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Licence fee replacements: broadcasting contribution via the Council tax?

Looking at the top three European replacements for the TV Licence, today we have a closer look at the French system.

Arche de la defense, Paris.    Photograph: tourbytransit.com
Arche de la defense, Paris. Photograph: tourbytransit.com
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Council Tax

You open the letter from your local council to find that it is notification of next year's charges.    Whilst making the claim that the tax has been frozen, you can't help notice that the amount you pay seems to have gone up.

Looking at the small print, you see a new line on the bills saying "Broadcasting contribution".

Inside the letter is an explanation: the TV Licence has been replaced with a new tax that is payable by all UK homes as an add-on to the Council Tax.

The letter says that the amount you pay depends on the "band" you pay your local tax.   It says the annual payment is:

Band A: £100, B: £117, C: £133, D: £150, E: £183, F: £216, G: £250 and H: £300.  

In addition to this, a 25% Single Person Discount can be claimed.   

It also says that if anyone in the household is over 75 years of age, they can claim the whole amount back as a rebate.    It says that the old TV Licence system should have passed this onto your new bill if this was the case.  

In addition – it says – that you can get a discount in the first year of operation for every month you have an old TV Licence.  As it turns out, your old one runs out at the end of March.

The leaflet also says that this is much easier for you, as you have one less direct debit to deal with each month. 


Business Rates

There is also an addition to the UK Business rates - at the rate of an extra 0.05p in the pound.   For example, a business with a rateable value of £252,500 pays a £126.25 Broadcasting Contribution.  A £1,500,000 rated value business premises pays £750 a Broadcasting Contribution. 

A large building, such as BBC Broadcasting House rated at £ 22,390,000 would contribute £11,195 a year.


Would this work?

The system would be very similar to the current one, but would have two distinct advantages.   The first is that it would rely on an existing, working collections system.  This would reduce the collection costs overall and be easier for the payer.    

By removing the need to prove the use of a television set, the system would be made much simpler, and the ability to pay would closer match the charge made.  

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