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Icomb Hill (Gloucestershire, England) DAB transmitter

sa_gmapsGoogle mapsa_bingBing mapsa_gearthGoogle Earthsa_gps51.903,-1.708 or 51°54'12"N 1°42'28"W

Are there any planned engineering works or unexpected transmitter faults on the Icomb Hill (Gloucestershire, England) mast?

No problems on any service. BBC

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Icomb Hill DAB

Friday, 4 November 2022
12:17 PM

We have two sets with the same issue, so, I'm sure its is not a fault in the TVs. Our postcode is GL541AA - Stow-on-the-Wold. We have retuned manually and automatically and only receive a signal on channel 22 - six stations from OXON and BUCKS. This issue began on Thursday.

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MeHere's 6 posts RO
Saturday, 5 November 2022

1:16 AM


Whilst there is a Freeview transmitter at Icomb Hill (ps. this is the DAB page, but not to worry) it's a "Light" transmitter Icomb Hill (Gloucestershire, England) Freeview Light transmitter | free and easy with only the 3 main PSB multiplexes and reception in Stow-o-the Wold from it can be quite "patchy" especially depending on which part of your postcode you are in.
I can find no faults for Icomb Hill and it's not listed for Planned Engineering.

You are however predicted to get good reception from the Oxford main transmitter.
I'm struggling to discover which transmitter you are getting this channel 22 with just 6 stations from Oxon & Bucks - it sounds a bit like a Local Multiplex whereas Icomb Hill has the BBCB HD multiplex on C22. Do your sets have a T2/HD tuner that you normally get HD channels on 101-106/109?
I cannot find any Local multiplex on C22.
To be sure which EPG LCN channels and their names are you getting on C22?

Which way (approximate compass bearing) is your aerial pointing, and are its rods (or squashed Xs) Vertical or Horizontal?
For Icomb Hill is should be compass bearing 159 degrees - that's 21 degrees E of due S (almost SSE) with rods vertical.

Do you have any aerial amp/splitter for the two TVs, does it have a gain control?
Which UHF channels have you been manually tuning to?

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Chris.SE's 3,279 posts GB
Me Here
10:18 PM

Hello Chris ... MANY THANKS FOR YOUR REPLY! We're desperate!!! We have had the same aerial for years (it's inside our roof space) with hardly ever any issues. Often, on a very sunny summer morning, we would lose the signal but it always came back after about 11am. Not being a technician, I'm just re-tuning - both automatic and manual options. The automatic scan progresses from channel uhf21 to uhf68, but only finds the six channels on channel 22 - OXON AND BUCKS : That's tv; great! Tv; Great movies Christmas; Great movies +1; Reality extra and Tiny Pop. I'm physically unable to reach the arterial, but nothing has changed for years. The present JVC TV is about 6 years old and has worked fine until we lost signal this week. I give up!

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Me Here's 6 posts GB
Sunday, 6 November 2022

3:36 AM

Me Here:

Hi, there's often a delay before posts appear on here, I'm guessing you may have posted twice (from the count) thinking your post wasn't appearing, or got a fatal error message (ignore), it's annoying but the site owner hasn't been able to fix that! You may have to wait a few minutes for your post to appear!.

Thanks for the information about the TV channels on C22, that's definitely the Local multiplex from the Oxford transmitter, I keep forgetting about that one as unusually there are two used at Oxford!

This does suggest your aerial is pointing at Oxford, compass bearing 111 degrees - almost ESE, and the rods should be horizontal.
When you say you are physically unable to reach the aerial, is this because it's in an awkward spot? Can you see it? Or you just can't get into the loft anymore?

So something seems to have changed. Have your neighbours had similar troubles at all?
Sensible to ask, have you altered anything behind the TV yourself, moved any equipment or cables, switched anything on that wasn't on before?

As your aerial supplies two TVs, where is the aerial amplifier/splitter located and does it have an adjustable gain control?

One other important question, have you had a postcard from "" at all?

Something you could try in the interim in case your TV's memory has got muddled.
Unplug the aerial from the set and carry out a full automatic retune. This should clear the memory as no channels should be found.

Plug the aerial back in and carry out a Manual tune on the following UHF channels -
The main multiplexes are C41, C44, C47, C29, C37, C31 and then C22.
That's in multiplex order BBCA/PSB1, D3&4/PSB2, BBCB HD/PSB3, SDN/COM4, ArqA/COM5, ArqB/COM6 and lastly the Local mux L-OFD.

Please post back with as much detail as possible.

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Chris.SE's 3,279 posts GB
Me Here
10:14 AM

Good morning Chris,

You are very kind to take your time with this issue ... much appreciated!

I did as you suggested - down to the manual scan. Again, the only stations found were those six mentioned earlier. We do have a six- way amplifier (only two runs ever used - kitchen and bedroom) and I don't believe it has a gain control. Admittedly it has been there for probably 15 years but has worked fine. I can't reach the aerial (health conditions) but can access the amplifier. Tried to include a photo of it but can't see a way to do so. Also, I don't see any options in the tuning that mention multiplex names.

No, we have not received any post or email from We have enjoyed FreeView for years and hope we can find a solution.

Also, in our living room, we have FreeSat connected to one tv and have a Chromcast dongle plugged into this kitchen set from there. I removed the Chromecast dongle, thinking there might be some interference, and repeated the entire procedure - still only those six channels.

Our neighbours have Sky, so not comparable.

I know we're trying your patience, so will understand if this is the end of the line for FreeView with this antenna.

Many thanks!

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Me Here's 6 posts GB
Monday, 7 November 2022

3:07 AM

Me Here:

You aren't trying my patience at all. Nothing like a good technical challenge!
Unfortunately it's not possible to post photos direct, but one can post links to things on the Internet. A photo of the amp isn't needed but the model number (and make) would be ideal.

Most sets don't give any information about the multiplex name on the UHF channel, I listed them for you in the same order as I listed the UHF channels (they are all different for nearby/other transmitters).
This Freeview page Channel listings for Industry Professionals | Freeview which is usually up-to-date tells you which channels are on which multiplex.

The reason I asked whether you can "see" the aerial, even if you can't get to it, is just to check its orientation and that it hasn't moved from where you expected it to be. If of course it's not pointing where it should, what you receive will be different from what you expect to receive!
If you can't see it, do you have a friend or family member that could have a look? No need to actually get to it.

On the assumption that the aerial hasn't moved for some strange reason, and is pointing at Oxford (very likely as you are getting the Local mux) and as two sets are affected in the same way, and you've not changed any equipment etc. then on balance of probabilities there is likely to be two possibilities.
1) Something has gone wrong with the aerial amp/splitter or
2) A new (or upgraded) mobile phone mast has started operating close to you in the 700MHz band (just above current TV channels) and is wiping out all the higher channels, and have not sent you a postcard (I've already known cases of the latter).

If it turns out to be mobile phone mast interference, then free filters are available from but hopefully by process of elimination, we might be able to establish whether it's the amp or interference.

We'll work on the assumption that the coax from the aerial plugs into the amp/splitter using a coax plug and that the coax to each TV outlet also plugs into the splitter with coax plugs.
This is where the model number will provide a check on that and also how much gain it has (which will probably be important if it has to be replaced).

The usual method to see if it's the amp/splitter is to connect the aerial direct to just one TV outlet, bypassing the amp/splitter (and switching it off). If coax plugs are used as already mentioned, then we'd use a coax plug coupler such as this PHILEX Coax Coupler - Socket To Socket - Philex Electronics Ltd or, another such as eBay item 275343959468
(You need to copy any links here and paste them into the address bar of your browser. For eBay item numbers, open and paste the item number in the Search box).
A lot of (larger) supermarkets and of course TV/Radio shops sell these if you haven't already got one.

When doing this bypass check, ideally pick the one with the shortest cable runs to the TV outlet as any signal will be somewhat weaker. I wouldn't necessarily expect you to get the Local mux (usually the weakest signal) and you may not get all the others - but do a Manual tune on the UHF channels that I listed but NOT C22 as you already are tuned to it - if it's very weak you might still be able to see pixellated pictures etc, but retuning it will probably clear it.
(The reason for powering Off the amp/splitter is in case it's generating interference itself).

Post back with the amp/splitter model number (and any other information you can) and if you already have a coax coupler, the results of a bypass check if you are able to do one soon.

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Chris.SE's 3,279 posts GB
Sally Lyon
1:25 PM

We've got exactly the same problem. Was away at the weekend so hadn't looked into it. The were working on the masts on top of the tower at the fire station so think that's what's caused it. No card from restoretv though. BBc been a bit of a problem for a while now but almost all channels gone or badly affected.

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Sally Lyon's 1 post GB

10:27 PM

Sally Lyon:

Thanks for your post Sally. It would seem highly likely then that this is mobile interference and there's no faults reported that I've been able to find for any of the TV transmitters you might use.

Both of you need to contact for some free filters. The mast on top of the fire station tower certainly looks like one that could be operating in the 700MHz band just above the TV channels.

Put into your web browser address bar. Play around with their web site if you wish, but it can tend the take you round in circles!

From the home page, click on FAQs at the bottom centre of the page, then on the FAQ page click "About Restore TV" towards the bottom right and select "Do I have to pay to call Restore TV?" which will open a window showing their freephone number 0808-1313-800.

When you get through to them, tell them that you've lost Freeview signals since they did work on the mobile phone mast at the fire Station, and COMPLAIN - why haven't they sent out postcards?
Tell them you aren't the only one affected and you've heard that there have been other cases where they've not been sending out postcards.

If you have an aerial amp/splitter the best place for the filter is between the aerial output and the input the the amp/splitter. If you cann't access it - eg. you may have an external one on the mast, then you are entitled to a filter for each TV set.
I hope they are helpful and don't give you any bull.

Please post back with how you get on.

Me Here: You need to do the same, don't waste any more time with checks at present.

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Chris.SE's 3,279 posts GB
Saturday, 12 November 2022
1:54 PM

Hello Chris,

Again, thanks for your advice !!

After reading your response to the post from Sally, I contacted Restore TV. They were very helpful and we are expecting a delivery of filters which, hopefully, will resolve the issue.

I will let you know if they do the trick! (Fingers crossed!)


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MeHere's 6 posts DE

2:02 PM


Nice to hear, that's good, as you say hope it solves the issue. Try and put one of the filters at the input to the distribution amp/splitter. Want to avoid amplifying any interfering signal.

What did they say about not sending out postcards to your postcode/area?

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Chris.SE's 3,279 posts GB
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