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We are yet another load of Tauntonites with no BBC channels, and progressively losing others as well. Tempers are a lot more than frayed here, I can tell you. We are in the stratosphere about it. This is a public holiday and 27 March was an asinine date on which to do the change when we all know that there is this problem on every one of the many occasions on which we are told to re-tune. Now, above the box that I am writing in there is a statement to the effect that if a I am disrespectful or rude I will be counted out. OK, so, since I now feel very much that way about the transmitter, how is it justifiable that this is one-sided? Eh?

The practical problem is that I can find NO WAY of contacting the people who do the transmitting at Mendip. I can imagine just why this is, of course. But I have now contacted OFCOM and I will be filling up their form every ten minutes until I get action. And then I shall be doing what I can to get back a proportion of my licence fee.

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Mendip (Somerset, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Sunday 31 March 2013 4:35PM

We shouldn't be sitting here and grumbling, you know, or sticking bits of wire in holes. We should be contacting the transmission firm. In droves.

All transmitters, so far as I can see, are owned and operated by Arqiva. 01962 823434, Crawley Court, WINCHESTER SO21 2QA.

Now, here's a thing - go on their website and you find they don't give you an email address. Oh dear, they must have forgotten to put it on. Or perhaps I am really a terrorist. And then you find that all enquiries to them about transmission problems are referred to the BBC. But then, of course, you find you are fobbed off again on to a TV Transmission Enquiry Service. Never mind, you press on and fill in their form. About twice, of course, as naturally it is of course a truly wonderful, exemplary form, that will give you such amusement going through all the pages that you will enjoy it far more than watching the boat race which is on about now and which I would like to be viewing.
I suggest you all fill in this form. A lot.

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Yes, John Crabb, I have no doubt that we could all solve our problems by fiddling about with bits of wire, reconnections, etc., and buying ourselves new kit. But it doesn't alter the fact that if the problem was not there before 27th and is now, then it resulted from the transmission change. Local conditions or equipment may have predisposed my set to this but that is not the issue. If I have to go out and buy a new aerial then I shall be sending the bill to Arqiba.

And yes,there are lots of people in this street who have had no problems at all. But there are also people in their eighties who haven't a clue about these things. After a week or so of frustration and grumbling they'll be paying for the local telly shop to come round and sort them out. This costs a hundred or so. Not on. Many of them, of course, will just give up on the TV altogether. Frankly, that seems more than a bit hard.

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