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I have been using waltham without issue for several years, with regular retunes of course.

I moved our TV from downstairs to upstairs and all was fine. However, after a retune it isn't getting all channels.

On my TV downstairs, that is getting all channels, but is also now getting multiple channels from another transmitter, which I've not had before.

Is this transmitter still running on low power, or is it running as it should be? I'm wondering whether to repoint Nottingham transmitter instead, even though all neighbours and myself have used waltham.

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Should have said, aerial is a freeview one , in loft, with booster/distributor sending around the house.
Postcode is NG8 2??

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Thanks All,
Sorry for the delay. Looks like you are correct re the signal being too high. On the TVs that work, the signal is now showing 90-100%.
It never used to be that high.
On the problematic TV, the channels that work are actually very low - 30-40% and I get breakups. A few of the others are showing 100% but still working.
I am thinking that this TV cannot handle 100% signals, so instead grabs very weak signals from somewhere else. And some just wont tune.
For some reason I cannot force it to manually tune a single frequency - it always moves on when it doesn't find anything even on manual (Sony?).

Anyway, bottom line is it looks like the signal has got higher and this TV cannot cope.

So my options are a single attenuator on the aeriel, which then gets boosted and sent around the house, or multiple attenuators on each TV. Can anyone advise what size attenuator to use, or even a range if I can buy a kit of several sizes?

I cannot see any way to turn the boost down on my 6 way amplifier unfortunately, though I've not opened it up - is it likely to have an adjustment?

Thanks Again

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Amp is a Philex SLx 6-way Aerial distribution amplifier F-plug (might be a slightly different model no)
Specs say 12dB gain per output.

Not sure if this helps on working out attenuation required. Aerial is a maplin freeview aerial from about 7 years ago, and cost about £45 at the time. Its in the loft.

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I will double check tonight, but where it shows both, I am reporting strength rather than quality. Some just show a single figure though.
Could that not be the case if I am boosting each input by 12db?

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I've looked at a few TVs.
The one where I am missing channels says Signal Strength 100%.
Downstairs I'm getting quality 100%, strength around 92%
My PVR shows strength around 70, quality 100%

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No problem. My PVR is indeed a humax , Fox T2 HDR. This has duplicate channels, but no missing ones.
Plugged into that is a LG 670T showing 100/92%. Seems OK.
The one I'm missing channels on is a 5yr old Sony KDLD3000. Missing channels, and some with very low signal and breakups.
I will try messing about with a direct connection over the weekend. I can't go banging around up in the loft on week nights once the kids are in bed or I'll wake them up, and the wife would kill me!

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to clarify on the KDLD3000 this reports some channels as 100%, with good reception. Others are ~30% and breaking up, some channels are missing.

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Bit of progress, but not entirely sure how.
I ordered a cheap variable attenuator off ebay and fitted it to the upstairs TV. This took the signal down to about 50% and I was able to adjust and watch the signal bar go up and down.
Retuned and all was OK, got my missign channels, but one of the other multiplexes was breaking up even on the lowest attenuation.
So I took off the attenuator, back where I was, but rather than the signal going up to 100% again it remained around two thirds.
Now all channels working.
I have no idea what I did, although I did do a full reset as part of the process.

Also retuned downstairs TV and PVR manually and now dont have any duplicate channels, and again pic is fine.

I suspect the engineering works have been to blame for this, but still not entirely sure how or why.

Anyway, thanks all for your assistance, hopefully it will be stable going forward.

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