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John possible, though not checked yet that the BBC ones are pushing more power than the Sky one, with water, can travel further, hence winter though likely perhaps trees losing their leaves in winter could also extend the range enabling you to get the Sky News one.

After switchover, when boost the signal like mad, you should be fine, the worry for many then might be too much power, but this can be reduced as many have said before at your end, and hopefully with them all being on same power won't effect other multiplex channels.
I hope that helps some.

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To John, (see previous post first :)
Okay, duh, lol, of course on this very page, signal power the same, thinking some years back when I know they were different, certainly Waltham was anyway.

Not sure applies to Digital as much Analogue ones, but notice BBC News on 41 and Sky News on 52, depending on antenna type, group or wide, the lower the frequency the better really.

However like I said in previous post, likely, as you said, giving the game away, that you get it in winter and not summer, that it could be trees causing a drop down in signal, have you tried a booster of sorts, not worth buying one if not already got one now, wait until after switch over.
But just a thought, cause unlike trouble I had many years back, glitch glitch, things have changed, and should be less prone to interference using such devices.
Hope that helps and you get sorted, but try, and I know it is hard, if like me, lol, being patient, waiting, time soon flies, nearly there now, see on 21st Sep 2011 if it picks up big time, likely then be complaining BBC one playing up, too much power, lol.

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Susan, from jimsaerials can google what I did:
after switchover freeview lose signal cause power boost overload.

Might not be your issue but just a thought, anyway:
Strong Digital Signal

Digital signals can be too strong in some locations, and this can give just as much trouble as a weak digital signal.

Some makes of digital TV (Panasonic in particular) seem to have more sensitive digital tuners. This is useful when the digital signal strength is low, but will reach overload more quickly when presented with a strong signal.

The symptoms of digital signal overload can appear identical to those of a weak signal - the picture shows pixellation and the sound breaks up. This condition is easily resolved by adding an attenuator in the signal path to reduce the input to the correct level.

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Thought I'd add this here as no postings I can bring up on dish inside.
Going back, oh gosh couple years maybe more, was over the chip shop when I saw a satellite van, so I went over and asked them, can you get a signal with a dish inside, along those lines, no they said, funny I said, I do.

They won't tell you this cause obviously not good for business.
On the other hand can be bit and miss and not always easy to find the signal, have to know what you are doing and where to point it roughly and so on, and some channels due to going through window can come through due to a reduced signal.

However that is not all, yes the small sky like 40 cm dish is about 18 inches back from the window, goes through window, net curtain and normal curtains when closed. I get usual main channels no problem, obviously reduced signal.

Reason for mentioning is, say someone, oh gosh, is renting, landlord or for whatever reason not allow an outside dish, if you face the South and East way, might, only might be worthy investigating if you can get a dish to work inside, obviously the draw back, ugly looking thing in sight, but I'm used to it now, so, lol, and have bigger one outside as well anyway for satellite feeds, golf etc.

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Lee, sadly not as such, because any free football feeds will be on other satellites, I use 78cm dish and often for the golf I like that is not enough, get rain and bang it's gone, depending on threshold etc.
What people do not know it a lot is free, but need a good box, like AZ box which you download the software and then you are away, as a lot is not encrypted, but is in 4:2:2 as opposed to 4:2:0, it's a colour thing apparently and in HD.

See here for feeds:
Archives des feeds annonces - Satelliweb

I do hope that helps, love helping and especially in this kinda field, times over the years I've tinkered communication wise, lol, :).

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Hey Briantist, I've just made a huge mistake, thinking I knew all about it, digital that is, I stupidly assumed that what Sutton Coldfield had, Allesley Park would.
So got my sky sports box ready for Wed 21st Sep, then something hit me, hang on, Sutton has 6 muxs and Allesley Park likely to only get 4, hmm, then searchcing, and only this site seem to show in google at first, I came across this:

Transmitter Network - Sutton Coldfield Transmitter Details

At Sutton Coldfield, Brierley Hill, Malvern and Fenton only, the new COM muxes SDN, ARQ A, ARQ B launch at 64QAM using the 8k transmission mode, at full DSO powers and on final DSO channels.

I thought for a moment, changing from 16qam to 64qam, might mean 5 to 8 channels so 20 to 32, so maybe more channels that way, but given freeview has like 40 to 50, thought no, that's well short.
So now am in some bother, not too keen to remove satellite dish for the pole with tv antenna on yet again, like years ago, winds affect it, though am aware Waltham now has more power and clout, but even so, tricky stuff.

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Struggling, Coventry, need channel 57 for sky sports, had trouble years ago, before you say it, no, can not get sutton coldfield, despite it being 16 miles away.
Waltham is about 43 miles away, struggled about say 10 or more years back, using amplifier, bad in those days glitch glitch, catch my drift.
However, if willing as I was for the sports to put up with that and wind affecting and fridge and so on, the signal, think, it was what, 5,000, now it is 25,000 and also 50,000.

My question finally, having filled you in, got the log perodic 22 element with 25dbi gain, though suspect only got gain at say 15 dbi, getting channel 61, mux 1 great up to 90% max in signal quality, sometimes down to 60% and yellow, cause of slight wind.

Now according to the above on this page should be able to get what, channel 54, also at 50,000, nothing, nothing on any other channel.
It does say on channel information, East Midlands, and no other channels on 61, that I'm aware of:
Waltham TV Transmitter
scroll down, bottom, see what I mean.

So how on earth can I get 61 at awesome green om average 70% plus, and none of the others, nothing shows, not 1%, weird, well?

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See previous posting please:
Ar ha, my antenna is slightly, cause of brackets not being equal so to speak, pointing down, which is why with slight wind also it appears to dive the signal up and down.

So my question now is, or guess, maybe BBC on ch 61 is higher up the mast, or lower, or whatever, anyway, meaning if others at different heights, mean I need to tilt mine back and might improve it more still, cause obvious I can not easily get it, and if necessary, though picking up Allesley Park, strange, must be amplifier, I can increase gain still, but first I'll try tilting it back some.

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Wasted money then as I think I found my answer on a web site:

Note how the MUX 5/6 antennas are almost hidden on the NW face of the mast so as not

to broadcast in the direction of Sandy (which is SSE) and cause co channel interference.

A similar situation existed with MUX1 and Emley Moor (to the NNW) and Oxford to the SW,

Information on radiation patterns can be most useful, and I cannot for the life of me understand why it is not more widely publicised.

And of course that's the one I want channel 57, but still not explain then why only one I get is 61, and not 54, both at 50,000 kws and should be facing the same.
Waltham TV Transmitter

In fact they are, all around, but bit lower down the transmitter, so whether that is the factor, but makes no sense, cause I'd least expect something, say red and 20$ or 10% on the reading signal quality meter, get 70% mostly on average on the signal strength one, not sure lowering and increasing gain further might help, maybe.

Or to try Oxford, or whatever else, being in a dip, pot luck and when windy no chance, wish now in hindsight paid for someone to do it on chimney one, but had this hassle years and years back, but with powers increased and amplifiers now allowed as such, surely one would think, great, I stand a chance now of getting something.

Just in case, maybe also, might be that I'm on some relay or something weird, about to check other digital channels that might be on 794mhz ch 61 etc.
But as it says East Midlands, I suspect it is Waltham.

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YAY, lowered and increased the signal, likely 20db gain now, but might still need max, loaded them, but playing up badly, see previous posts for what I'm on about, anyway problems sorted it seems, now one has to always hope for now wind, lol, fat chance, especially this time of year, :(.

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