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at800 Freeview retunes
at800 Freeview retunes/ When will I get a new Freeview aerial because of even more mobile broadband? What is going to happen during the 700MHz clearance? To make way for more mobile broadband in 2020, millions of Freeview viewers are going to need to act. A very few will need a new aerial. Will that be you?
at800 Freeview retunes/ Using UHF channels C61 to C69? Time to retune
at800 Freeview retunes/ Do not forget that 4G starting soon in 20 cities and towns really soon
at800 Freeview retunes/ 800MHz 4G broadband potential for Freeview interference - new map
at800 Freeview retunes/ Do I need a filter to protect my Freeview from Everything Everywhere 4G masts?
at800 Freeview retunes/ How do I know if the 4G broadband will overload my Freeview?
at800 Freeview retunes/ How do I know if the 4G broadband will overload my Freeview?
Podcast and Links
Links/ Opportunities for BBC Local RadioBBC Sounds have their own objectives, particularly driving reach of under 35s. Getting local podcasts launched seems to be the result of commissioning decisions by Local Radio HQ and BBC Sounds - if unaligned this could be difficult to get done. If commercial radio streams can have local ads why can't you drop in a local weather bulletin down to a town Why shouldn't national and regional shows be able to reference a clip from the local breakfast show. -
Podcasts/ Westminster's Secrets and Lies
Links/ More details announced regarding BBC Radio 4 long wave switch off
Links/ Channel 4 unveils single brand | Advanced Television
Links/ Analysts: Broadcaster viewing to shrink to below half of total video viewing by 2028
Links/ Sky UK Ltd
Links/ Sky UK Ltd
Podcasts/ 19/05/2023
Podcasts/ Twitter bows to Erdo─čan?
Podcasts/ 12/05/2023