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Friday 07 August 2009, AM

Metronic launches Freesat's first DIY kit

- link

DTG :: News :: Virgin announce highest ever average VOD views

Virgin Media received average VoD views of 62m per month in the second quarter of 2009their highest ever according to the cable broadcaster. Virgins financial results for the quarter identified that VoD usage on the platform rose to 55 of digital customers during the quarter, compared to 48 for last years quarter. Virgins TV subscriber base increased by 20,400 to 3.67m, while the number of Broadband customers grew to 3.74m, compared with last years 3.56m for the quarter. - link

ITV records pre-tax loss of 105m - and no word on new chief executive |Media |

ITV has reported a pre-tax loss of 105m in the first six months of the year with ad revenue falling 15, as the broadcaster said that the hunt for a chief executive is progressing. ITV reported an 11 fall in revenue year on year to 909m, adding that net debt stayed at 728m, ahead of some analysts' forecasts of a deterioration. However the broadcaster admitted that its pension deficit had ballooned from 178m at the end of 2008 to 538m at the end of June. - link
Thursday 06 August 2009, PM

The Communications Market 2009 (August) | Ofcom

1 - The market in context Introduction and structure This section of the Communications Market Report 2009 summarises a range of communications market developments over the last twelve months. It is organised into four sections Key market trends This section summarises developments in communications services availability and take-up. Communications markets and the recession The UK moved into recession in the final quarter of 2008, and its impact is being felt by consumers and industry. - link

ITV digital channels may leave Freeview | News | Broadcast

It takes just 2 minutes and offers full, instant access to the Broadcast website along with a copy of the magazine delivered every week. Broadcast Subscribers If you are a Broadcast subscriber please sign in with your email address and click submit - link

DVR explosion changing UK TV watching | News | TechRadar UK

More than a quarter of UK homes have a digital video recorder and 15 per cent of all television viewing is now 'time shifted' - according to latest research from Ofcom. The communications watchdog has just released its sixth Communications Market Report, which shows a massive change in the way that Brits watch television. By the end of March, 27 per cent of homes had a DVR staggeringly, that's nearly a third more than did in September 2008 , just six months previously. - link

How to get the best sounding radio |Technology |

Which one of these gives the best quality sound from, say, a Radio 3 concert First, it uses a higher-quality codec than the other digital systems. Second, it and does not have any dynamic range compression DRC, which means the loud parts are louder while the quiet parts are quieter. - link
Thursday 06 August 2009, AM

Communications not dented by downturn | Ofcom

You might like to try one of the following to help find what you were looking for Make sure the address of the page you are looking for is spelled correctly. Try submitting a question to our FAQ system Go to the Ofcom homepage and navigate to the information you want. Click the 'back' button to try another link. - link

Sky viewers left in the lurch after Satellite Direct UK collapses - Investigations

Paul noticed in March that the company had taken 65 from his account. That's because it's gone bust with eye-watering debts of 27million, including 4.6million owed in tax. Its phone lines are now being answered by a company called Satcover - run by the same director as Satellite Direct. - link

ITV HD Latest Schedule | Join Freesat

- link

BBC The Media Show: 05/08/2009 link
Wednesday 05 August 2009, PM

Yentob: BBC Managers expense claims reasonable - TV Radio, Media - The Independent

BBC executive Alan Yentob hit out at the corporation's critics today and attacked ministers for trying to interfere in its affairs. Figures released in recent weeks showed high level managers at the corporation claimed 400,000 on expenses over the last three years, spending public money on champagne, cigars, flowers, luxury cosmetics, food hampers and even a Doctor Who action figure. The lunch was held for three people, including agents, Mr Yentob said, to discuss future series of Lawson's show, and he said entertaining people in this way was a means of bringing in more business for the corporation. - link

Final West Country region prepares for switchover

With just days to go until the last analogue signals in the region begin to be switched off, Digital UK is launching the final stage of its information campaign for the 255,000 households served by the Caradon Hill transmitter group. Stage two will take place four weeks later on 9 September. On each switchover day, all terrestrial TV services will be off air during the night and are expected to be restored in most areas by morning. - link

Channel 4 to axe News at Noon and More4 News |Media |

Krishnan Guru-Murthy staying with Channel 4 Channel 4 is axing its lunchtime news bulletin and More4 News as part of a cost-cutting move that will lead to up to 20 job losses. Staff at ITN, which produces Channel 4's news output, were told of the decision at lunchtime today. Channel 4 said the aim of the cuts was to protect the flagship 7pm bulletin, presented by Jon Snow. - link

Whitehaven News | News | Hiccups for Digit Al as viewers lose TV reception

Digital UK says they are now working with Ofcom and the broadcasters to fix the problem. The size of the problem was first flagged up by independent electrical retailer, Brooks, of Duke Street, Whitehaven. One possible workround is to manually tune your set-top box to the channel numbers 53, 57 and 60. - link
Wednesday 05 August 2009, AM

Jana Bennett: BBC1 controller Jay Hunt has nothing to apologise for |Media |

Jay Hunt came under attack for a potential conflict of interest the BBC has ruled out any further investigation. I was reminded of this moment when reading the attack that the controller of BBC1, Jay Hunt, was subjected to in one paper yesterday. Jay is in the news because her husband runs a media training business, and like many home-based family businesses Jay is its company secretary. - link

Set-top shipments to exceed 200 million by 2013

Annual worldwide set-top box shipments are to increase to over 200 million by 2013, according to Parks Associates. Carriers and manufacturers will replace their current installed base of set-tops with advanced models capable of supporting applications such as time and place-shifting and Internet-based offerings, according to the report. While less than ten percent are willing to pay a monthly fee, demand is still on an upward trend, especially as the set-top connects to more and more services. - link

Your own personal satellite for five grand - What Satellite Digital TV

- link

ESPN strikes deals with Top Up TV and BT Vision |Media |

Freeview consumers need a pay-TV compatible set-top box to access the matches provided by Top Up TV. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link

Sean Batty promotes digital switchover awareness | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News

The kind-hearted STV star popped round to his nan Fays house to rig up her new cable telly. Sean, who is from Paisley like his gran, laughed Shes got cable and the biggest telly youve ever seen, so shes more than ready for when the analogue signal is turned off in 2011. He said Its pretty straightforward ten to 15 minutes going through set-up menus on your TV but its great that help is there for old people if they need it. - link

Media Talk USA: Google hits back at the Associated Press link
Tuesday 04 August 2009, PM

Top Up TV secures ESPN carriage deal - Digital Spy

The platform holder will also offer the channel for free to all of its customers for the whole of August. - link
Tuesday 04 August 2009, AM

Viewers would support ITV pay model | Broadband TV News

Such a move would call into question ITVs commitment to both Freesat and Freeview, not to mention the undermining of the Pay once, no subscription message delivered by the two free-to-air platforms. The figure rises to 40 in the unlikely scenario of ITV1 also becoming pay. The survey also found one third of households with terrestrial television would be likely to move to pay-TV in the future. - link
Monday 03 August 2009, PM

National retune will be the first step to Freeview HD

- link
Monday 03 August 2009, AM

Microsoft Windows 7 Media Center review from TechRadar UKs expert reviews of Home and reference software

Also see our full Windows 7 review. Media centre PCs are an increasingly popular option, thanks to the low cost of storage, memory and processors powerful enough to decode and record multiple high-definition TV channels. Setup and searching When Media Center is first fired up from the Windows 7 desktop it launches a setup wizard for your display, speaker configuration, recording storage, media libraries and TV tuners. You can choose where to record TV and how much space to allow for recordings 10 per cent is automatically set aside for a live TV cache. - link

get_iplayer | Linuxcentre

I no longer develop or maintain get_iplayer see my reasons here. The same goes for the iPhone MP3 radio streams. get_iplayer also allows recording of the high-quality even HD 720p flash based content using flvstreamer. None of the above content is protected by DRM. get_iplayer cannot remove DRM. - link

Auction off Radio 1, Ed says

- link

Stephen Glover: I fear that this BBC benevolence is a cynical act of self-promotion - Stephen G

Its bosses are understandably alarmed by these attacks, and they realise a Tory government may be less sympathetic. This explains why they agreed last week to share online video news content with newspaper websites. The Corporation knows its very successful free website is seen by papers as unfair competition the most egregious example of the recession-proof BBC sticking its greedy fingers into other people's crumbling pies. - link

Why 5 Live thinks Colin Murray is the man for the new season - TV Radio, Media - The Independ

In between, he will continue to host the Saturday-morning quiz Fighting Talk, which has grown into Britain's most popular sports podcast. I like having to prove myself to guys who've done it for 30 years, and as an ex-news journalist, I'm all about the research. Like Born Ruffians, 10 months after I played it, it goes on the playlist. - link

A trawl around the web on August 1st - blog - James Cridland

The latest in a list of things you might find interesting if youre a regular reader of my blog. If you're a synchronised short-form text producer some of those exist in the BBC, hello then this is a good read for you. Relevancy can ensure radio's future, and this is really interesting research. - link

Peter Preston: EU fiddling fails to let freedom reign on television |Media |The Observer

He is, in fact, a member of its press office. Yet here I am in Croatia, the next country primed to join, listening to journalists from all over the Balkans talking about press freedom, or rather, press repression. Television presenters suddenly out of a job because they turned over the wrong stones specialist correspondents shelved for digging too deep newsroom culls that consign independent minds to redundancy first and, of course, violence, intimidation, threats, even murder. - link

Carole Cadwalladr: A malign show on a bankrupt TV channel |Comment is free |The Observer

We've all made shopping mistakes, those never-to-be-worn impulse purchases left mouldering in a plastic bag at the bottom of the wardrobe, but in ITV's case, it would have to be a pretty big bag, large enough to hold a 175m website and not the sort of thing MS will give you a credit note for. Four years ago, it bought Friends Reunited, which was, even then, the internet's version of the poncho, briefly fashionable, already hopelessly dated, paying 175m or, as it turns out, around 160m too much. And, last week, it was doing the corporate equivalent of sticking it on eBay, crossing its hot little corporate fingers and hoping for a buyer. - link

No laughing matter

This year things may feel different, as television comedy grapples with growing problems. They might have also mentioned hits such as Outnumbered. Whether that is a likely transformation is a moot point, given that last week 36 of people said they were thinking of cutting back or cancelling pay-TV services and Sky's previous foray into comedy in 2000 ended in defeat. - link

Will 3D television be a hit?

Is it a gimmick or will 3DTV take viewers by storm When you look at it on a domestic screen it looks good but you've got to wear the glasses - it's not necessarily a done deal that it will be the next big thing. The issue is how 3D will perform in the shops - will the public pick up on it - link
Saturday 01 August 2009, AM

Mio Navman Spirit V735 TV review | Electricpig

Gogglebox ogling doesnt stop there, with a microSD slot letting you check out snaps and playback video and music via the Spirit V735 TV. And, of course, itll help you get from A to B courtesy of 3D junction views, uptodate traffic news, lane guidance and even handy city guides. The Spirit V735 TVs big draw is its inbuilt Freeview tuner. - link

Why the platform question for radio remains unanswered | Blogging Nick Piggott

WiMax - is it really the platform for radio Nobody, but nobody, cares about how they get content. Podcasts, online, downloads, on-demand, live, streaming, FM theyre all just ways for our audience to get great content. - link

BBC Trust chair: Ross and receptionists deserve equal privacy on pay |Media |

He was interrupted by presenter Roger Bolton after he appeared to suggest that he did not know much Ross was paid. He's not told you how much Jonathan Ross is paid For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link

BBC to show more regional news bulletins at weekends |Media |

The BBC is to increase the number of regional news bulletins it airs at the weekend and improve its services at breakfast and in the late evenings as part of proposals costing nearly 50m to improve its output in the UK nations and regions. The new proposals from BBC management follow the trust's rejection in February of a 68m scheme to create local video-on-demand websites in the nations and regions, following fierce opposition from rival media companies. Viewers will also see two additional weekend news bulletins in each nation and English region, and improved local news provision at breakfast and late evening. - link

BBC Trust - Trust approves local services proposals

In February, following a Public Value Test, the Trust rejected the Executive's plans to provide an on-demand local video news service, concluding that there was inadequate public value generated by the proposal, and that the likely public value did not outweigh potential negative market impact. Unlike the local video proposal, the new plans build upon the BBC's existing linear services, and improve the range and quality of regional television and radio output. After very careful consideration, the Trust is satisfied that the revised plans meet this challenge with minimal impact on commercial providers. - link

New iPlayer marketing campaign

The DTG is not responsible for the content of other web sites. - link
Friday 31 July 2009, PM

Media Ownership Rules Review | Ofcom

- link

Reports | Adjudicator for Broadcast Tranmission Services

- link

Digital aerial scheme blows 26m hole in homes budget

- link
Friday 31 July 2009, AM

ESPN raring for the whistle to blow on UK sport channel - Telegraph

She also oversees the expansion of ESPN Classic Sport, available to more than 22m households in more than 40 countries. Online channels will be increasingly important, with plans for a UK-focused ESPN sports news and analysis website. The parent company and Disney, she says, have committed to the UK push, although she is not able to reveal a marketing budget. - link

James Martin fronts new BBC iPlayer campaign

A new marketing campaign for BBC iPlayer highlights certain special features which some viewers may currently overlook, encouraging audiences to get even more out of the hugely successful video-on-demand service. It follows a campaign fronted by Valerie Singleton which ran earlier this year aimed at informing older viewers of the benefits of BBC iPlayer. - link

Media Talk: BBC video-sharing deal link challenge: save teletext

To design new features which could save it. Fraser has joined the Moomins., Wed 29 Jul 2009, 2045 Pages 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or see the latest posts Pages 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or see the latest posts - link

Attentional to rate UK programming future is Everything about content in the 21st Century, from television to web, mobile, tablet and beyond. - link

Tyres Accessories

Continental has opened the first fully-automated tyre testing facility in the world at Contidrom, near Hanover. - link

Familiar faces drive ESPNs kick-off on UK screens |Football |The Guardian

The key differences, aside from a less combative approach, are ESPN's deep pockets, global reach and long-standing experience of the global rights market. Yes, I have an American accent and you're hearing that, but I've lived here for 15 years and The people I employ are for the most part British. The channel will be made for Brits by Brits. - link
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