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Freeview Light on the Cupar (Fife, Scotland) transmitter

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sa_gmapsGoogle mapsa_bingBing mapsa_gearthGoogle Earthsa_gps56.313,-3.007 or 56°18'48"N 3°0'25"Wsa_postcodeKY15 5YL


The symbol shows the location of the Cupar (Fife, Scotland) transmitter which serves 4,500 homes. The bright green areas shown where the signal from this transmitter is strong, dark green areas are poorer signals. Those parts shown in yellow may have interference on the same frequency from other masts.

This transmitter has no current reported problems

The BBC and Digital UK report there are no faults or engineering work on the Cupar (Fife, Scotland) transmitter.

Choose from three options: ■ List by multiplex ■ List by channel number ■ List by channel name

Which Freeview channels does the Cupar transmitter broadcast?

If you have any kind of Freeview fault, follow this Freeview reset procedure first.

Digital television services are broadcast on a multiplexes (or Mux) where many stations occupy a single broadcast frequency, as shown below.

 V max
C41+ (634.2MHz)79mDTG-34W
Channel icons
1 BBC One (SD) Scotland, 2 BBC Two Scotland, 7 BBC Alba, 23 BBC Three, 24 BBC Four (Scotland SD), 201 CBBC, 202 CBeebies, 231 BBC News, 232 BBC Parliament, 250 BBC Red Button, plus 12 others

 V max
C47 (682.0MHz)79mDTG-34W
Channel icons
3 STV (SD) (STV North (Dundee micro region)), 4 Channel 4 (SD) Scotland ads, 5 Channel 5, 6 ITV 2, 10 ITV3, 13 E4, 14 Film4, 15 Channel 4 +1 Scotland ads, 18 More4, 25 ITV4, 30 E4 +1, 35 ITV +1 (STV Edinburgh), 35 STV+1 (STV Edinburgh),

 V max
C44 (658.0MHz)79mDTG-64W
Channel icons
73 Shopping Quarter , 101 BBC One HD Scotland, 102 BBC Two HD (England), 103 ITV HD (STV West), 103 STV HD (STV West), 104 Channel 4 HD Scotland ads, 105 Channel 5 HD, 108 BBC Scotland HD, 204 CBBC HD, plus 1 others

DTG-3 64QAM 8K 2/3 24.1Mb/s DVB-T MPEG2
DTG-6 256QAM 32KE 2/3 40.2Mb/s DVB-T2 MPEG4
H/V: aerial position (horizontal or vertical)

Are you trying to watch these 52 Freeview channels?

the effected channels
the effected channels
the effected channels
the effected channels

The Cupar (Fife, Scotland) mast is a public service broadcasting (PSB) transmitter, it does not provide these commercial (COM) channels: 4Music, 4seven, 5Action, 5SELECT, 5STAR, 5USA, Aljazeera English, BBC Four HD, BBC News HD, Blaze, Blaze +1, CBeebies HD, CBS Drama, CBS Justice, CBS Reality, Challenge, Channel 5 +1, CITV, Dave, Dave ja vu, DMAX, Drama +1, Film4 +1, Food Network, Forces TV, FreeSports, GB News, GREAT! movies, GREAT! movies action, HGTV, Horror Channel, ITV2 +1, ITV3 +1, ITV4 +1, ITVBe +1, YAAAS!, More4 +1, Now 70s, PBS America +1, pick, Quest +1, Quest Red, Quest Red +1, Really, RT HD, Sky Arts, Sky News, Smithsonian Channel, Talking Pictures TV, TCC, Together TV, Yesterday +1.

If you want to watch these channels, your aerial must point to one of the 80 Full service Freeview transmitters. For more information see the will there ever be more services on the Freeview Light transmitters? page.

Which BBC and ITV regional news can I watch from the Cupar transmitter?

regional news image
BBC Reporting Scotland 2.4m homes 9.2%
from Glasgow G51 1DA, 95km west-southwest (239°)
to BBC Scotland region - 230 masts.
regional news image
STV News 0.2m homes 0.8%
from Dundee DD1 4QB, 16km north (7°)
to STV North (Dundee) region - 24 masts.

How will the Cupar (Fife, Scotland) transmission frequencies change over time?

1984-971997-981998-20102010-1327 Nov 2019

tv_off Being removed from Freeview (for 5G use) after November 2020 - more
Table shows multiplexes names see this article;
green background for transmission frequencies
Notes: + and - denote 166kHz offset; aerial group are shown as A B C/D E K W T
waves denotes analogue; digital switchover was 4 Aug 10 and 18 Aug 10.

How do the old analogue and currrent digital signal levels compare?

Analogue 1-4 20W
BBCA, D3+4, BBCB(-7dB) 4W

Which companies have run the Channel 3 services in the Angus transmitter area

Sep 1961-Jun 1997Grampian Television
Jun 1997-Dec 2014STV plc
Feb 1983-Dec 1992TV-am•
Jan 1993-Sep 2010GMTV•
Sep 2010-Dec 2014ITV Daybreak•
• Breakfast ◊ Weekends ♦ Friday night and weekends † Weekdays only. Cupar was not an original Channel 3 VHF 405-line mast: the historical information shown is the details of the company responsible for the transmitter when it began transmitting Channel 3.

Monday, 12 August 2013
Grant Morrison
10:00 PM

Hi folks,
Hoping someone can help or point me in the right direction.

For the past week i have had a truly appauling reception for Freeview channels, they are consistantly un-watchable, pixelated, non moving images and with no sound.
However the only channels that do work with perfect clarity are 'all' BBC channels.
I live in Cupar which has very little in the way of a channel selection and until only recently has just started receiving Film 4.

Prior to all this there has been no problems with service/picture quality/sound what so ever. I noticed however that there is a possibility of a 4G mast nearby that could be the problem.

I'm using a Samsung HD Tv with built in Freeview, and i believe the signal is received by a mini sky type dish on the roof.
I have done a retune at least 3 times most days as well as a full factory reset with no luck.

Any help greatly appreciated.


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Grant Morrison's 1 post GB
Tuesday, 27 August 2013

1:22 PM

according to the film 4 website film 4+1 is coming to freeview from august 27
ive just rebooted my freeview box but it doesnt seem to be available in cupar for some reason will cupar get film4+1 eventually or not at all
its supposed to be on channel 45

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DONALD's 37 posts GB
Dave Lindsay

1:40 PM

DONALD: Film4+1 will take the former place of Film4. So the Cupar PSB relay transmitter will not carry Film4+1.

Those who can receive the full complement of channels from Angus will get Film4+1.

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Dave Lindsay's 5,724 posts GB
Sunday, 6 December 2015
10:39 PM

Interference on BBC1@2 7 9 130 . Have retuned twice but still sporadic reception .other programs fine.. Reason for this please.

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Kidd's 1 post GB
Monday, 11 July 2016
Transmitter engineering

9:09 AM

CUPAR transmitter - Possible service interruptions [DUK]

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Transmitter engineering's 138,015 posts xx
Tuesday, 19 July 2016
Transmitter engineering

12:09 AM

CUPAR transmitter - Possible service interruptions [DUK]

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Transmitter engineering's 138,015 posts xx
Wednesday, 20 July 2016

11:33 AM

Im curious as to whether anyone else in cupar is getting the following problem on the radio stations via freeview
i listen to R4 extra sometimes and find that it has an irritating fault the screen instead of showing the R4 extra logo and programme information remains blank then out of the blue the sound cuts off but changing channels then back again restores the sound
once the r4 logo and prog info page appears the problem appears to stop also on occasion i have audio despite the screen being blank
this is obviously a transmission fault as the bedroom freeview box also has the same problem and has been double checked by doing a box swop from the living room to the bedroom with the same result!
signal intensity is 30% and signal quality 97%
anyone got any suggestions as to what is causing this fault its obviously a transmission problem not a freeview box though if it was reported to the bbc those dimwits would most likely blame the equipment rather than admitting that it is a transmission fault

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Monday, 10 April 2017

9:39 PM

re Grant Morrison and his freeview problem ive just purchased a samsung hd tv (got it at castle furniture for 15) and it has built in freeview and like him it wont tune in freeview which is built in it goes through the tuning process then asks you to set the clock then all i get is the QVC channel logo i dont have a mini dish as he suggests it requires just a standard ariel which with the freeview box i used with my previous tv worked fine so its not the signal to blame.
I ended up using my freeview box via a scart lead in order to get freeview channels and may be the only solution to his problem.
Could i also suggest he does a retune without the ariel being connected this will clear the tuning memory and then try a retune with the ariel connected.
I also note he says he has done a factory reset and persume this is the plug and play mode ive also done this with no luck either.
Only suggestion i can give is for him to do what i did and get a freeview box and connect it via a scart lead to the tv

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9:47 PM

DONALD KIRKBRIDE: Since you got it for fifteen quid, I suspect its an old model. Thats still a good deal, but I suspect that the tuner is an early one, and may have a problem - but check it actually tuned into the transmitter you want.

In any case, a cheap freeview box will do the same thing with no hassle. If it has an HDMI socket, then you could use a Manhattan HD box.

BTW - Freeview can't be picked up on 'a Sky mini-dish', so I suspect the problem lay elsewhere.

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MikeB's 2,579 posts GB
Tuesday, 11 April 2017

7:06 PM

re using a freeview box instead of the tuner in the tv ive got a copy of the owners manual and it refers to the analogue tuner and the freeview tuner which would point to it being manufactured before cupar got freeview properly however a friend of mine has a freeview hd box with built in recorder and am doing a swap for a brand new computer power supply unit i have in exchange for the freeview box my friend told me it is worth 180 and the psu only cost me 12 which i had bought for my other computer just before it expired when the motherboard failed but am getting the best end of the bargain
ive got my freeview box hooked up to the tv to get programmes but the one am getting as a swop is a better one does cupar get hd channels through the relay transmitter?
also did you know stv are launching stv2 on the 24th

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