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CP to BR5 2--. When we first bought our iDTV (4+ years ago) and had a new Band A Yaggi roof aerial fitted by an approved installer, we received all the MUXs perfectly. Then, for a brief period, we had on-off problems with MUX 2 followed by good reception on all again.

About 6 months ago, we got "no signal" indication on MUX2 and MUXA, which I thought could be dues to a reduction in power listed on the CP Page of this site.

Then, in the last week reception on MUX1 has become "bad signal", with locked pictures and no sound on and off, and still "no signal" on MUX2 and MUXA

Switching to Analogue gives perfect C4 and C5 reception, but very bad BBC1 or 2. ITV1 is not bad, but not as good as C4 or C5.

Our aerial doesn't appear to have revolved on the mast, but could have done by a very small amount. Before I call in an installer to check, is there any other reason related to CP transmitter that may cause the problem?

Obviously, if there's a new "Hi-rise" or crane between us and CP there's not much I can do.

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We live near Orpington and tune in the Crystal Palace. When we first bought an Integrated DigiTV we had a new aerial installed and had all the Digi programmes. Then we started to have problems with some channels missing. OFCOM couldn't find a problem when I called them in.
Anyway, we then got all the channels back with no changes to the equipment until recently when MUX2 (Freq Ch22) totally disappeared. Signla strength Zero. But we still had the channels listed.
Of course, on 04 April, I had to resan both my TV and PVR, so MUX2 listings (ITV, CH4, CH5 etc) are no longer listed.
I can't see why we get perfect reception on all other MUXs but zeroz on MUX2.

Any ideas ?

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Single frequency interference | Freeview Interference
Friday 6 April 2012 8:53PM


Thanks for your comment. I do realoise that a digital signal just above the threshold will give a perfect picture and one just belopw no picture at all, however,the signal level on C23 is 75-80% and on most of the other MUX (eg CH34) it's around 65%. MUX2 (CH22) is ZERO.

I've tried the attenuator suggestion made elsewhere on this group (in case C23 is desensitising the front-end of the set) and then had picture break-up on some of the lower power MUXs, but still no CH22.

All I can hope is that CH22 will, indeed, come good after 18/04 ! - unless anyone else has any suggestions ?

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Hi all.

We live near Orpington (BR5) and had problems receiving some Digi Channels on odd occasions. C22 has been missing for about a year now.

Despite assurances on this site and from the Chief Technologist of Arqiva (at a recent IET Lecture on Digi-switchover), that it would all be OK after 18 April - when all the Digi Channels would be transmitting at equal strength - we still can't get Freeview C22 (now called ArqA) at all(Zero Signal strength indicated) on our Panasonic Integrated Digital TV, and a very bad quality (plently of pixelation and freezing) via our Sony Digi HDD/DVD recorder.

All other Digi Channels are OK. Level 8/9 on the TV and 75 to 85% on the HDD.

Is it worth getting the roof aerial looked at, or could I just be in a bad location for one frequency ?

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Hi JB38

Thanks for the suggestion.

I've already tried an attenuator and re-connecting the old loft aerial we used for the analogue signal. We put up a roof aerial because digi reception - pre 04 April switchover - on the loft aerial was NBG.

Neither the attenuator (12dB) or the use of the loft aerial made any difference.

A set-top aerial isn't any good as we have a hill between us and CP, so we need height to see over it. Most of us around here have had to use 10ft poles on the chimney for our Digi aerial.

I'll see what a 20dB attenuator does.

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Hi all

Located at BR5 near Orpington

I still can't get ArqA from CP on C22 at all, however, I'm getting a "weak" (<10%)signal on C42 which is "fair" to "good" quality on my Sony HDD/DVD recorder which decodes well - so where's that coming from ?

Also, I'm getting a strong C44 signal, but the recorder won't decode it.

It has been suggested, by an Arqiva Senior Engineer, that I may have water in the aerial or downlead causing loss pf one channel (C22) whilst the others are at normal strength and quality. Anyone come across this ?

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