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Chris.SE: The answer to your question is multi-part
a - I gave up going up into the roof in May as I wasn't getting anywhere
b- both TVs do allow manual tuning
c- I agree that this is a digital cliff-edge situation.
As it happens it has been raining today - so signal iis so erratic as to be useless on PBS + etc.
I attribute this to water on the slates.
Did you have any current information about whether COM seven is going off air in November.
If it is I won't bother climbing the ladder into the loft.
If Com seven is staying for a while it might be worth having another go.
Meanwhile thank God Sky Arts came on a non-HD mux . At least everyone can watch it.

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Chris.SE: Thanks - that is clear enough.

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Chris.SE: Frreview 77 is noit in COM 7 - it seems to be on channel 25m whatever multipolex that is - and avaailable to 3am suggesting its one of those holding pattern channels designed to stop someone else muscling in.

I am not prepared to check it at 3 am - but I am prepared to inform Chris that all my COM 7 reception has currenlty ceased - due to leaves trees by the look of it.

I will recheck my COM 7 in October when the leaves start falling.
I've invested in different aerials over the last 5 years to try to get over this issue.
Why can't Arqiva invest in a proper multiplex for BBC Four HD, BBC News HD and PBS America +1?

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Chris.SE: I wish they'd get on and close COM7 and then make alternative arrangements for the proper HD channels.
At the moment half the country can't get COM7 stations because they are on relays not carrying COM7

How about some so-called levelling up for Freeview viewrs?
Meanwhile they could re-capture some bandwidth by getting rid of the neo Nazoi channels - RT and GB Mres, and also the porn that someone somewhare presumably patys Dirty Desmoind to transmit to them.on COIM5 and 6.

To think Arqiva was once Post Office Telecommunications. Mrs Whitehouse would have had them in court in no time.

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Chris.SE: Thanks. I do hav e a Roku stick - I ought to do an AB vs Freeview ch9 to see if it's more like HD.

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Mags: I agree with Chris. Plus generally outside antennas are not suitable for inside a living room. They are quite big (typically 3 ft long.
This type of indoor aerial fits on top of the set Set top TV aerial (UHF 470 to 850 MHz) - A.T.V. Poles, Brackets, Clamps & Aerials
That supplier/shop is very communicative and answers emails - so you might be able to get appropriate advice from him direct (his name is Justin Smith)

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AFAIK COM 7 IS closing, BBC News HD is also being removed from Freeview.
BBC Four HD is being switched to BBC B Mutipkex - cwhich is UHF channel 30, not channel 48 as stated above.
Goodbye to Foreces TV etc I assume.

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