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Wednesday 18 November 2009, PM

BBC: We may do 1080p on Freeview HD - Crave at CNET UK

We've been dying to know what broadcast format the BBC is planning to use for its HD broadcasts, which start in December. The first good news is there are currently no plans for any 720p material. If we were to get 1080p on Freeview HD, it would be 1080p25. - link

Tory 'big bang' plan to shake up media is good sense | Business

Now the Conservative Party, which has revealed precious little of its concrete policies should it form the next government, has made its own proposals crystal clear. Jeremy Hunt, the shadow secretary for culture, media and sport, will make a speech at the Manchester media festival tomorrow in which he will list a set of changes that he believes necessary to transform the current bleak outlook for media. This, by coincidence, chimes with an announcement yesterday by the media regulator, Ofcom, that it too recommends a liberalisation of cross-media regulations, though it stops short of abolition. - link

Archie Norman: I expect no favours |Media |

This is effectively my comeback into public company life. To contact the MediaGuardian news desk email or phone 020 3353 3857. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link

Digital economy bill promises action on piracy, games and ITV regional news |Media |

A clampdown on unlawful online file-sharing, a push for the switchover to digital radio in 2015, tougher laws to stop children getting hold of violent video games and power for Ofcom over the provision of regional news on ITV are the highlights of a rather anaemic digital economy bill, to be published on Friday. The bill, announced in the Queen's Speech today outlining this Labour government's final legislative programme, will also include a simplification of the UK's complex copyright laws, making it easier for people to use images on the internet without having to get permission. The digital economy bill is due to be announced in parliament tomorrow, with full details published on Friday. - link

BBC iPlayer - The Media Show: 18/11/2009

The editor of The Guardian newspaper, Alan Rusbridger, has called the report 'worse than pointless' and 'dangerous to the press'. James Partridge has a facial disfigurement and he has been reading the news on Channel 5 this week. He will be telling Steve why he hopes this is more than a gimmick. - link

DTG :: News :: North west Wales goes digital

The final stage of digital TV switchover in north west Wales has been completed, extending Freeview coverage to all households served by the Llanddona transmitter group. All terrestrial TV signals were turned off shortly after midnight on 18 November. Analogue services will remain switched off permanently, allowing new Freeview channels to be broadcast from 22 local relay transmitters serving areas such as Arfon and Conway for the first time. - link
Wednesday 18 November 2009, AM

Argos on Standby for Switch to Digital in Granada Region

By 2012, all television signals will be digital and analogue TVs and videos will no longer work without extra equipment. Locals neednt worry, with advisors on hand to help at their local Argos store. Argos is working closely with Digital UK to ensure customers have all the information they need for the switchover. - link

Archie Norman to be ITV chairman

Mr Norman is credited with turning around Asda in the 1990s, before its sale to US retailing giant Wal-Mart. He will be paid an annual salary of 300,000, and will be given 1.2 million shares in ITV during the next three years - 400,000 each year. Shares in ITV were up as much as 5 during the day, closing up 3, or 1.8 pence, to 53.75p. - link

Windows 7 Delivers Next-Generation Audio

When it comes to optimizing and really advancing the personal entertainment experience on the PC, Microsoft and Dolby Laboratories share a history of improving the integrity of audio playback. The collaboration between the two companies started when they began working together to enhance audio delivery for the Xbox in 2001. After this design was completed, Microsoft extended its usage of Dolby audio technology in Windows Media Center. - link

Thought for Day complaints rejected -TV Radio, Media - The Independent

The BBC Trust said yesterday that only allowing religious contributors on the slot did not breach editorial guidelines on impartiality. The ruling comes after 11 complaints about Thought for the Day and one complaint about BBC editorial policy on non-religious programming. A statement from the trust said it considered that it was a matter for the BBC executive board as to whether the remit of Thought for the Day should remain the same or be changed in the future. - link

Council makes Gaelic channel call

Programmes are currently only available on Sky, Freesat and live on the BBC iPlayer. Highland Council's call follows last month's announcement by the BBC Trust that it is to review the channel. Broadcasting it through Freeview would be one of the issues the review would look at. - link
Tuesday 17 November 2009, PM

Ideal Shopping Direct: Ideal World Gets a Winter Hill Boost

The page you're looking for might have been moved. Its name might have changed, or it might be temporarily unavailable. Try searching Enter your subject's keywords into the search box at the top of the page. - link

BBC insiders give cautious welcome to ITV regional news decision |Media |

However, the full replacement ITV regional news service is not due to roll out nationally until 2013 and if the Conservatives win next year's general election the party has already vowed to scrap the scheme. For all other inquiries please call the main Guardian switchboard on 020 3353 2000. - link

Digital Vision USB digital TV recorder gains Freeview+ approval

The USB DTR also has audio description, subtitles, parental control and a favourite channels list. DTG Staff 17.11.2009 Links open in a new window. - link
Tuesday 17 November 2009, AM

DAB+ services fail to launch

- link

Enter stage left: Satellite Radio

- link

Ofcom recommends reducing media ownership regulations Ofcom

Ofcom today published its report to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport on recommended changes to the media ownership rules. The final report draws from evidence published in our consultation document on 31 July 2009 and stakeholder responses to that consultation. It recommends two main changes Removing the rules around local radio service and multiplex ownership and national multiplex ownership. - link
Monday 16 November 2009, PM

Government avoids BBC licence fee clash

Printed from http// Print a single copy of this article for personal use. - link

Ad sales conflict between online and broadcast tightens |Media |

Online video represents only a small piece of the total advertising pie, but the growth in streaming ad revenue is becoming more of a threat to the broadcast medium that supplies most of the high CPM content. Hulu is a case in point, as Mediaweek and paidContent sources point out the ways the site's ad sales team often undercuts the network media buys for both streaming and broadcast. At this point at least, paidContent is told, the situation is more of an annoyance for networks, than serious damage, since the dollar amounts remain comparatively minuscule. - link

DAB is dividing the industry

- link

BBC announces timetable for Freeview HD rollout

For the 7 of the UK population who switched before December 2009, a retrofit programme will bring them into coverage before the end of November 2010. The UK will be the first country in the world to launch this new standard. To view Freeview HD, viewers will need equipment containing this new technology. - link

BBC HD on Freeview: Rolling out across UK in 2010 - Crave at CNET UK

London and Manchester will be the first places getting access to the HD service, which we expected. The UK will be the first country in the world to use DVB-T2, and reap the benefits of a major capacity increase. The bad news you'll need a new set-top box if you want the HD goodness, but don't worry, older boxes won't be obsolete. - link
Monday 16 November 2009, AM

YouTube offers full HD online video

YouTube will now offer full resolution high-definition video for the first time. The online video service is now delivering high-definition clips in 1080p as well as 720p line formats. YouTube says the improvement is a result of the increasing resolution of consumer cameras, many of which now offer full high-definition. - link

Lack of awareness about interactive television

Nearly half the adults in the United Kingdom have never used any interactive television services. Although pressing the red button has passed into popular parlance as a result of constant on-screen repetition, many still seem unaware about interactive television. A survey suggests that 20 million adults, or 45 of all adults in the country, have never used interactive television. - link

BBC unfurls Canvas but faces opposition

The BBC has showed a demonstration of what its Canvas project could deliver as it awaits a decision from its Trust on whether it can proceed with the proposed joint venture platform. Described as a game changer by the BBC, it faces open opposition from pay-television operators. The BBC is meanwhile pushing ahead with its award-winning iPlayer, with a new version for the Nintendo Wii games console. - link
Sunday 15 November 2009, AM

3D TV week comes to Channel 4

Believing that viewers are ready to embrace the new format, Channel 4 will be showing a selection of TV programmes in 3D for the week beginning Monday 16th November. There will be nothing that sophisticated about Channel 4's 3D TV broadcast, viewers will still need to don a pair of those infamous blue and red specs available free from Sainsburys. The emphasis on the extra dimensional week is to give us a taste of 3D in its heyday with a sprinkling of contemporary material. - link

STV and ITV on a Collision course to the High Court -TV Radio, Media - The Independent

The big television event of last week was Collision, ITV's five-part drama that opened with a spectacular car crash, then unravelled the intertwined lives of its characters. STV, it says, as the network's licence-fee holder, is obliged to air its programmes. Last month it began legal proceedings to recover 38m, a debt it claims has accumulated as a result of STV not honouring its contribution to the network programme budget. - link
Saturday 14 November 2009, AM

Charlie Brookers Screen burn |Television radio |The Guardian

Jungle fever Katie Price returns to I'm a Celebrity. You have at least four different flavours of mulch to choose from It was the day that Jordan went into the jungle. - link

Is The X Factor killing pop? |Media |The Guardian

At the very same time, on Radio 1, the top 40 singles chart was being revealed to those few pop fans who weren't watching ITV1. The top three albums, meanwhile Cole, Bon Jovi who also performed and Bubl, might also thank the show for some of their success. Burke's album is at No 7, the Black Eyed Peas at 10. - link
Friday 13 November 2009, PM

BSkyB, Virgin Media Agree No Need For Project Canvas | paidContent:UK

- link

As the BBC gets more transparent, so do its enemies motives |Media |

In these straitened times, with media organisations cutting back all around, it is easy to target BBC salaries. That might have been true a few years ago. It is ridiculous that 37 BBC staff are paid more than the prime minister. - link

Wider availability of on-demand services increasing online TV and movie viewing

The number of Americans watching programs online has doubled within the last year. Consumers, wooed by the ability to watch the shows they want at a time that is convenient, are heading to the internet to get their weekly quota of TV and movie watching, says a new study published on November 11 by market researcher Parks Associates. The number of US households watching movies online now exceeds 20 million. - link

Protecting UKs Free To Air Sports Coverage | The Gov Monitor

- link

TV worse since digital switch-over From The Bolton News)

The page may have been moved, updated or deleted. - link
Friday 13 November 2009, AM

Erik Huggers at C21: "This is not the BBC entering into Social Networks."

He has a slide presentation and some notes. I'll update the post and add additional links and some photos later today. Slide Some background to the last year and great promise for 2010. The wild life finder uses natural history archive, made into clips, searchable, 300 clips online. - link

BBC and Nintendo launch new BBC iPlayer as Wii Channel

The new Wii Channel is expected to be available from 12.01am on Wednesday 18 November. BBC iPlayer can now be accessed on an increasing number of different platforms and devices, including mobile phones, TVs and gaming consoles. Audiences have a choice of streaming or downloading their chosen programme, and with 'series stacking' selected programmes are made available for the entire season. - link

BBC iPlayer launches Wii channel

Only consoles with a broadband connection in the UK will be able to run the channel. To get the service, Wii owners will be able to download it from the console's online shop for free. The BBC iPlayer has been on the Wii since April 2008 but many console owners reported problems with the original interface. - link

Media Talk: The Sun's attack on Gordon Brown and a bit of Charlie Brooker link

Toshiba RD99DT DVD/HDD Recorder Review - Home Cinema Reviews - TrustedReviews

However, Toshiba has always eschewed such cutting-edge frills, instead letting its hard-drive/DVD combis focus on the recorder' part of their job description. Its latest model, the RD99DT, is clearly aimed at those who simply want to watch, record and burn Freeview programmes without being dazzled and daunted by a barrage of complex features. In between these modes are SP, LP and EP, which give you the flexibility to trade off picture quality for recording time. - link

Roy Greenslade: David Banks questions Murdochs paywall ambitions |Media |

David Banks was one of the first print journalists to grasp both the theory and practice of digital journalism. To find out more information about driving traffic to your content or to place this widget on your site, visit We welcome your feedback at or - link

Sports on free TV: A question of rights, wrongs and revenue |Media |The Guardian

The Derby is likely to drop off the A-list. Football Public rows about whether crucial international qualifiers should be shown live free to air have flared intermittently in recent years, most recently last year when Setanta refused to sell on highlights and last month when England's game in Ukraine was broadcast online. Listing all international qualifiers could have a dramatic effect on the amount of money that the home nations can raise in TV revenue due to the reduction of competition in the market, but the Davies panel is thought to have come up with proposals that would mitigate that effect. - link

BBC bosss 834,000 pay package (plus 70p for parking) |Media |The Guardian

Mark Thompson recently claimed back 90 of parking meter charges on expenses, including one for just 70p. According to documents released by the BBC today, Thompson recently claimed back 90 of parking meter charges on expenses, including one for just 70p. The figures, released as part of the BBC's drive for greater financial transparency, revealed that top executives claimed nearly 175,000 of public money on expenses ranging from top hotels to mountaineering gear to greeting cards in the three months to the end of June this year. - link

BBC Research and Development Wins at RTS Awards

RD has a great history of being recognised at these annual awards, but this is the first time for a few years that we have won, and to do so twice is a real coup, and it proves once again our world class innovation credentials. In the Raising the Bar category, Ingex, RD's automated tapeless production system triumphed. This is the technology that will enable Freeview HD due to launch to audiences in 2010, and the work recognised with this prize has included some staggering breakthroughs in the deployment of advanced broadcast technology. - link

Ricky Gervais returns with new workplace comedy -TV Radio, Media - The Independent

More than eight years after The Office changed British comedy forever, Ricky Gervais has helped create a new television sitcom that finds its laughs in the drudgery and absurdities of another unglamorous workplace. Rather than the Slough office of the Wernham Hogg paper company, the action, or inaction, of his latest project takes place in a mobile phone outlet. PhoneShop, which has been script-edited by Gervais, will air for the first time this evening on Channel 4 as part of the broadcaster's experimental Comedy Showcase strand. - link
Thursday 12 November 2009, PM

Freesat adds 80s favourites courtesy of three new CBS channels | T3 magazine

- link

Whats behind Rupert Murdochs trash-talking of Google? - By Jack Shafer - Slate Magazine

Rupert Murduch Rupert Murdoch knows two modes doing things and talking about doing things. As evidence that Murdoch doesn't really think he'd win a fair-use suit against search engines for displaying snippets of his newspaper copy, consider the fact that he hasn't filed one. I'll bet that Murdoch's lawyers have advised him against filing a fair-use lawsuit against the search engines because it could backfire, expanding fair-use rights rather than limiting them. Evidence of his low confidence in the wisdom of erecting universal pay walls resides in the fact that he hasn't built them, even though he's been threatening to do so for months. - link

BBC Disclosure - April to June 2009

- link

Sports rights: the latest battleground in Brown v Murdoch face-off? |Media |

Ricky Ponting is dismissed in this year's Lord's Test - as seen by Sky Sports viewers. Following 10 months of hearings, a 12-week consultation period is expected before culture secretary Ben Bradshaw and sports minister Gerry Sutcliffe must decide whether to enact the changes. Some sports bodies are likely to argue against being protected, including England and Wales Cricket Board with its lucrative 300m Sky deal. - link

New UK satellite service coming in February 2010

- link

Channel 4 axes Wife Swap and How Clean is Your House? |Media |

Both shows have already appeared on Channel 4 for the last time and will not return in 2010. Today's announcement follows Channel 4's decision to axe Big Brother, which will air for the last time next year. Bellamy said Channel 4's annual programme budget had fallen by another 50m in 2009, taking the total reduction to 150m over the past three years. - link
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