwide assets is bold and, potentially, brilliant |Media |

Johnson, remember, was effectively chosen by Ofcom's former chief executive Stephen Carter and soon-to-depart chairman Lord Currie in a bid to sort out Channel 4's financial vulnerability the fact it feels too small, and is too dependent on programmes commissioned from independent suppliers to thrive as a public service broadcaster. So far, most attempts at self-help, while trying to be a mini BBC, have rather blown up in Channel 4's face. The 28m spent on buying into the former Emap music channels last year has generated some cash, but distracted managers. - link

Buying an HD TV? Don't wait!

- link
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