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405-line VHF bands I and III historic interactive map

To ensure that there is a full history of analogue television here on UK Free TV, a new interactive map showing the transmitters used for 405-line TV has been added.

To ensure that there is a full history of analogue television h
published on UK Free TV

405-line TV was broadcast in two bands, each using 5MHz for each TV channel (except for C1 which was 6.75MHz).

The first band with C1 to C5 was "below" FM radio was from 41.5MHz to 66.75MHz. The second band C6 to C13 was "above" FM radio at 176.25MHz to 214.25MHz.

  • C1: 41.5MHz sound 45MHz video
  • C2: 48.25MHz sound 51.75MHz video
  • C3: 53.25MHz sound 56.75MHz video
  • C4: 58.25MHz sound 61.75MHz video
  • C5: 63.25MHz sound 66.75MHz video
  • C6: 176.25MHz sound 179.25MHz video
  • C7: 181.25MHz sound 184.25MHz video
  • C8: 186.25MHz sound 189.25MHz video
  • C9: 191.25MHz sound 194.25MHz video
  • C10: 196.25MHz sound 199.25MHz video
  • C11: 201.25MHz sound 204.25MHz video
  • C12: 206.25MHz sound 209.25MHz video
  • C13: 211.25MHz sound 214.25MHz video

Please click this map to see more:

Black and white days, VHF band III television - - 10 years of independent, free digital TV advice

You can hover over each location to see the BBC or IBA region, the channel used and the power level.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013
Mark Agius

2:23 PM

On your mapsofvhf.php page you could also add a list of the VHF transmitters so visitors can click on the transmitter name as well as the map to visit a page.
Also next to the names have the channel number, power, vertical horizontal etc. in a table.
Name, Station, Location, Channel, V/H, Power
Crystal Palace, BBC London & South East, TQ 339712, 1, V, 200kW
Croydon, TQ IBA Theams / LWT, 332696, 9, V, 400-kW

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Mark Agius's 372 posts GB
Roy in Eastbourne
5:57 PM


405 !! I was there.

Didn't think you were old enough to be aware of it's existence. Brilliant.

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Roy in Eastbourne's 6 posts GB
Roy in Eastbourne
6:05 PM

You have got me going now.

When ITV came along my Dad bought a converter "Set Top Box" (painted in brown Hammerite) which took the ITV signal and converted it to Auntie's frequency so that our Sobel could cope. Technology in the making !!

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Roy in Eastbourne's 6 posts GB

7:02 PM

Roy. I'm from Eastbourne to and can remember a TV engineer who lived in Rosebery Avenue, who built a scaffold mast on the side of his house so he could receive southern from Dover.

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Alan's 23 posts GB

7:47 PM

Mark Agius: Black and white days, VHF band III television | - 10 years of independent, free digital TV advice now lists the transmitter information, in addition to the map.

It looks like

A Abergavenny BBC1 Wales: C3 at 0.03kW H, HTV: C11 at 0.1kW H Aldeburgh BBC1 East: C5 at 0.025kW V Ammanford BBC1 Wales: C12 at 0.02kW H Angus Grampian Television: C11 at 50kW V Arfon HTV: C10 at 10kW H Ashkirk BBC1 Scotland: C1 at 18kW V Aviemore Grampian Television: C3 at 1kW H Ayr BBC1 Scotland: C2 at 0.05kW H


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Briantist's 38,844 posts GB

7:51 PM

Roy in Eastbourne: I remember we had a black-and-white TV set that supported both 405 and 625 lines.

I do recall turning the "on switch" the wrong way and it broke off in my hands.. and you could see mysterious wires if you looked though the hole.

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Briantist's 38,844 posts GB
Ron Lake

9:00 PM

Pre war 30 line, produced from a mirror drum. Now that WAS low definition lol

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Ron Lake's 73 posts GB

10:31 PM

Can you check Belmount TX as on overview map shows as BBC but changes to IBA when I zoom in ?

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Nigel's 54 posts GB
Monday, 14 January 2013

9:36 AM

Nigel: Thanks .. Belmont was a joint site, but the import had a tiny difference in the locations for BBC and IBA... I have fixed it now.

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Briantist's 38,844 posts GB
Mark Agius

7:26 PM

Re: Briantist
The page looks good, thank you.

My Granddad made the first colour TV.
He had a black and green cathode-ray tube from an old radar display at the end of the war and used it to make a black and green 405 VHF TV.
They used to show fish in a fish bowl between programs, so the fish looked better in black and green than black and white.

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Mark Agius's 372 posts GB
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