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I have two Freeview TVs running from the same aerial, receiving (as far as I am aware) from Sutton Coldfield.

One has not been retuned for about two years, and is receiving the LOCAL mux so that I can receive (amongst other channels) Great Movies Christmas (until today called Great Movies Classic). Nominally this is Freeview Channel 52, although this TV is still displaying it as being on Channel 51, which it was prior to channel changes in 2021 (I think). This is broadcast on the LOCAL mux.

On the other TV (retuned as and when required) I seem unable to receive anything from LOCAL.

Whilst I understand that LOCAL may be weak from Sutton Coldfield, I cannot see it at all on the Humax HDD and Samsung TV, but I do still receive it on a Technika TV. The only difference (apart from the hardware itself) is the Technika TV has shorter aerial cable and one less connection point (join).

I'd be grateful if any expert can help me get Channel 52 on my Humax HDD.

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Thanks Chris. I took a slightly different approach this morning. Moved the Humax HDR upstairs (to where the Technika is) and retuned that. It now finds Mux Ch 36 which is where Freeview channel 52. Indicated strength/quality is not brilliant (S=40%, Q=10%) but actually it displays fine.

So I guess that this is simply due to longer coax run (and join) from the aerial to the normal downstairs location of the Humax. At some point I will take the Humax downstairs again (without a retune) to see whether now that its tuned it can still pick up FV Ch 52 downstairs.

Postcode is ST16 1SX. Aerial was installed a couple of years ago, and set up for Sutton Coldfield (we had problems though of autotuning picking up The Wrekin, with less good signal strength/quality).

The mainstream Mux signals are extremely strong. I was wondering if a signal amplifier would help to boost the Local mux signal, but I've read that this could cause problems for strong signals.

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Chris.SE: Hi Chris. Having tuned the HDR with the upstairs cable, it still just receives Local (Mux Ch36) downstairs (I've got a temporary coax extension which I've had to remove, otherwise signal is too weak for the HDR). With this, the Local channels are received well enough for the missus!

All coax was new when the aerial was installed. I'm not sure about splitting.

It seems good enough. You mention that Sutton Coldfield has two channels for the local mux. Would the other channel be better for us?

Anyway, thank you for your help. But please don't spend any more time on seems OK for the moment. Thank you for your fast and helpful responses!

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