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Ever since the 14th of September ive lost HALF my channels and my Freeview HD channels are losing signal every few minutes there unwatchable,despite the fact they were perfectly fine for the last 6 months or so we have had them. I kept getting a message on channel 4 wich said i would loose channels on 14th september and to retune,ive retuned all 6 digital recievers in my house numerous times (including factory resets) and lost half my channels its ridiculous!

Before we were only missing Film 4, 4 Music etc and pretty much had 90% of the channels,now were missing Dave,Dave + 1, E4 +1,Sky News and many many more,we now have like 40% - 50% of the channels.

My postcode is PE38 and im on Sandy Heath Transmitter.

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Ok so after losing half my freeview channels today (september 14th) after many rescans and factory resets and still no luck....i just checked my signal quality and signal strength....

My signal quality is a 10 outer 10 (Green bar)

My singal strength sais its 10 outer 10 (grey bar) BUT the flashing bar meter is at roughly 75%

Ive also tried manual retune.

Stations ive lost are Dave,Dave +1, E4+1,Sky News,Realy,Babestation and others.

Soooo....what now? =).

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Hi, Before the May switchover thing a few weeks back ive lost looooads of stations? Before the May switchover i was doing realy well and had all the stations,now im missing loads and others cut in and out and pixelate. Whats all that about???? My postcode is PE38

Stations ive lost are Quest,E4+1,Film 4,Viva,4 Music, Dave ect ect ect, ive lost loads!

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Tried everything you said jb38, but i only have 16 stations now (not all 16 are even stable) i checked and my stations i have are coming from Sandy Heath. I went from having all stations perfectly to having just 16 semi stable ones after the May 8th switchover.

Im 2 miles away from Downham Market.

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Sandy Heath (Central Bedfordshire, England) Full Freeview trans
Wednesday 23 May 2012 7:42PM
Downham Market

Hi Stephen P. Im picking up stations on (27 - 24 - 21)

My postcode is

I have no idea what my ariel is, but what i do know is that my ariel works fine because i was picking up all the stations no problem before the May 8th switchover, so this is nothing to do with my set up this end! lol

Im not bein told i have to spend even more money, this whole digital switchover has been an exspensive balls up that we were forced to pay for.

It seems others are losing lots of stations after May the 8th too huh?

So my options are?

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jb38: My devices im using are...

Samsung Syncmaster 2333HD


Panasonic DMR-EZ57V


If its a case of needing 'ANOTHER' new ariel i wont bother, instead ill sell everything apart from my LG42LD450 TV, stop paying my TV license, then start to use the internet to stream TV and Films on my laptop and LG42LD450 TV, great way to beat the man!

Everytime you do a switchover somthing new goes wrong, we get in touch to try solve the problem but are basicaly told its our fault and we'll need to spend more and more. You know last time i had a problem i phoned the Freeview helpline only to be told all my equipment were the wrong ones and there was nothing they could do! (despite the fact all my equipment is modern and previously had all the stations) lol

I feel so so sorry for the old people out there who are stuck with no channels and struggle to even learn the very basics of how to use a freeview box, they wouldnt have clue what anyone talks about on here (if they could even work out how to get here)

The whole things a complicated f**k up!

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jb38: Ps im not able to pick up anything from Tacelston either, just tried the manual tuning on Tacelstone muxes.

Funny how you say that they "PREDICT" that Tacelston gives off more power than Sandyheath. Spend more money on having my ariel messed around with yet again only to be no better off i bet. lol

Or id pay to have my ariel looked at and problem go away........untill you do another switchover and it all goes wrong yet again.

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jb38: I just discoverd im picking up stations from 27 and 24 only, there is NO signal 'quality' for 21, however there is about 50% signal 'strength' for 21.

Also theres no strength or quality for all the others you mentioned, only 27 and 24 have 10/10 full signal quality, with Signal strength about 50 to 75%

My ariel is facinggg....that way! *points* i dont know, its facing the same way as everyone else on my street, was Sandyheath last i knew.

Stephen p: Ill have a new ariel or Freesat if you pay for it? lol

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jb38: Oh 21 is for HD stations, well in that case yeah i have all HD stations via my PHILIPS PVR box (although they sometimes cut to no signal or freeze on ocassion, but id say there ok 95% of the time)

As for the latest firmware i already have all of that,been on V 7.21 since the day it came out, downloaded it off the PHILIPS website.

Ive just been trying to concentrate on getting my non HD stations back!

P.s i can vouch for Lisa because it sounds like weve lost the same stations that we previosuly had before May 8th, Ive lost PICK TV,Dave etc etc. Quite a few people in my village ive spoken to have lost the same after May 8th.

Go switch that lil button back that you switched on May 8th then we will have all the stations back again. If you switch it back and then get problems at your end then you be the ones to spend the money to fix the problem, dont switch it over so we have to foot the bill! lol

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jb38: Last night ALL my stations went down for around 4 hours. We were watching BBC-HD when it suddenly went 'no signal' every single station HD and non HD went totaly down for around 4 hours, its getting worse since May 8th!

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