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Alan White: I'll say it yet again, as clearly no one these days bothers to actually read the previous posts or search for info before complaining - as posted TWO posts ago!.....

This is all due to co-channel interference from distant transmitters due to atmospheric fading. This is because of the large high pressure weather system currently over the UK.

There is pretty much nothing you or anyone else, including the broadcasters, can do about it.

Incidentally, it has been happening since the invention of television! Its no more or less now than it was back in the analogue days, its just that the way it manifests itself on screen has changed with the technology.

It will stop once the high pressure moves.

The fact that YOU are having problems is NOT a transmitter issue! It is down to the conditions in the atmostphere and the broadcasters and transmitter operators can do NOTHING about that! Try reading the back of your TV licence - you have no entitlement to a good signal! As for your comment about contracts - im pretty sure if the contract was not being fulfilled the operator would be getting a lot of hassle! In fact, the broadcasters all seem perfectly happy! Thats because its the weather!!!

Oh and this site has NOTHING to do with and NO CONNECTION with the broadcasters! I suggest you direct your whining directly at them not on an indipendant website

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