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Dear Sirs, I note with total disgust no reply on email for my previous reports.
Your change over is now becoming an even bigger mess.
Several areas around Nottinghamshire there are now equal signals from Waltham and Belmont. Fitting attenuators is of no help.
Why should viewers have to pay to install expensive very directional aerials ?
It seems that your planning has failed and expect viewers to pay to rectify your "mess"

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Friday 26 August 2011 8:36PM

Regarding Waltham transmitter, this has been a "heap" since it was built and the mast fell down.
Freeview - is now a major problem with some viewers since full power started freeview boxes crash due to now two strong signals are received ie. Waltham and Belmont.
Why are many channels still on low power ?
Picture quality is very poor compared with analogue and no doubt will reduce further when HD starts. This change over was not planned and tested why ? you are trying to sort out the mess but without any luck.
Why are there intermittant loss of sound (on all channels and on different TV's and different freeview boxes in different locations.Freeview NEVER reply to complaints.

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Why are some channels on waltham on low power very early in the morning ? Have you got co channel problems ?
Most noticed on Sky news, and about 0630 approx the signal strength sudendly doubles.
Checked at different locations with different aerial systems and different receivers. Explain and own up !

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I live in the waltham area I have often noted that at dawn the very low power on some channels suddenly returns to normal.
I have a calibrated spectum anylyzer and have " caught them at it" despite total denails from Waltam etc. I have also noted some very high power carrier signals being transmitted mainly around the old analogue c38 which was/is used to link old tv's and old vcr's and is still used by many elderly people who can not afford to purchase modern equipment. Who is going to pay for filters to be fitted for the elderly and non technical customers? How long will many people be without a full tv service before filters (if they work ) to be suplied and fitted.? Waltham transmitter staff come clean and admit that you have many problems now and expect very many more when 4 g arrives.

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I have discovered that Waltham (better known as the "heap" of the week, even the mast fell down some years ago). It is regularly on low power but it is never reported WHY ?
It would help everbody if they made it public
that Waltham again had problems. I dred 4G coming. Freeview has no chance of providing a stable service.The picture quality is very poor, often on reduced bandwidth Yes I do know when it is on low power I have very high spec, spectrum analyzers fully calibrated and up to date.

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Waltham (Leicestershire, England) Full Freeview transmitter
Saturday 20 October 2018 7:07PM

Michael: Dear Sir We are having major problems with 4G interference on most channels I have fitted the filters al800 provided waste of time, it even totally removed Sky News. I suspect that 4g are slowly increasing their ERP month by month. I have 2 quality outdoor aerials on my mast I note that the top aerial gives less 4g problems. I have spoken to al800 an utter waste of time they ARE NOT ENGINEERS just clerks and do not have a clue about the problems just post out (eventually) filters. I now intend to demand that they send a senior to carry out any work required at now charge.
Again many Thanks Mr P. Watmough 20 Church Lane Redmile Notts NG13 0GE phone 01949842687

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