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Freeview Light on the Newhaven (East Sussex, England) transmitter

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The symbol shows the location of the Newhaven (East Sussex, England) transmitter which serves 11,000 homes. The bright green areas shown where the signal from this transmitter is strong, dark green areas are poorer signals. Those parts shown in yellow may have interference on the same frequency from other masts.

This transmitter has no current reported problems

The BBC and Digital UK report there are no faults or engineering work on the Newhaven (East Sussex, England) transmitter.

Choose from three options: ■ List by multiplex ■ List by channel number ■ List by channel name

Which Freeview channels does the Newhaven transmitter broadcast?

If you have any kind of Freeview fault, follow this Freeview reset procedure first.

Digital television services are broadcast on a multiplexes (or Mux) where many stations occupy a single broadcast frequency, as shown below.

 V max
C23 (490.0MHz)131mDTG-400W
Channel icons
1 BBC One (SD) South East, 2 BBC Two England, 9 BBC Four, 23 BBC Three, 201 CBBC, 202 CBeebies, 231 BBC News, 232 BBC Parliament, 250 BBC Red Button, plus 15 others

 V max
C26 (514.0MHz)131mDTG-400W
Channel icons
3 ITV 1 (SD) (Meridian (East micro region)), 4 Channel 4 (SD) South ads, 5 Channel 5, 6 ITV 2, 10 ITV3, 13 E4, 14 Film4, 15 Channel 4 +1 South ads, 18 More4, 26 ITV4, 30 E4 +1, 35 ITV1 +1 (Meridian south coast),

 V max
C30 (546.0MHz)131mDTG-400W
Channel icons
56 5SELECT, 101 BBC One HD (England no regional news), 102 BBC Two HD (England), 103 ITV 1 HD (ITV Meridian Southampton), 104 Channel 4 HD South ads, 105 Channel 5 HD, 106 BBC Four HD, 109 BBC Three HD, 204 CBBC HD, 205 CBeebies HD, plus 1 others

H/V: aerial position (horizontal or vertical)

Are you trying to watch these 43 Freeview channels?

the effected channels
the effected channels
the effected channels
the effected channels

The Newhaven (East Sussex, England) mast is a public service broadcasting (PSB) transmitter, it does not provide these commercial (COM) channels: 4seven, 5Action, 5STAR, 5USA, Al Jazeera Eng, Blaze, Blaze +1, CBS Reality, Challenge, Channel 5 +1, CITV, YAAAS!, Dave, Dave ja vu, DMAX, Drama +1, E4 Extra, Film4 +1, Food Network, GB News, GREAT! movies, GREAT! movies action, HGTV, HobbyMaker, ITV2 +1, ITV3 +1, ITV4 +1, ITVBe +1, Legend, PBS America, pick, Pop Player, Quest +1, Quest Red, Really, Sky News, Smithsonian Channel, Talking Pictures TV, TCC, That's TV (UK), Together TV, W, Yesterday +1.

If you want to watch these channels, your aerial must point to one of the 80 Full service Freeview transmitters. For more information see the will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters? page.

Which BBC and ITV regional news can I watch from the Newhaven transmitter?

regional news image
BBC South East Today 0.8m homes 3.2%
from Tunbridge Wells TN1 1QQ, 41km north-northeast (21°)
to BBC South East region - 45 masts.
regional news image
ITV Meridian News 0.7m homes 2.7%
from Maidstone ME14 5NZ, 65km north-northeast (31°)
to ITV Meridian (East) region - 36 masts.
All of lunch, weekend and 50% evening news is shared with all of Meridian plus Oxford

How will the Newhaven (East Sussex, England) transmission frequencies change over time?

1970-80s1984-971997-981998-20122012-1319 Jul 2018

tv_off Being removed from Freeview (for 5G use) after November 2020 / June 2022 - more
Table shows multiplexes names see this article;
green background for transmission frequencies
Notes: + and - denote 166kHz offset; aerial group are shown as A B C/D E K W T
waves denotes analogue; digital switchover was 30 May 12 and 13 Jun 12.

How do the old analogue and currrent digital signal levels compare?

Analogue 1-4 2kW
BBCA, D3+4, BBCB(-7dB) 400W

Which companies have run the Channel 3 services in the Heathfield transmitter area

Aug 1958-Jan 1992Southern Television
Jan 1982-Dec 1992Television South (TVS)
Jan 1993-Feb 2004Meridian
Feb 2004-Dec 2014ITV plc
Feb 1983-Dec 1992TV-am•
Jan 1993-Sep 2010GMTV•
Sep 2010-Dec 2014ITV Daybreak•
• Breakfast ◊ Weekends ♦ Friday night and weekends † Weekdays only.

Is the transmitter output the same in all directions?

Radiation patterns withheld

Sunday, 17 June 2012
Mark Fletcher

3:34 PM

Tony in Newhaven.If your appliance allows you,you can manually delete the two unwanted Rabbit channels you wish as such.

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Mark Fletcher's 673 posts GB
Saturday, 23 June 2012
Campbell Thomson
10:54 PM

I live in a six-floor block of flats in Seaford at BN25 1EA. I Ordered BT Vision and it is now all set up and working fine. The aerial is on the roof and points to Newhaven I am told. I had no idea before ordering this, that Newhaven's transmitter only delivers the inferior Freeview-light service but this forum has put me right. I'm confused by one thing though. Isn't the Freeview-light service meant to include the four PSB HD channels (BBC1, BBC HD, ITV1 and 4HD)? My BT Vision V-box has picked up no trace of these at all. Any ideas?

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Campbell Thomson's 1 post GB
Dave Lindsay

11:30 PM

Campbell Thomson: I understand that the BT Vision box is not a HD receiver and therefore the HD services are not receivable with it.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Sunday, 24 June 2012
Dave Lindsay

11:38 AM

Campbell Thomson: If your window faces the west (at the end of the building), and you are high up, it might be worth trying a set-top aerial to see if the Commercial channels (those that Newhaven doesn't carry) can be picked up from Whitehawk Hill, which is adjacent to Brighton Racecourse.

Between you and Whitehawk is the ridge to the west of the Ouse at Newhaven (which is where the Newhaven transmitter sits). This ridge is reducing the likelihood of reception from Whitehawk at your location (due to it being in the way). At around about 40m to 50m off the ground you are about the height required to "see" Whitehawk over this ridge. Thus, the lower you are, the more you sit behind it and lower your chances of reception are.

If you have a digital (Freeview) TV that allows manual tuning, then it might be worth pointing a set-top aerial towards Whitehawk and manually tuning to UHF channels (equivalent to frequencies) 57, 56 and 48 which is what the three "missing" groups of Commercial channels are on from this transmitter.

As Whitehawk and Newhaven are inline with one another, if you do successfully manage to get these three (Commercial) channels, you may be able to tune to Newhaven for the other (Public Service) channels, so as to give you ITV Meridian Maidstone (Whitehawk broadcasts ITV Meridian Southampton). This may require a little trickery to achieve, but the first thing would be to see if 57, 56 and 48 can be picked up from Whitehawk.

I understand that BT Vision boxes don't have manual tune, so this may be more difficult. Using a TV or box with manual tune might be useful to test for reception in the first place.

It is worth mentioning that set-top aerials can be hit and miss. Sometimes they can work well and in other places they can work at times and not at others. But desparate times call for desparate measures.

I have one of these Labgear ones (other sellers are available!) that I use if a fixed aerial isn't available:

Set Top Aerial Labgear | eBay

You should have the aerial set vertically for Newhaven and Whitehawk. It should be pointed in the direction of the narrower end (the end which the wire is attached).

Failing reception from Whitehawk, I'm not at all sure whether it may be possible with a set-top aerial at 64 miles, but Rowridge on the Isle of Wight is 30 degrees anti-clockwise of Newhaven and Whitehawk and its three Commercial channels (for manual tuning) are 25, 22 and 28. Again, your aerial should be vertical for Rowridge. If this works, you may well be able to tune to Newhaven for Public Service channels with the single aerial.

As I say, all the above may be a last-ditch attempt at receiving the full Freeview service, which obviously carries no guarantee of reliable reception. If you're on the first few floors or face north-east or south-east only, then chances are practically non-existant.

If you do try this it might be worth turning off your Home Hub if it's near by, so that the wireless part isn't likely to interfere. Same goes for Power Plugs if you have them. If you manage reception and find that you loose it when the Hub is switched on, then you will have to look at relocating it.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Dave Lindsay

11:48 AM

Campbell Thomson: I'm not a qualified professional on TV reception but a technically-orientated person and as such I generally try things to see if they work.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Dave Lindsay

12:00 PM

Campbell Thomson: If you have a TV or box with manual tuning, attempt a manual tune to UHF channel 48 (from Whitehawk) with it connected directly to the roof-top aerial.

And look in the 800s to see if there are any of the "missing" Commercial channels like ITV3, Pick TV and Yesterday.

Newhaven now uses channels 40, 43, and 50. For the former analogue it used 39, 41, 43 and 45.

If the aerial system has a filter in place and it lets all channels through in the range of Newhaven, then it "might" also let through 48 as it is within the range used by Newhaven. C48 from Whitehawk carries the two Sky Sports channels which I understand are part of the BT Vision service.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Sunday, 16 December 2012
Phil Thomas
11:44 AM

I have a prob with HD from Newhaven on Ch 40.
I use manual tune, because on auto tune the tv puts BBC1 0n ch 24 (Rowridge?) showing South news rather than SE.
When I try to select Ch 40 the TV shows "No signal", and it's the same from Ch 51HD from Whitehawk.
I have a good new wideband aerial (For me, Newhaven, Whitehawk and Rowridge are pretty much on the same line of sight), so my question is, is there something strange about the transmitter, or does my TV not have the right features?
My main Tv is an LG, 3 years old, with built in Freesat. HD comes in Ok on Freesat , though sometimes rather noisy.
Kind regards!

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Phil Thomas's 3 posts GB
Dave Lindsay

11:53 AM

Phil Thomas: Sometimes (or maybe all the time - I don't know for certain) with HD receivers, with the manual tune you have to tell it what mode the signal uses.

DVB-T is what Freeview standard definition broadcasts use and DVB-T2 are what HD uses. So if there is a setting on the manual tune screen, then you need to select the latter.

Assuming that there aren't any other transmitters that could be picked up and put in the proper logical channel number slots, then there is a simple way to avoid Rowridge and that is to unplug the aerial for the first 30% of the scan.

You may be able to receive COM channels from Whitehawk or Rowridge (or both). It might be worth assessing which is better and then opting to ensure that the best is used.

Rowridge broadcasts all channels vertically, so your vertical aerial will do for all three, providing that they are there to be picked up.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Dave Lindsay

11:55 AM

Phil Thomas: Knowledge of your TV's model number would allow its specifications to be checked.

It requires a DVB-T2 tuner and not just a DVB-T one.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Monday, 4 February 2013
David Hitchin

6:16 PM

I live in an area with strong reception and have a new outdoor aerial. Almost daily there are occasions when watching Freeview when the sound ceases for a fraction of a second. I suspect that the picture also freezes, but the pause is so brief that it is harder to see when that happens. The fault shows on all of our Freeview receivers. There is nothing locally which I would expect to get in the way of the signal - but possibly aircraft or helicopters.

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David Hitchin's 21 posts GB
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