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If you missed it the first time or simply want to catch the best bits again then now's your chance. The Waltons From the Great Depression to World War II, an American family living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia struggles to remain tog

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Monday, 23 February 2015
michael pedley
7:22 PM

planets of the apes the 70s tv show started on true entertainment but it hasn't started from the first episode why is this,i was hoping to watch the full rerun im well anoyed

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michael pedley's 1 post GB
Mark Wood

8:52 PM

I am pleased to report that the website of the True Channels (including "True Entertainment") is now back up and running after months of being under construction. However, the crafty little devils have changed the web address for it, so the link at the top of the page no longer works. Their website can now be found at:-

Home - True Channels

There is a "Contact Us" link on their website where anyone who wishes to complain about a)the lack of subtitles. b)the showing of episodes of TV series out of sequence. c)The Avengers being shown in the wrong aspect ratio. d)the EPG information not matching the actual programme being broadcast. e)Farscape (or any other series) suddenly ceasing to be broadcast. f)The broadcasting of two parts of a mini-series but not the third. g)anything else this pretty third rate channel has mucked up. Can now do so.

However, I still maintain that the best way of complaining to True Entertainment is by posting messages onto their Facebook page - which actually seem to get answered and answered publically so that others who have the same complaint can read them. The Facebook page for the True Channels can be found at:-

Update Your Browser | Facebook

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Mark Wood's 62 posts GB
Mark Wood

9:20 PM

Mark Wood: Furthermore to my above post here are a few 'Answers' to complaints that "True Entertainment" have posted on their Facebook page recently.

Re: Planet of the Apes (TV Series) 3 people have already complained about episode 4 "The Good Seeds" being broadcast when episode 1 "Escape From Tomorrow" should have been broadcast. Also, the EPG information actually stated it was Ep.1 being broadcast when clearly it wasn't.
Answer: No reply from channel yet.

Re: The Avengers being broadcast in the wrong aspect ratio.
Answer:If you are having trouble with the aspect ratio on The Avengers please switch the settings on your tv to auto and this should be a temporary resolution until we are able to deal with the problem. Thanks for your patience and sorry for any inconvenience. Hope you all enjoy tonight's episode!

Re: Episode of The Avengers "A Sense of History" not broadcast on 5th Feb 2015 or repeated on 6th Feb.
Answer: At the moment it appears the tape was corrupted. We are looking into rescheduling it for another date now and I will get back to you on this. Sorry for inconvenience and hopefully we will have a resolution for you soon.

That does actually prove that the channel does actually employ at least one poor soul.

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Mark Wood's 62 posts GB
Sunday, 1 March 2015
Anthony Butlin
2:13 PM

The Avengers used to be broadcast twice daily. The evening programme at 8pm was repeated on the following weekday morning at 11am. Now there is only to be one daily broadcast at 8pm. Why?

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Anthony Butlin's 1 post GB
ian m
8:23 PM

I'm watching the very 1st episode now on true entertainment.

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ian m's 5 posts GB
Mark Wood

11:14 PM

ian m: Still no comment from the channel about their error in broadcasting the wrong episode of Planet of the Apes last week. But yes they do seem to have started over again from episode 1. Episode 2 is listed for broadcast on Sunday 8th March. They also seem to be repeating their broadcasts of Planet of the Apes on Fridays at 11pm - midnight.

The channel have also received complaints about the EPG information for episodes of The Avengers being out of synch with the episode being broadcast.

Anthony Butlin: Sorry Anthony this is not the website of the channel "True Entertainment" so you would have to ask them why they have stopped repeating The Avengers in the 11am slot. I did wonder if they might be doing it for just one week as all of the programmes in the 11am slot seem to be about the royal family - but now I see that on Wednesday they are showing a TV movie unconnected the royals, so it seems that they have ditched the repeat and replaced it with other content.

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Mark Wood's 62 posts GB
Thursday, 5 March 2015
Gary Davis
8:32 AM

I'm really enjoying watching The Avengers. Totally brilliant. More 1960s ATC stuff please. BUT, I'm very disappointed that the 11am showing of The Avengers seems to have stopped. WHY?

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Gary Davis's 1 post GB
Wednesday, 18 March 2015
Toby Rowe
7:32 PM

Star Trek Original has vanished, why?
I loved the series as a lad, and was enjoying it as an adult, finally understanding the social issues being raised.
Will the Avengers be next to get the chop?Toby

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Toby Rowe's 2 posts US
Friday, 20 March 2015
10:41 AM

Only realised this week that you are showing the Avengers, brilliant,
just sorry I have missed your earlier episodes, hope they may be
repeated ? Have I already missed Diana Rigg and Honour Blackman ?

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Trevor's 1 post GB
Monday, 23 March 2015
11:36 AM

Where was Providence today at 10.00 a .m.? Why was Mash on instead,has Providence disappeared like other shows such as Chicago Hope?

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Ally's 3 posts GB
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