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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Thursday 11 April 2013 2:39AM

To Dave in Crewe...
I have a Samsung TV and I have had the welsh problem too, so try this...

Whatever the main TV aerial is connected to (either the TV itself or DVD,whatever.....disconnect it. Then using the TV Samsung remote, press `menu`, you should get a box come up with several options. Using the up and down keys, scroll down to the bottom one which should give you
the options `Guide`, `Digital Channel`, `Setup`, `Language`. Scroll over to the left and select `Setup`.

Select the relevant symbol on the left of that screen which gives you `Country`, `Auto Store`, `Manual Store`, `Edit Favourite Channels`,`Channel list`

Select `Auto Store`, when the next screen comes up, click Start (to update your list of channels)....NOTE! because you disconnected the aerial beforehand, this should delete all existing data, but do not worry. Let it run through and tell you to check the aerial (!) Ignore that.

Next; RECONNECT the aerial, then go back to the Manual Store option,...

If you`ve done this right you should be looking at a screen that - from left to right - has a highlighted number called `Channel`, then `Frequency` then `Bandwidth`.

It is the Channel number that you need, and the numbers you require are 50, 59, 54, 58,
49, and 55 which will give you the main terrestrial channels and the Freeview ones.
The most important one as far as you are concerned is 50, because that is now the home of the BBC group of stations after 10th April 2013.

In each case press OK to let the TV search through each set of numbers. Once thats done you are set!

Note! You will have to do this for EACH appliance you have connected to your TV, using its OWN remote.
SO in each case it is disconnect aerial, auto scan to delete, reconnect aerial, then manual scan.

This should avoid the Welsh stations problem you are having. Good Luck

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Yes, you are absolutely right in saying its confusing (so much for progress!). I am assuming that you have a digital aerial for your TV (?), or maybe its an analogue aerial with a digibox to compensate - in other words I don`t know what your setup is but to get other channels besides the Channel 59 which you say you have, try this;

If you just have a TV linked to the roof aerial (with no VCR or DVD recorder hooked up to the TV), then using its remote, bring up on screen and scroll through the relevant settings which brings you to the `Tuning` of channels.
At that point you will have the choice of either `Automatic` tuning or `Manual` tuning. Choose `Automatic` and click for the TV to start scanning. It will take a few minutes but it will search for all the channels that are out there. Once its done, with a bit of luck you should have, at the very least, the following channels (besides 59 of course), which are 49, 50, 58, and 55.
Check to see what you`ve got. As you live in Manchester, as I do, you might, I`m not saying you will, but you might find that you have now got the WELSH versions of BBC1, BBC2, ITV and Channel Four. If this is the case then you will have to retune again, this time with a MANUAL scan. To do that, do as follows;
REMOVE the aerial from the back of the TV, and then do an AUTOMATIC scan again - yes thats right, an Automatic scan, Why? Because by doing that you are deleting everything from the original search but do not panic - all you are doing is preparing a clean slate to try again. DON`T worry about any prompts that may come up on your screen during this phase saying things like ` No aerial connection, please check` etc, just let the automatic search do its thing. Once its done, come back out of the settings page and RECONNECT the aerial.
Now go back to the `Tuning` page where you had the choice of either `Automatic` or `Manual` and this time choose Manual. On this screen you should find the all important Channel Number, or `C` number, such as C59 in your case. This is the number which you will have to change by using the Up/Down or Left/Right keys on your remote. OK?
So referring to the channels I mentioned above, lets try 49 first, using the keys on your remote, once you`ve got it, click search and let it scan for channels on that number, once its done, it should tell you how many channels were found on that particular number, THEN change that main channel number again, this time to the number 50, and click search for that one, and so on, until you have separately scanned the following numbers - 49, 50, 55, 58 and 59.
If you have HD (high definition) equipment then also try 54 ( as that has all the HD channels on it).

And that is whats called manual tuning. Hopefully that will have done the trick for you.
Good luck.

NB If you do have a VCR or DVD recorder hooked up to your TV, then the same process of tuning applies to each machine, they have to be tuned separately using their own remotes.

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Winter Hill (Bolton, England) transmitter
Tuesday 16 July 2013 5:12AM


Yes, I think getting a proper digital aerial will solve your problem, (if the professional who fits it is worth his salt, then he should also be able to help in obtaining the channels for you as a matter of course).
Good luck and regards

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Forces TV
Monday 28 September 2020 10:17PM

George Barnes:

Like you I lost Forces TV after a recent retune - however if you find `Add New DVB Services` or `Add New DVB Channels` (one or the other) on your `Tuning` menu in Setup, then AFTER your main retune, select either, let your machine do the searching, and hopefully you will get back Forces TV.

It did on my machine.

Good Luck


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