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I have been a Freeview user for a number of years, using a set-top box to record programmes. Whether the timing is coincidental, or not, since the recent re-tune at the end of March, I have had difficulties recording programmes on certain channels.

Using the on-screen guide, I select the programme I want to record and complete the process. A minute or so before the published time, the recording light starts to flash. Normally, upon receipt of the transmitted code, the light says on continuously and the programme is recorded.

Since the re-tune, some channels continue to work as expected (BBC4 and Drama), but programmes on the main channels (BBC1, BBC2, ITV, C4, etc) are not recorded, and the light continues to flash until the end-time of the programme. Just for the record I have full strength signals here.

The problem is identical on two separate set-top boxes. Both have the latest software updates installed. I have carried out full re-sets on both, including re-tunes and back to factory re-sets.

It is my belief that the magic code which notifies the start of the programme is missing for a number of channels on the Midhurst Freeview transmitter. I have contacted the Freeview helpline, but they have no other advice than to contact the set-top box manufacturer. I don't think they really understand the issue.

I cannot find a contact number for the Midhurst transmitter site, but I'm sure you can. It should, I assume in my ignorance, be easy for them to ascertain that the correct coded signals are, in fact, being transmitted. If it transpires that they are, then my search for answers will continue ...

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Limited good news for some. Unfortunately, the myriad of updates released did not include the DMR-HWT150. According to Panasonic support this morning, work continues with no planned release date as yet. Still I wait ...

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Although no update had been released for my DMR-HWT150, on a whim I decided to try a test HD recording. Lo and behold, it worked! Whilst this is an excellent outcome, it raises a lot of questions.
We all agree that the problems started when Freeview did a channel change at the end of March. Then followed nearly two months when both Freeview and Panasonic professed ignorance and effectively blamed each other. Panasonic have now issued updates for many devices without stating that this particular issue has been addressed. Simultaneously the problem appears to have been cured. However, that does not explain why those devices which did not require an update have now started working. To a layman like me, the finger points clearly at Freeview. If that is the case, why did it take Freeview so long to make the correction, and why didn't Panasonic tell their numerous complaining customers where the fault lay?
Whilst I am delighted that I can now record HD channels, my faith in Panasonic has been severely dented. I doubt we'll ever know the full story. However, I would like to thank those on this forum who, being more knowledgeable and persistent, have forced the relevant parties to fix the problem. Well done guys!

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