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Thursday 18 December 2008, PM

BetaNews | Nationwide DTV test hits snags with Comcast, Dish

Yesterday, local TV stations in 42 states and DC participated in the first nationwide digital television consumer readiness test. Broadcasters turned off their analog signals some time between 500 and 700 pm ET. Aside from some noteworthy exceptions, the results so far seem largely favorable. - link
Thursday 18 December 2008, AM

Ofcom names new chairman

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Live Bingo from Netplay

- link

Channelling anger felt by Peebles residents - Borders Today

- link
Tuesday 16 December 2008, AM

Zattoo streaming Freeview TV in full quality for Christmas | Electricpig

December 16, 2008 933 am You might remember Zattoo from earlier in the year. It caused a fuss when it started streaming Freeview channels online absolutely free. Despite some protests from broadcasters, its still running and just upgraded its quality for Christmas too. - link

Jeff Randall Live: BBC Director General Mark Thompson Defends Licence Fee | Business | Sky News

The Director General defended the annual 139.50 charge, saying it helps maintain the high quality of shows at a time when the rest of the broadcast sector is struggling. He pointed out that the current settlement, which runs until 2012, is currently 2.5 to 3 below inflation. Mr Thompson explained the corporation has been forced to take on extra responsibilities, such as funding schemes to ensure disadvantaged groups are not left behind in the digital switchover. - link
Monday 15 December 2008, PM

ShareCast - News you can use

The ShareCast news service is operated by Digital Look Ltd. Republication or redistribution of Digital Look Ltd content, including by caching, framing or similar means, is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Digital Look Ltd. - link

Ofcom to kick off local TV spectrum sale

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BBC drops licence fee direct mail firm

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Monday 15 December 2008, AM

Freeview HD by 2010: Ofcoms plans explained | News | TechRadar UK

When Ofcom went back and showed people HD, hi-def was a lot more popular. It's fair to say that extra SD channels and more local TV were also popular, but Ofcom had ignored those, too. The Digital Dividend will still provide a windfall before the next election but one of the six existing Freeview multiplexes will be cleared for high-definition TV channels. - link

NetPlay gets licence to operate Freeview channel| Industries| Financial Services Real Estate| Reuters

The company had previously bought spare capacity on the Freeview platform from other broadcasters such as Virgin and Nuts TV. NetPlay said Freeview is Britain's largest digital TV platform with more than 15.3 million users. At 0852 GMT, NetPlay shares were up 5.9 percent at 27 pence. - link

Channel 4 is losing in its public funding face-off with the BBC |Media |The Guardian

Channel 4 is campaigning for public cash - with the licence fee the most likely source - while the BBC is equally determined to stop the Horseferry Road hordes from getting their hands on it. Not only would it be complex to administer, but there would need to be separate governance measures to hold any recipients accountable for public funding. Do we really want to see Channel 4 becoming BBC 5 - link
Friday 12 December 2008, PM

Macdonald rejects ITV plcs single brand call - Media news - Media Week

By law, the BBC must use independent producers for at least one quarter of all of its TV programme commissions. STV hopes that gaining independent status would boost its business and enable it to deliver more local content to Scottish viewers. - link

Digital television heads for the West Country (From Gazette Series)

Digital UK, the independent body in charge of the process, said nine out of 10 people in the region are already aware of the big switchover. The changes will see digital terrestrial television Freeview available to virtually every home in the area including, for the first time, more than 140,000 households served by local relay transmitters. When analogue signals are switched off and replaced with digital broadcasts, the number of free channels will increase from four to around 20. - link

How iPlayer will become our player for your friends |Technology |The Guardian

Pricier packages would allow you to download or stream as much BBC content as you want, and cheaper ones wouldn't - rather as already happens on the limited home broadband packages which charge per gigabyte beyond a given amount. The original iPlayer, launched in December 2007 after an extended period of public tests, came in two forms. The first uses a Windows-only peer-to-peer download system, and attracted complaints from users with Mac or Linux computers more than 16,000 people signed an electronic petition asking for a more open system. - link

Keep C4 safe, McCloud and Snow urge Ofcom

12 December, 2008 By Robin Parker Two of Channel 4's highest profile presenters have urged Ofcom to find a way of securing the broadcaster's future. It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Media Talk: The BBC rides to the rescue link
Friday 12 December 2008, AM

Digital Radio Working Group expected to predict digital radio switchover by 2020 |Media |

The body set up by the government to secure the future of digital radio in the UK is expected to predict next week that switchover for the medium could be completed by 2020. The various parties were brought together by the government to map out a timetable for digital radio, which has been beset by uncertainty over the future of one of its key methods of delivery, digital audio broadcasting DAB. This would reinforce the conclusions of the group's interim report, published in June, that recommended the establishment of a timetable for the migration of all UK radio from analogue to digital. - link

iPlayer has changed little for me -

home networking to branch out The number of U.S. online households with home networks should quadruple by 2008, a report says, as consumers expand networks to include entertainment gear and appliances. - link

BBC NEWS | Scotland | TV faces switch-over switch-off

The future of TV is a multi-channel digital world The station has been arguing that without some public funding, it will be unable to continue producing as many news and current affairs programmes in the future. Now we have a better idea of when the station will either need to be given public money or permission to cut its local output - something it insists it does not want to do. Historically, regulators were able to impose wide-ranging public service obligations on ITV stations - legal requirements to make programmes which weren't necessarily in the companies' business interests such as news and current affairs or children's programmes. - link

Spanish switchover to digital television (TDT) explained - The Euro Weekly News, Newspapers Online

You may not be able to visit this page because of an out-of-date bookmark/favourite a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site a mistyped address you have no access to this page The requested resource was not found. An error has occurred while processing your request. Please try one of the following pages Home Page This email address is being protected from spambots. - link

BBC plans will not help fill Channel 4s 150m funding gap, says chief executive Andy Duncan |Media |guar

They have been given a chance to look at proposals and I checked yesterday that all the PSBs had enough information. It is sensible to look at these proposals in detail. Channel Five took a positive view of the potential of the practical partnerships proposals set out by the BBC. - link

Broadcasters and ISPs cosy up for iPlayer on Freeview - The Register

They invited other public service broadcasters Channel 4 and Five, device firms and other ISPs to back the initiative. It also seems likely the involvement of BT and other ISPs indicates plans for a shared content delivery network, to soften the impact on bandwidth charges. No timescale was provided, but the announcement said plans for high definition on demand would be included. - link

Industry unites to deliver online content on TV

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Thursday 11 December 2008, AM

Call For Gaelic Channel To Be Aired On Freeview (from Evening Times)

- link

BBC Media Show: 10 Dec 08 link

Recapturing colour from black and white film |Technology |The Guardian

This weekend will see the broadcast, for the first time in nearly forty years, of a vintage episode of Dad's Army it its original colour form, thanks to software developed by a former BBC employee. The episode, Room at the Bottom, was made in 1969 - but, thanks to a purge of the BBC's archives in the 1970s, had only survived in the form of a black and white film, even though it was originally recorded on early colour videotape. Manifesting as a pattern of faint dots across the picture, these 'chroma-dots' are the key to colour recovery, a process which has caught the eye of the BBC Putting the colour back into the Doctor's cheeks, March 6. - link

BBC licence fee will be even more important in 2012, says Lord Carter |Media |

Lord Carter, the new junior minister for communications, technology and broadcasting, said today that he believes that the BBC licence fee is likely to be even more necessary when it next comes up for renewal in 2012. Speaking to the Commons culture media and sport select committee in his first appearance since he became a minister in October, Carter said he imagined that 2012 would be a time with 100 digital switchover and almost complete migration of radio users to digital with even greater multimedia content. During his often heated question and answer session with the select committees MPs, Carter admitted that Ofcom was given an inappropriate name when it was created in 2003. - link

Mixed reception for digital switchover in Borders - Borders Today

I feel it's appropriate to make a couple of additional points in relation to John Askew's letter December 4 regarding the recent digital switchover and the issues myself and others have experienced with certain Freeview digital recorders. I talked to my local aerial engineer last weekend, and was advised he is getting lots of callouts to owners of DigiHome and Thomson recorders who are all experiencing similar issues. - link

Digital TV Switchover Timetable Announced (from The Herald )

- link

Shopping Cuts Far From Ideal - The Daily Record

11 Dec 2008 0000 THE owners of the Ideal World home shopping channel yesterday warned of steeper losses after sales dived 17 per cent in the past six weeks. THE owners of the Ideal World home shopping channel yesterday warned of steeper losses after sales dived 17 per cent in the past six weeks. Ideal Shopping Direct described trading conditions as extremely challenging and said they planned to reduce their headcount by 15 per cent - equivalent to 70 posts. - link
Wednesday 10 December 2008, PM

BBC may help out Digital One radio network |Media |

The BBC may put one or more of its digital radio stations onto the Digital One national service in a bid to help breathe new life into the struggling medium. BBC stations joining Digital One would also free up more capacity on the corporation's own national digital radio multiplex, enabling it to launch more services or improve the sound quality of one or more of its existing ones. Digital One has struggled to fill its capacity, while the second national commercial DAB multiplex, owned by the 4 Digital consortium, will now not launch at all after Channel 4, the main shareholder, pulled out. - link

Radio Today with United Radio: ZEE Radio reaches for the Sky

- link

Subtitles on BBC iPlayer Update

As we seek to engage with our audiences in new ways, and through new technologies, it incredibly important that the BBC does not leave disabled and elderly people behind as we design, engineer and architect the digital future. So I'd like to give our deaf and hard of hearing users an update on our work to improve the availability of subtitles on BBC iPlayer. Firstly, I'm sorry for not communicating about this more regularly. - link
Wednesday 10 December 2008, AM

Digital TV switchover date announced for Burnham-On-Sea

Digital UK, the independent body in charge of the process, said analogue services beamed across the Burnham area from the Mendip transmitter will be switched off in two stages. At stage one on March 24th 2010, BBC Two will stop broadcasting in analogue when the first group of Freeview digital channels will become available. This will be followed two weeks later, on April 7th, when the remaining analogue channels will be permanently switched off and replaced with additional digital services. - link
Tuesday 09 December 2008, PM

HDTV UK: Eight tips for buying a more eco-friendly HDTV

If you've got even a modest concern for the environment or your bank balance, considering more energy-efficient devices could reduce your electricity usage and utility bills. As the TV is an important part of many people's home entertainment set-up, here are eight tips to consider when looking for a greener model. Avoid bargain TVs that may be less energy-efficient In general, cheaper TVs may be built with less efficient components and energy saving measures. - link

Peter Salmon named BBC DG of the North

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BBC NEWS | England | West digital switchover date set

Anaolgue TV services will be turned off in March 2010 The date for the digital switchover for the west's TV region has been set. During 2010, transmitters serving 930,000 households will switch to fully digital signals and analogue TV transmitters will be turned off. A full range of Freeview channels will then be available in parts of the region which up to now only had a limited digital terrestrial service. - link

iPlayer should be an online Freeview - Crave at CNET UK

This anniversary marks iPlayer's soft launch this time last year, with a harder launch that began on Christmas day with a TV advertising campaign. Today, the Guardian has reported that the BBC is planning to make iPlayer available to its commercial rivals. No other UK service can claim 180 million programmes watched, and no one has managed to make such a massive library available to the public. - link
Tuesday 09 December 2008, AM

BBC NEWS | Wales | Dates for digital switch unveiled

Digital UK also announced that Cardiff will become the first UK capital to start to go digital from 3 March 2010. The switchover from analogue at the Wenvoe transmitter near Cardiff, which serves south east Wales, will make Freeview available to most homes. A survey says 90 living in south east Wales are now aware of the switchover. - link

BetaNews | The other US mobile DTV alliance opens the door for a truce

The group, however, is no longer exclusively pushing DVB-H as its format of choice. Carrier agnostic mobile TV broadcaster MobiTV announced on Friday that it now has over five million subscribers. - link

Appeal Tribunal rejects Sky ITV request : Broadband TV News

In its judgement the tribunal said it had unanimously refused Skys request to be granted permission to appeal, which had been made on four counts, including the offer of remedies other than the earlier Competition Commission ruling to reduce its stake in the broadcaster to below 7.5. Sky has maintained the acquisition of the stake in ITV was made purely as an investment and that it remains a supportive shareholder. BSkyB now has 14 days in which it can take its application direct to the Court of Appeal. - link

BBC considers offering iPlayer technology to Channel 4 and ITV |Media |

This offer will form part of its response to the public service broadcasting review being conducted by Ofcom. The idea is being mooted as the BBC seeks to flesh out its offer of partnerships with other public service broadcasters. Another idea under consideration is to establish an independent trust to oversee BBC Worldwide if Channel 4 takes a stake in it. - link
Monday 08 December 2008, PM

Emily Bell: Kangaroo should not have been jumped on so soon |Media |The Guardian

The television industry's response to the clamour for broadband video on demand was stopped in its big bouncy tracks last week by the Competition Commission, which ruled that it must make some serious adjustments to its proposed service. The general view being that these modifications may turn Kangaroo into a dodo. At face value, the Competition Commission's concerns that this platform would have too much power in the online video market seem a little ahead of the game. - link

Win an LCD TV + Setanta subscription | The Sun |Fun|Competitions

Plus, we're throwing in a Carlsberg Draughtmaster and a 5 litre keg of Carlsberg to help keep you refreshed during all the live action. For those with a Freeview box with a card slot, theres the Setanta Viewing Card Pack. Carlsberg's DraughtMaster, is a unique all-in-one pint pulling innovation which dispenses Carlsberg beer from a disposable 5 litre keg through a beer tap. - link

Comedy award winner Alan Carr in Freeview ad - Brand Republic News - Brand Republic

Carr walked off with the Best Comedy Entertainment Personality award at the awards on Saturday. - link

The Cumberland News

On June 24 next year, the Caldbeck transmitter group which serves most of Cumbria will start switching to digital television. From tomorrow analogue viewers will see the intermittent message This TV needs to be ready for the digital switchover in June. There are a number of ways to go digital depending on where you live. - link

:: Manx Radio :: Isle of Man News ::

A woman who encountered him there at about 4.10pm was reportedly left frightened and upset by his behaviour and called the police. - link

More woe for Richard and Judy

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Friday 05 December 2008, AM

Mediatalk: Kangaroo, Daily Mail and John Barrowman link
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