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Sunday 23 August 2009, PM

Apple to offer own-brand HDTV, claims analyst Register Hardware

In the run-up to the launch of its branded TV in 2011, Apple will unveil a range of TV-focused gadgets, Munster predicted. An iTunes TV Pass offering unlimited pay monthly access to the librarys content archives could also launch within 12 months, Munster said, effectively replacing a consumers monthly cable bill. - link

BBC plunged into new deception row - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

The BBC was plunged into a new deception row today after a cameraman posed as a member of the public on one of its daytime shows. The corporation - which was fined last year after a phone-in scandal - has suspended the production company behind the auction programme Sun, Sea and Bargain Spotting, hosted by Angela Rippon. The series - a key part of the BBC2 daytime schedule - has been pulled off the air and from the iPlayer web service. - link

James Cridland quits as audio head of BBC future media |Media |

He joined the BBC after serving as digital media director at Virgin Radio. He sets out his plans for his immediate future My last day will be Wednesday 2 September. I'll be working on for a while out of trendy Shoreditch then exploring a bit of the world's radio industries, before popping up somewhere new and exciting in the spring in radio, naturally. - link

Sky3 to show pay TV content for free - Digital Spy

Sky has announced that it will make selected pay TV programmes and content free-to-air on Sky3 for one weekend in September. - link
Friday 21 August 2009, PM

BBC - Press Office - First look at new animated Doctor Who

The BBC today releases the first image of the animated Doctor as he will appear in the new animation, Dreamland, which is due for broadcast later this year. In the run-up to the animation, fans will be able to visit the Doctor Who website to follow a behind-the-scenes production blog on the making of Dreamland, giving the opportunity to follow the progress of the animation as it develops. It presents an amazing opportunity to expand the multiplatform storytelling potential of Doctor Who. - link

What range of television channels will be available through a TV aerial in different regions of the UK after digital swi

- link

Media Talk: Demise of the London Paper link

Lower rates promised as Teletext Holidays retains analogue for fu...

TeletextHolidays has promised reducedratesfor travel advertisers as it announcesthe retention of its analogue TV service for a further 12 months. The deal - a result of discussions with Ofcom- follows Teletexts decision to bring forward the shutdown of its news and information services on analogue from January 2010 and removing all its services, including travel, news and information, from Sky in December. Managing director Victoria Sanders said the service will be retained until at least September 2011.Teletext Holidaysis also available onFreeview channel 101 and, and - link

South west Wales switchover underway

- link
Thursday 20 August 2009, AM

Agents seek better Teletext deal - Travel Trade Gazette

- link

BBC - Today - John and Evans review

Today is A-level results day in England and Wales and, as it's announced that the pass rate has risen for the 27th year in a row, the perennial debate about whether the exams are becoming too easy comes around once more. Just how best does government tailor its education and examination system to the needs of students, parents, education providers, employers ands society as a whole Today produced a 'mash-up' to imagine what it might sound like if Test Match Special commentator Henry Blofeld had to describe the 100m sprint. - link

BBC - BBC Internet Blog: Improvements to BBC Local Radio online

It was a proud day last November when we finally integrated all our local radio stations into the BBC iPlayer. However, as the more observant will have noticed, the audio remained in the same format, Realmedia. Although our UK wide national stations have been using Flash-based streams for some time it has taken a significant amount of re-engineering behind the scenes to expand use of this technology to all of our nations and local radio stations. - link

The Media Show: 19/08/2009 link

Sony Follows Loewe With Cunning TV Scrappage Scheme -

Sony is introducing a new scrappage scheme which will hand out up to a maximum of 150 to those who purchase a new television set from the consumer electronics giant. American rock singer, Alice Cooper, will be the face of the new campaign which emulates the popular government car scrappage scheme which gies up to 2000 for sending an old banger to the trash. The message that the advertising campaign will convey will be that users need to update their TV sets before the digital switchover is completed. - link

Viewpoint: Canvas Is In Danger Of Looking Like A Monopoly| paidContent:UK

- link

Second transmitter switches over

Wales will be the first nation in the UK to go completely digital A second analogue transmitter has halted part of its service as the switch to digital television continues. Digital switchover began in Wales last week at the Kilvey Hill transmitter, which serves Swansea and Neath. Any viewers who do not have digital will not be able to see BBC Two from Wednesday, or the other four channels in four weeks. - link

ESPN channel could make BSkyB 80m a year

Analysts at Citigroup calculate that BSkyB will make as much as 80 million a year providing it targets 2 million subscribers. - link

TVonics next gen Freeview box launched

The digital switchover is a worrying time for some older viewers, as the set top boxes appear to be complex, even though they are not too difficult to install. The set top box will tune into all of the channels automatically, so there is no need to search and save channels. The MDR-240 will also retune every night, which means there will be no chance of the viewer missing any new channels. - link
Tuesday 18 August 2009, PM

The Digital Britain broadband tax was a curveball from Carter |Media |

So the boldest idea in the Digital Britain white paper, a 6-a-year fixed phone line charge to fund universal fast broadband, is now being kicked into the long grass, less than a month after its author, Lord Carter, quit the government. Although the proposal makes some sense, especially for frustrated households in rural areas, the politics behind this have been ropey, going on non-existent, from the start. Specifically, no attempt was made to build a broad alliance to support what amounts to a new, if minor, tax which could in future be raised, and could also have the unplanned effect of driving more people to mobile only, from fixed-line phones. - link
Tuesday 18 August 2009, AM

Television Access Services: Second Quarter Report for 2009 | Ofcom

This is the second quarterly report for 2009 on the provision of access services subtitling, signing and audio description by broadcasters under the Code on Television Access Services during the first six months of 2009. An explanation of the obligations applying to broadcasters is given in the first quarterly report for 2005. The second report for 2009 shows that the majority of broadcasters are exceeding their quotas for subtitling, audio description and signing. - link

Channel Five wheeze goes above viewers heads |Media |

When Channel Five showed Groundhog Day, the broadcaster thought it might be a cunning wheeze to show the same ads, in the same order, during each commercial break. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

Sky and Virgin complain about Canvas timeline

- link

UK broadband: lost in translation

- link

TV goes online under Canvas - Business Analysis Features, Business - The Independent

Crunch time is approaching for Project Canvas, the service designed to bring catch-up television from the internet into the nation's living rooms. The next crucial date for the project is 1 September, when the BBC Trust closes its second consultation period and prepares to pass initial judgement on the viability of the scheme shortly afterwards. The trust will be the first regulatory hurdle, but if it passes, it is unlikely to be the last. - link

Virgin1 to air 3D episode of Chuck - Marketing news - Marketing magazine

A campaign to promote the episode will run across the Virgin channel portfolio as well as online on the Virgin and freeview websites. Monaghan plays a rock star that Chuck is sent to protect. When the episode aired in the US it attracted 8.4 million viewers. - link

TVonics launches first next-generation set-top box

With the switchover to digital television taking place across the UK until 2012 it is imperative that consumers have access to products and services they can trust. It wont get overloaded with information it cant process and will automatically re-tune after system upgrades so Aunt Peggy wont suddenly lose her favourite channels. - link
Monday 17 August 2009, AM

Government could fix legal limit on top-slicing of licence fee |Media |

The government could introduce legislation to ringfence the part of the licence fee it wants to use for children's programmes and ITV regional news, in the hope that this would mollify the BBC's trenchant opposition to the plan. However, it could agree to ringfence the proportion of the licence fee it wants to use in the forthcoming digital economy bill, to stop future administrations siphoning off more one of the BBC's main fears about the top-slicing plan. A consultation is under way about top-slicing, and is due to close in September. - link

Sky hits at BBC Trust handling of Canvas

Printed from http// Print a single copy of this article for personal use. - link
Friday 14 August 2009, PM

LG 37LF7700 review - LCD TV reviews and video

Wire it up to a suitable satellite dish, and youll get two channels of free-to-air HD plus a high-quality standard-definition digital TV picture its notably better than the Freeview tuner, in fact. Standard specs In other respects, the LG is competitively specified, but not necessarily at the very cutting edge. However, as with many similar LG sets, the 37LF7700 does boast stealthy, Mark Levinson-tuned loudspeakers that deliver a rich, smooth and full sound. - link

The complete guide to 3D TV | News | TechRadar UK

3D TV, or stereoscopic TV, is an effort at mimicking reality. 3D has broadly the same aim though technically speaking it's completely different to HD. With 3D glasses on, each eye sees a slightly different image your brain does the rest in creating the illusion of both depth and 'front' effects in what is obviously a completely flat image. - link

Media Talk: Bulks, Richard Desmond and Tim Westood link
Wednesday 12 August 2009, PM

The Media Show: 12/08/2009 link

Switchover signals the start of Wales' digital programme

Link here for full information about the digital switch WALES digital television revolution began today as the first analogue signal was taken off the airwaves. The Kilvey Hill transmitter in Swansea was due to stop emitting the old-fashioned signal to 132,000 homes at 1.30am, leaving viewers needing to re-tune their set-top boxes. Speaking yesterday as he oversaw final preparations, specialist support engineer Alan Powell said It isnt just a matter of switching one thing off and another thing on. - link
Tuesday 11 August 2009, PM

ITV starts ITV1 HD test transmissions - Digital Spy

ITV has started test transmissions of its new high definition simulcast of ITV1. - link

Misleading Sky TV ad banned by watchdog |Media |The Guardian

Seven viewers said that when they enquired about the offer it was only available if they subscribed to a Sky multiroom package. BSkyB said it was running two Sky HD box and installation offers, one for new customers and one for existing customers. The ASA said the TV advert was misleading because it did not make clear that installation was not free for existing customers. - link
Tuesday 11 August 2009, AM

Freeview HD on box blunder - News - Manchester Evening News

The HD boxes are expected to be made available early next year. - link

Big digital TV switchover starts | BBC NEWS | Wales | South East Wales

The process of turning off the analogue television signal in Wales begins More than 130,000 homes are poised to become the first in Wales to begin the permanent switch to digital television. The process of turning off traditional analogue TV signals for Swansea and Neath Port Talbot begins at midnight. It means that viewers who do not have digital will not be able to see BBC Two from Wednesday, and then they will lose all channels within a month. - link

Panasonic DMR-EX79: Your new right arm - Crave at CNET UK

When you've got them, and they work perfectly, you take them for granted. The cruel vagaries of review loan periods, rather than animal attack, mean we've gone without a recorder for a while, and it's actually painful. Okay, not arm-munched-off hurty, but still, a considerable ache. - link
Monday 10 August 2009, AM

Faster broadband wont make us watch more TV online, viewers tell survey |Media |

Faster internet would make no difference to most people's online viewing habits, a survey has found. The result calls into question hopes of an online TV boom fuelled by superfast broadband. Younger respondents, aged 18 to 24, were more likely to already watch TV online, but 43 still said that a faster broadband connection would not increase their internet viewing habits. - link

ITV should stick with what it knows and does well |Media |The Guardian

ITV's results last week were bad, but only as bad as expected. What will ITV look like in five years' time, for instance What is its strategy for the digital future - link

Half UK viewers will be able to watch 2010 World Cup on HD ITV |Media |

England's Theo Walcott in action against Croatia in a qualifying match for the 2010 World Cup. A BBC Freeview HD service is due to launch later this year. A detailed plan of the Freeview HD roll-out will be made available in September. - link

ITV CEO frontrunner Fox says staying at HMV-report| Industries| Technology, Media Telecommunications| Reuters

The report said Fox, who was the frontrunner to replace chief executive Michael Grade, told the HMV board that he thinks it is too early to leave the company after only two years into a three-year turnaround plan. - link
Friday 07 August 2009, PM

ITV HD will relaunch for Freeview HD

- link
Friday 07 August 2009, AM

Grades successor at ITV needs to reunite it with profits - Telegraph

Many in advertising believe technology for the 3.3bn television industry needs to move as quickly as the internet, or sales will decline in the long run. It has, however, realised that its key strength lies in delivering moving content, signalling that ITV has learned the mistake of buying FriendsReunited. Adam Smith, head of futures at GroupM, has noted that online advertising for video-on-demand VOD generates more than the television equivalent. - link

ITV strike deal with BBC for Freeview HD | News | Broadcast

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. - link

Consumers prefer communications over celebrations in recession: People taking control and getting good deals in downturn

Independent regulator and competition authority for the UK communications industries. 4G auction bidders announced December 20, 2012 Ofcom has today announced the bidders in the forthcoming 4G mobile spectrum auction the largest ever sale of mobile airwaves in the UK. npower fined for making abandoned calls December 6, 2012 The conclusion of an Ofcom investigation has today found npower, the gas and electricity supplier, to be in breach of rules on abandoned calls. - link

15% of internet users watch iPlayer

Ofcom said that nearly a quarter of households were watching catch-up TV online in 2008, compared to 17 in 2007. Around a fifth 19 of viewing in Sky homes is timeshifted, more than for subscribers to Virgin Media's V service who timeshifted 12 of viewing. Some 9 of viewing in Freeview DVR homes was time-shifted programmes. - link

Chances to make money that ITV missed |Media |

ITV remained too reliant on advertising as a result and was vulnerable to the downturn. It made far too little of its 175m acquisition of Friends Reunited, which was sold yesterday for 25m. Programme and format sales ITV's production department geared too much of its output to supplying the ITV network, while ambitious targets for international sales had to be abandoned. - link

BDO: ITV needs new blood to prosper - Digital Spy

The commercial public service broadcaster today published its financial results for the first half of 2009, which revealed that it incurred a 105 million pre-tax loss for the period, with total revenues falling by 12 to 909m. As part of efforts to cut its costs by 155m by the end of the year, ITV has confirmed the sale of its social networking website Friends Reunited to Brightsolid for a total cash consideration of 25m, representing a substantial loss on the sum it paid for the site in 2005. - link

Michael Grade: ITV could name chief exec from outside TV |Media |

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